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    I'd say the odds are pretty good that the coin machine Grandpa is struggling with is
    related to my computer. Come to think of it, Grandpa and I may be related too. He talks
    a lot like me.


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    I laughed myself to tears. The kids trying not to laugh while filming cracks me up, too.

    The caption underneath this video was "You know he swore about that for the next 30 miles..." That would be me, too. Only I'd be fuming for 3 days after. Like I fumed for 3 days at the mean lady who had road rage at me in the Burger King drive thru line last week.

    It was so funny how he tried to watch his language with the lady in the machine, then let loose after he left (and for the next 30 miles), hahahaha.

    I cuss like a sailor myself, way worse than he did. I've tamped it down to cussing only when I'm mad, instead of when happy, too. I don't rage back at road ragers though - I lay low around them. Then fume afterward, while at the same time being thankful they didn't shoot me.

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    Hey, Patti

    Here's an article dealing with cussing and it's universality in all languages and the
    purposes it serves.

    It does, after all, express one's feelings, discharge energy and convey displeasure without
    the cost or replacing furniture or the effort of washing a wall. Wasn't it in the movie The
    Odd Couple that Walter Matthau threw a plate of spaghetti against the kitchen wall? My
    Dad once smashed the new dining room table and during another tantrum kicked down a door.

    I agree with you about road ragers. They are like tornadoes. You can't get rid of them, but
    you can do your best to avoid them.

    Here's a video of a dancing boy. He is uninhibited, happy, spontaneous and confidant.
    The absence of choreography is irrelevant.


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    Ha Ha! Those are great, Patti. Here is one small girl and one huge dog.
    Plus the greatest fashion show ever!


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    Love the fashion show, such adorable kids, haha.

    Here's another fashion show by them - it came up after the first one was over.

    And a darling Valentine video by them.

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    (That's Norwegian for "Hi".) Those white haired twins look like they're from Norway.
    Or Minnesota. All the kids in my family had white hair when new. Gradually it
    turned blond and then brown.

    Must be a wonderful family.

    Ha det bra (Have it good)
    upload_2017-6-28_3-45-38.jpeg upload_2017-6-28_3-46-45.jpeg

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    Great vids, Patti. The first one illustrates the inherent conflict between parent and child.
    Mom wants the offspring to be safe. Offspring wants to have fun and explore.

    Musta been a terrible shock to the gal who picked up a snake. I wonder if she had time
    to notice that snakes are not slimy. Their skin is dry. Like a nice leather purse.

    Well, the last one wasn't quite a 100, but it was entertaining. That guy was very
    good. Wonder if he's an actor or a mime or just observant.

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    The lady thought it was her dog's rope toy, poor thing. Good thing she didn't get bitten if it was a rattlesnake, because I read that baby rattlesnakes are more poisonous than the adults, because they can't control their dose of venom.

    Yep, snakes are dry. I'm not afraid of snakes (unless they're deadly). I'm not afraid of their looks like I'm afraid of the looks of spiders and centipedes.

    I let my son get a little snake once, and my Mom is so terrified of snakes, even toy rubber ones which my young son delighted in trying to scare her with and I had to catch him before he did. She made me put the snake aquarium outside in the locked garage, inside the locked car, when she visited.

    I forbade son or anyone to play any more pranks on me after he put a giant toy rubber tarantula on my pillow under the blanket for me to find when I went to bed.

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    Oh ,isn't that cute. Your son wanted to share his toy tarantula with you. Yikes! I find
    tarantulas look a lot more scary than snakes. Even though there are plenty of videos
    showing the hairy things walking peacefully on people's hands.

    I've read that sometimes a venomous snake will bite but not inject venom. The article
    I read said scientists are not sure why this occurs. According to the CDC about 7000-8000
    people in the U.S. get bit every year, but only about 5 die. I used to catch garter snakes
    when I was a kid. In 5th grade a farm kid brought a baby rattler to to school. In those
    days nobody made a fuss or called the Haz Mat people.

    Guessss it'ssss time to ssssay Adiossss.
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    Here's a cat video. Actually not the one I was gonna post, but that one wouldn't
    cooperate. This video has a high jump champion at the end.

    OK, that one wouldn't post either. Well, will try one more. This is from Way Out
    West (1937), one of Stan and Ollie's long films. Also in the cast is Chill Wills. He is
    one of the singers. (The one who yodels.) He also provides the voice of the mule
    at the end of the film.

    Later in his career he was the voice of Francis the Mule. Mickey Rooney turned
    down the lead and Donald O'Connor stepped in. Kind ufa big step from Singing
    In The Rain.

