Funny/Embarrasing Moment Today

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by momof471, May 10, 2008.

  1. momof471

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    My family and I went out to eat tonight. It was a buffet style restaraunt, so we had to pay before we sat down.

    I used my debit card and had cash taken out of it for the tip and just put it in my wallet and we went to sit down.

    Here is the crazy part, I pulled out my wallet to write the amount in my check ledger.

    I looked in my wallet and said out loud to everyone, where this money come from, and it relly puzzled me, because I don't carry cash.

    I asked my husband if he put it in my wallet and of course he didn't.

    I'm quite flustered trying to figure it out, then finally my husband asked me if I had gotten money for the tip.

    It then hit me that, that is what it was and we all had a really good laugh over this.

    It really bother's me that I truly lost all recolection of what I had done. Truly was a Fibro moment, with lots of witnesses that won't forget this quickly!

    God Bless
  2. Cromwell

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    ....been there done that in different ways. Annie
  3. sisland

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    The famous Fibro Forgetful Moments!,,,,I've had Many of Them!,,,don't feel bad! your among a whole bunch of folks who understand!,,,,,,My Girls were constantly saying ,,,,"Mom you already told us that",,,,or,,,"Mom i already told you about That",,,,,lolol,,,can't help it ,,,it just happens!,,,,,,Sis
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  4. doloresf1

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    I can sooo relate!

    Thanks for sharing your fibro moment. I needed a chuckle today:)

  5. momof471

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    to have promoted a momoent of humor! Right now I think about it and it is quite funny, I'm sure the kids will love retelling this story in future years!

    First time we've been out to eat in weeks and one I will never forget!

    God Bless