Funny cities in Texas

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  1. bevy2most

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    Need a vacation? Here is a list of actual places to travel to in Texas :

    Need to be cheered up?

    Happy, Texas 79042
    Pep , Texas 79353
    Smiley , Texas 78159
    Paradise , Texas 76073
    Rainbow , Texas 76077
    Sweet Home , Texas 77987
    Comfort , Texas 78013
    Friendship, Texas 76530

    Love the Sun?

    Sun City , Texas 78628
    Sunrise , Texas 76661
    Sunset, Texas 76270
    Sundown, Texas 79372
    Sunray , Texas 79086
    Sunny Side , Texas 77423

    Want something to eat?

    Bacon , Texas 76301
    Noodle , Texas 79536
    Oatmeal , Texas 78605
    Turkey , Texas 79261
    Trout , Texas 75789
    Sugar Land , Texas 77479
    Salty, Texas 76567
    Rice , Texas 75155
    And top it off with:
    Sweetwater , Texas 79556

    Why travel to other cities? Texas has them all!

    Detroit , Texas 75436
    Colorado City , Texas 79512
    Denver City , Texas 79323
    Nevada , Texas 75173
    Memphis , Texas 79245
    Miami , Texas 79059
    Boston , Texas 75570
    Santa Fe , Texas 77517
    Tennessee Colony , Texas 75861
    Reno , Texas 75462

    Feel like traveling outside the country? Don't bother buying a plane

    Athens , Texas 75751
    Canadian, Texas 79014
    China , Texas 77613
    Egypt , Texas 77436
    Turkey , Texas 79261
    London , Texas 76854
    New London , Texas 75682
    Paris , Texas 75460

    No need to travel to Washington D.C.

    Whitehouse , Texas 75791

    We even have a city named after our planet!

    Earth , Texas 79031

    And a city named after our State!

    Texas City , Texas 77590


    Energy , Texas 76452


    Blanket , Texas 76432
    Winters, Texas 79567

    Like to read about History?

    Santa Ana , Texas 76878
    Goliad , Texas 77963
    Alamo , Texas 78516
    Gun Barrel City , Texas 75147

    Need Office Supplies?

    Staples, Texas 78670

    Men are from Mars, woman are from

    Venus , Texas 76084

    You guessed it... it's on the state line...

    Texline , Texas 79087

    For the kids...

    Kermit , Texas 79745
    Elmo , Texas 75118
    Nemo , Texas 76070
    Tarzan , Texas 79783
    Winnie , Texas 77665
    Sylvester , Texas 79560

    Other city names in Texas , to make you smile.....

    Frognot , Texas 75424
    Bigfoot , Texas 78005
    Hogeye , Texas 75423
    Cactus , Texas 79013
    Notrees , Texas 79759
    Best, Texas 76932
    Veribest , Texas 76886
    Kickapoo , Texas 75763
    Dime Box , Texas 77853
    Telephone , Texas 75488
    Telegraph , Texas 76883
    Whiteface , Texas 79379
    Twitty, Texas 79079

    The Anti-Al Gore City :

    Kilgore , Texas 75662

    Whoops, left out:

    Muleshoe , Texas 79347
    Cut and Shoot, Texas 77303
    Buda , Texas 78610
    and don't forget......

    Farewell, Texas 79325

    And, of course, there is a place in Texas that is......

    KNOTT , TEXAS 79748

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    some collection of funny names. Guess Texas must be one of the bigger states, huh?

  3. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Very interesting Bevy! I'm going to look up Montana's silly Town Names!,,,Thanks for posting this!
  4. victoria

    victoria New Member

    My favorite in Georgia has always been the town of 'Between'... have always had a secret yen to live there so when someone asked me where I lived, I could answer

    "I live in Between........."

    Every state has their oddballs... here are some others in Georgia:

    Arabi; Arabic; & Araby, GA (I have no idea why there are 3
    versions of this!)

    Riddleville, GA (warning, you'll be questioned)

    For bargain shoppers:
    Sale City, GA (aka bargaintown?)
    Thrift, GA (probably right next to Sale City)

    For that time of year:
    Santa Claus, GA (where it doesn't snow)
    Dasher, GA (reindeer winter here)
    Bethlehem GA

    Prehistoric towns:
    Barney, GA
    Flintstone, GA

    Fun towns:
    Beach, GA (town motto: "Life's a beach"?)
    Climax, GA
    Pabst, GA

    Optimistic places:
    Hopeful, GA
    Hopeulikit, GA
    Ideal, GA

    for the rest:
    Meansville, GA

    for social climbers?
    Social Circle GA

    maybe this is where we can all live?
    Doctortown, GA
    Lax, GA ...for brainfogged people & procrastinators

    Worldly Places:
    Egypt, GA, Rome GA, Cairo GA, Athens GA
    Tiger, GA (go on safaris?)