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    Staged but hilarious.

    Staged but hilarious.
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    Well, I wouldn't do it Remember the old riddle? How did the spider find his mate?
    Answer: He spider on the web.

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    I wouldn't do it, either. I don't even like being in the pet shop with them in their cages. Love pet shops though.

    Me and son when he was little did hold a big snake at the zoo, those I'm not afraid of for some reason.

    He now has pet hermit crabs that I'm not afraid of.

    He loves spiders and insects and would have a tarantula if I let him. Instant heart attack for me. We don't live where there are huge spiders, thankfully. He sneaks and lets little spiders live in his bedroom. But of course I'm sure they crawl over to my bed in the night whenever they want (shudder).

    That video of the guy screaming is exactly how my first husband/boyfriend at the time/high school sweetheart/son's Dad screamed the time a huge spider, bigger than a tarantula - looked exactly like the bird eating tarantula in the video you posted above, and same size - was in our little efficiency apartment. It's pitiful to hear a man scream in terror. Us women scream and squeal all the time, no biggie.

    We were in Florida at age 19 (didn't have our son til we were 25). Little did we know that you can't just leave your front door open for people to mill in and out and party like up north. Nowadays, though, you have to keep your doors shut and locked day and night. (Didn't know about alligators either, we could've gotten 'et walking along the water's edge).

    One evening, we were reading scary comics books on the futon bed. I went into the bathroom and he suddenly started shrieking in terror over and over, non-stop. I kept yelling through the locked door "WHAT IS IT? WHAT IS IT?" thinking it must be a robber. Finally he blurted out hysterically "SPIDER!" and continued shrieking.

    It had jumped onto the backrest of the futon from atop a tall dresser next to it. Boyfriend had seen something out of the corner of his eye, thankfully. And there it sat on one end of backrest while boyfriend was frozen in terror pressed against the backrest on the other end of futon and shrieking.

    I ran out and there it was, the size of a horse. Then we were both shrieking in terror.

    He tried to smack it with something but it ran under the bed. I held a flashlight on it, shrieking, as it was mesmerized like a deer in the headlight it seemed.

    He ran out to the side of the apartment building and got a two by four that was laying there, shrieking all the way there and back. He moved the bed over while I kept the flashlight on it screaming my lungs out, (I could see its big eyes so clearly). He killed it with the big board. Poor thing. I was afraid he'd miss it again and like he does with smaller spiders at home.

    Did I mention we were shrieking?

    And this is the weirdest part: nobody came out to see what all the screaming was about, not one soul. I don't think an apartment full of tenants could all be gone at the same time, and the big apartment building across the street, too? It was really strange. It was in the winter and no one had air-conditioning on that would block the outside noise, either. It was so eerie, just us and the spider and the dark night. Kinda like The Twilight Zone how deserted it was.

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    You made me laugh twice, Patti. With your description of arachnid terror and with the
    baby video.

    Gordon and I once watched a spider spin a web on our front porch. It was one of those black
    and yellow spiders. Some folks call them garden spiders. I think it took about 15-20 minutes
    to complete the project. Our porch is big. Runs halfway across the front of the house and
    then curves around the side of the house. Some Victorian homes have this style.

    Anyhoo the silly spider built the web where anybody using the front door would run into
    the web so we had to take it down. Coulda been a male or female spider. I just looked it
    up. Both can spin webs. It's instinctive.


    upload_2017-7-17_10-26-31.jpeg upload_2017-7-17_10-30-45.jpeg
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    Looks like our earliest videos have evaporated. Maybe we should go back and delete those
    early posts? Anyhoo here's a video of some future mothers singing an old favorite.


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    I hope that little girl outgrows that three-year-old hitting phase. I think that doll is kinda creeping her out.

    Or maybe she's part boy. You know how boys like to hit, stomp, and bang things around.

    All the videos are still there, it just takes several seconds for the page to load til they appear, whew.

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    Hi Patti

    What?! "boys like to hit, stomp, and bang things around"? I never knew that. Ha Ha!
    There's another video on Youtube with the title "Twins Fight At Dance Recital". The twins
    are fraternal. I guess they're a little older than the above girls.

    Well, I'm glad to hear that the videos are still here. I have posted some pics here that
    vanished after a day or two. Sort of the opposite of watching a Polaroid picture
    appear before your very eyes.

    I lay down for a nap, but never went to sleep. Am now having some of Gordon's
    fruit soup for lunch. The base is orange juice with instant tapioca added plus
    grapes, bananas, and strawberries. Very refreshing. And easily assembled.