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    HEy Y'all hows, it goin? I havent been on for a while because i have been in a horrible slope. but im back today to share some intristing info!!!!

    IN Doug A. Kaufmanns' book called "The fungus link" He talks about cfs. He thinks that cfs is caused BY antibiodicts! By taking antibiodicts it causes yeast,and fungul overgrowth. In the 1950's is when cfs was beginning to be documented. That is also the time when antibiodicts were the big thing.Do you think the're is a connection???

    The people who had cfs and went on his diet and took anti-fungal medications, had complete,longterm succesful recovery. Just thought ya'll might want to know! PEACE>>>ZOe
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    Candida causes similar symptoms so there are a significant number of people who have been diagnosed as having CFS who make a full recovery through following an anti-fungal regime. This implies that the candida was causing their symptoms and ill health.

    Candida takes hold because the immune system is unable to keep it under control, this will happen in some people with CFS. Treatment will help but will not cure the CFS. What it can do though is start the patient on the road to recovery or help set about a substantial improvement because there is then less of an overload for the body to deal with.

    Any one diagnosed with CFS would be wise to look at fungal infections to see whether they might be affected. If they have had lots of antibiotics, especially the broad spectrum ones, then the likelihood becomes greater.



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    as a kid with acne back in the 60's I was given antibiotics on a daily basis for the acne. I don't think I have ever dealt with yeast or any kind of bacteria correctly since. All the doctors through the years have denied that my antibiotic use may have affected my health, yet I see people afraid to give their children even a few pills before going to the dentist. Boy things have changed, I took them daily from age 12 to about 16.
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    i have and still do suffer from fungal infections especially vaginal yeast infections.
    It could be true about antibiotics causing cfs as i had been on antibiotics when i first developed cfs symptoms and i had been on them 3 times previously. I will be looking into this.
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    I have FMS, but I have noticed that after I have taken antibotics, I get a very bad case of Yeast Infection, and I get real Flimy, like now. I finished a course last week for a UTI, and now I keep spitting up the darn old flim, it's clear, so I know there is no Infection, when I have an infection it get's eithre green or very dark brown.

    I take Vistril, and that clears it up for about 6 hours, and then I take another or I turn into one big Drip,
    After awhile it clears up, very weird.

    Thanks for the other side of the coin, point of view.

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    I believe that Antibiotics given early in life are partly responsable for some if not most with CFS/FM.

    They kill off all the good stuff, and unless you have a fantastic diet the baddies have an open road and the immune system is always comprimised.

    That is why I am a big advocate of natural antibiotics such as Olive leaf Extract, Garlic etc...

    Love Pat.