    Good places for psychics?
    Enigma, GA; Mystic GA

    Where to go in case of disaster:
    Mayday, GA (Uh-OH!)
    Retreat, GA

    For Arts & Crafts lovers:
    Modge, GA (where they do lots of decoupage, with Modge-Podge)

    For those wanting a bang for their buck, or lack thereof:
    Gratis, GA (everything is free?)
    Stillmore, GA (they have more to give?)

    Watch out for:
    Needmore, GA (at least they're honest)
    Po Biddy Crossroads, GA
    Experiment, GA (they might be looking for new subjects?)
    Faceville, GA

    Flippen, GA (don't have to swear if you live here!)

    Jinks, GA (where the cat lives)

    Magnet, GA (sounds very attracting)

    New Georgia, GA (huh?)

    Ohoopee, GA

    Snap Finger, GA

    Stillson, GA (WHAT is still on...)

    Ty Ty, GA

  5. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    Must love, you had me rofl, thanks, I needed it today.

    Victoria, Ga has quite a few fun ones also, thanks for posting them.

  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You don't have Pharaoh, Texas on your list.

    Started reading a mystery today called Dead Dog Blues. It is set in the town of Pharaoh. The author gives the history of this little place that has wonderful clay suitable for making bricks.

    But I can't find Pharaoh on the net, so I guess it's fictional. I did find pharaoh ants, quails, dogs and a golf club in Corpus Christi. There may also be a rap group by this name. I couldn't make much sense of that site.

    Have to agree that "Between" might be a fun place to be from. Then again, you might have to spend a lot of time explaining.

  7. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I looked on the net for Pharaoh, Tx. also, this is the only thing that came up, make of it what you will. LOLOLOL

    Pharaoh Texas Weiner - American Restaurant
    204 Watchung Ave
    Plainfield, NJ 07060

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    looked up the Pharaoh Texas Weiner Restaurant. No info at the site I found. From the name I would conclude that the place sells mummified German sausage w/ Texas bar-ba-que sauce.

    Well, New Jersey has never been known for its haute cuisine.

    I have been looking at sites w/ photos and postcards of the old West lately. Lots of pictures from Texas, of course. And some from Minnesota which was once the frontier.

    Found a photo of Civil War veterans on the 4th of July, 1880, in Ortonville, Minnesota. There were still vets from the Civil War alive when I was a kid.

    My Aunt and Uncle lived in San Antonio for many years. Gordon and I were there ten or l5 years ago. We saw the Alamo. I wonder if it's changed much since then.

    Happy Trails


  9. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    You and Gordon have not missed much in the past 15 years, at least at the Alamo, the only thing that changes there is the flowers in the beds. Which I might add are beautifully done.

    We have had quite an explosion of new roads being put up, I had to take my son to the airport during the holidays, and I had to ask him if I took the right exit, so many new streets, and so much brain fog....It is starting to look like a big city in these here parts.

  10. caffey

    caffey New Member

    I used to live in a city. Ok stay with me. West St. was the main street. It went north and south.ok. East St. was east of West St. and went north and south. ok. North St. went east and west. ok. South St. went east and west and was north of North St. Are you totally confused?
    Finally they built a new hospital in our city ( we only have 1 hospital) and I just found out from someone in the US it has five different names. Does this mean it has a multiple personality?lol.
  11. victoria

    victoria New Member

    reminds of Atlanta... there's Peachtree NE, Peachtree NW, West Peachtree NE, ad infinitum - and - "Peachtree" added to every other possible word to make a street name.

    Gee, even tho Georgia does grow peaches, there are no orchards left in Atlanta... altho it's still the most popular name... and I believe SC grows more than we do LOL!

    There are a lot of funny street names too - we have a 'jot em down road', a 'nowhere' road, a 'beaver ruin road', and a 'plum nelly road', just for starters.

    Dang, one could make up a comedy routine...

    Where do you live? -

    Nowhere, in Between, GA...

    Uh, who's on first, guys?

  12. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member


    As a fellow Texan since 1990, I've never seen such a great list of Texas cities! Thanks for sharing.

    Erika :)
  13. caffey

    caffey New Member

    Who is the Eisntein that changed the name of TBS to Peachtree? Us Canadians think it is such a riot that someone would name a tv station Peachtree.
  14. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Atlanta loves the word 'Peachtree' obviously!

    Here's the official explanation:
    "Through the evolution of WTBS into Peachtree TV, we will use our existing Atlanta broadcast platform in a way that will truly resonate with local viewers and give our Atlanta advertisers better and more focused access to their targeted consumers," said Mark Lazarus, president of Turner Entertainment Group.

    "At the same time, this initiative offers local cable and satellite operators and their customers more viewing options by giving them access to both Peachtree TV and the national TBS cable network."

    Peachy keen explanation, huh? LOL!

    So I'm guessing you are getting the 'local' broadcasts? I don't ever watch TBS myself or Peachtree TV for some reason, rarely have seen anything listed that interested me... I know, I'm weird!

    At any rate, around Atlanta, Peachtree is a VERY sophisticated word!

    all the best,

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