Fungus Cures (Tincture of Iodine)

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    I've been working with what I believe is a fungus that appeared on my thigh, hip replacement thigh which is NUMB, so could be blood flow is not good there....

    I didn't know what it was and was treating it with various creams I have and then my acupuncturist said she thought it was a Fungus....she suggested tea tree oil and coconut oil. I started with both these...Then started do more research and talking to some other folks about fungus cures....I've NEVER had this issue.

    Clorex is another VERY GOOD source to cure fungus too. But I found so is Tincture of Iodine and I keep bottles of this $2 cure. Here is a good link about both External and Internal use of Iodine and it's importance. So I'm doing the bigger attack with Qtips soaked with bleach once a day and painting tincture of iodine thru the day....also Vicks is recommended for fungus help.

    On the bleach cure, I dilute some clorex with distilled water in a glass jar and add some coconut oil, so it's not full strength can find the clorex bleach/fungus info online too.

    A friend cured her fungal toenail with this cure, dipping her toe in the mixture 2 times per day until it was cured...her dermatologist told her about the bleach cure for fungal toenails.

    So much at home we can use for remedies.

    Tincture of iodine effectively destroys virus and fungus on contact. Ninety percent
    of bacteria is killed on the skin within ninety seconds. Iodine tincture remains ...
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    Jam - I have just been reading about pau d'arco (for a recurrent sinus/throat problem - I think it's mild strep). Anyways, it is touted as being very effective against fungus. You can drink the tea, take capsules and soak the affected area in the tea. It's also effective against candida.

    Also, you might want to read about cayenne - supposed to be very effective for increasing blood flow in the body, lowering blood pressure and so on (

    Also niacin dilates blood vessels - that's what the niacin flush is, something else you might consider if you think there is reduced blood flow to your hip replacement thigh.

    Also of course make sure you're avoiding sugar and other things that feed candida and fungi.

    I just bought some pau d'arco, am going to start it today. I got run down from that black box antibiotic (grrr!) - it made me very tired and then this hit. The old one-two punch! (I'm still drinking kefir and taking probiotics - my digestion seems okay, but that d**m drug just made me so tired, it was doing more than killing bacteria)

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    Thanks Mary, sorry you are still going thru the s/e's of that black box abx...grrrrrrrrr

    I believe the fungus is healing and checking some fungus photos online, it appears the one I'm dealing with is tinea corporis and I'm going to check more to see how long it lasts, what is best for it etc....

    I still use all the stuff I started with in the beginning which I think is going on 3 weeks or so.

    The acupuncturist said today, it appears to be healing...HOPE so.
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    I just read a LOT of good stories about Gentian Violet antifungal liquid...I just ordrered it on amazon and read a lot of positive results...

    Some of the fungus issues can be very stubborn.
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    I just found these posts. Have you read up on oregano oil? I know it's good for killing a lot of things and you can either swallow some drops in a little apple juice concentrate or use a Qtip with it on for topical. I also use about 5 drops in about 2 TBS water and swish it like a mouthwash after brushing.
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    I have TRIED so many anti fungal things and still have this issue going scabs and lots of itching....I'm trying all to avoid going to doc and taking the drugs.

    I don't have oil of oregano but maybe I'll buy some.....still haven't bought Lotramin or the other otc anti fungals....buying everything as alternative as I know.....but thinking about the Lotramin now.

    Thanks for the suggestion, Sun.