funny feeling in throat??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by puffy1, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. puffy1

    puffy1 New Member

    Has anyone ever gotten a funny feeling their throat kinda like numb and tingley.

    I have been getting this lately don't know how to describe it really just feels funny and dry. but more on the tnlely side.
  2. puffy1

    puffy1 New Member

    I hope so
  3. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    i've had a strange feeling in my throat off and on ever since i first got sick, almost like someone is tickling my throat way down in my neck. i once got tossed out of a very busy ear nose and throat doctor's busy office and told to "drink more water." it's very difficult to explain and one of those things i've just learned to accept.

  4. valry

    valry New Member

    I have a feeling of something being stuck in my throat a lot. Also now it's like my tongue is too big for my mouth and my mouth waters a lot. It's really annoying. Val
  5. SuzannePalmer

    SuzannePalmer New Member

    Are you on anti depressants? Because I was on Effexor and I felt like my throat was closing up...
  6. Lilly737

    Lilly737 New Member

    I had a tickle in my throught that wouldn't go it made me cough all the time, my mother gave me sinig and emonia but it didn't work so she tryed telling me off for coughing.
    The Dr said it was broncial asthma and gave me brondicon, it worked strait away and codine linctus dose too.
    My brother was haveing trouble swallowing and felt tired and dissy it took 5 years but they finnally found a brain tummer, he's had one Op but still needs another one.
    I hope that dosn't apply to anyone here, he had to have an M.R I. I have trouble swallowing tablets but thats all I have problems swallowing. I just get the tird and dissy bit along with achy as well.
  7. djj

    djj New Member

    I always know I have done too much when I get that feeling like I'm coming down with the "flu-sore throaty feeling in my throat" If I would just learn to listen to it. I feel just like I am coming down with the flu--aches, malaise, funny throat feeling, etc.
  8. puffy1

    puffy1 New Member

    thanks guys

    I also have been getting a persistant tickle in my thoat finaly had to get some cough drops and keep them by my bed at night other wise I would be coughong all night.

    I am still trying to find a new docotr since my GP fired me. but I am having a hard time finding one here its like no one wants to see me or they say they are not taking any new patients.

    One even told me they don't see provate pay patiens?? can they do that??
    If anyone knows of a good doc in upper northen california Chico state area I would love to hear it. Please.