Funny "fibro-fog" Stories?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AnnG, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. AnnG

    AnnG New Member

    My spacey mind used to scare me to death. Now that I know where it comes from I can laugh at it!

    Tonight I decided to make cookies while I was doing laundry. The dryer buzzed and I took the cookies out of the oven!!!! (I wondered why they didn't look done!)

    I'd love to hear your stories!


  2. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    that I use the smoke alarm instead of an oven timer, but my big problem is forgetting the words I want to use. The other day I had been marinating a London broil, and wanted to put meat tenderizer on it about 45 minutes before it went on the grill. I asked my husband what time the fire was going to be ready, because I needed to put the fabric softener on the meat. We do have some interesting meals!
  3. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    are funny and very needed this nite. I have done so many stupid things, but I can't even think of one now. So, how's the fibro fog? dolsgirl
  4. nogilroy

    nogilroy New Member

    i have done lots of funny things in the past but the biggest one was cleaning my husband/s new toy it is a deep fryer got it cleaned for him put new oil in it latter at night he came home i pluged in the fryer then we put on the compter for a while when we where done i was about to put the fish and chips in i took off the lid that is when i saw that the plastice handle was melted was there some yelling going on a my house yes but after he calmed down done he was fine just said you can only do one thing at a time i felt like calling the company that made it and ask way they would put plastic over metal is it just to confuse me ihave maining more to tell like the rest of you i could likey write a book if i could rember them all bye for now and have a good day
  5. dawnie1960

    dawnie1960 New Member

    ...this is a daily occurance for me.

    My biggest problem is speaking. I'll mix up my words or combine them.(or plain forget them) It's very embarassing!

    Example: today at work a client was leaving and I said,

    "Good bye, have a grice day!"

    (duh, it's great or nice...make up my mind!!)

    And, there was another one before that, but I honestly can't remember it now! But I do know that I combined the word "very" with something else!!

    'Ce la vie...


  6. megagrace2

    megagrace2 New Member

    I had a bunch of company over for dinner. I had made and frosted a cherry-chocolate cake with chocolate icing the night before and also had made up stuffed seashells in advance to pop in the oven. I went in the frige and grabbed what I thought were the seashells and put in the oven. Yup, you guessed it, I put the cake in instead and re-cooked it for 45 minutes. I opened the oven, picked up the foil and saw the twice-baked cake and burst out laughing! What else can you do?? We waited for another hour until the shells were cooked, and guess what?? The cake was still moist from the cherries and people just put it in a bowl and ate it. Thank God I have wonderful supportive friends-they are used to me and EXPECT something to happen when I am around, so I gotta keep em happy

  7. 1maqt

    1maqt New Member

    Came out of the grocery store and got into my car. Could not think of what to do next? Oh, maybe I should start the car...Am driving down the road, and can't see a thing. I drove a half a mile when I realized that the windshield wippers weren't on, and it was pouring down rain! But could I find the button, no! Had to pull over to the side and get it together. Wasn't that bad enough? A cop pulled up behind me thinking I was having car trouble, little did he know!
  8. kerrymygirl

    kerrymygirl New Member

    I have just learned to laugh at myself for the most part. The other day was so exhausted just fixed a half grilled sandwhich and some hot veggies. I searched and searched finally found,hot meal, in refrig. and my cold water in micro. I also was helping a friend took so much energy I could not figure out how to get the rest of the way home. Only about 1 mile away. I get out of the car and start walking duhh. If I couldn`t drive, which I guess I felt I should not have been, how the heck did I think I could walk home,at night when I could`nt even remember how to get there,plus I could barely stand. Also went to introduce my parents could not remember their names so I just said, this is mom and dad, they just said Hi mom and dad, is that what we are to address you??? I often ask myself is anyone there at all anymore.
  9. NightAngel

    NightAngel New Member

    I have FMS but I am pretty sure that I have CFIDS, too. The neuro dr I saw recently told me it wouldn't do any good to dx me with CFIDS because there were no effective treatments for it. Can you believe that crud?

    Okay back to fibro fog... Well, I can remember this one time in approx the mid 90's where I was driving down the street and I completely forgot why I was driving. I had no idea where I was going and I didn't even remember getting in the car! This lasted about 1 minute but that 1 minute felt like eternity. Very scary indeed!

    Another time I was in line at the gas station to pay for my gas, when a couple walked in and stood behind me. The lady said hi to me and acted really happy to see me. I couldn't for the life of me think of who she was. I just smiled at her and turned back around. After I got home I remembered it was my ex husbands ex girlfriend who I had become friends with a couple of years earlier. We went places with each other and she even slept on my couch a few times. How could I not remember her? She had gained some weight but still had the same face.

    I am always forgetting simple things, like not remembering how to spell the word "who", sometimes not remembering what a simple word like "who" means!
    I don't lose keys anymore as I have gotten myself into the habit of putting them in the same place in a side pocket of my purse.

    I walk into rooms and don't know why I'm there. I stop in the middle of a sentence and forget what I've been talking about.
    My husband can no longer rely on me to pay bills and make important phone calls. I think he got tired of hearing "Oh I'm sorry, honey!!! I forgot!!!"

    The thing that is most embarrassing to me, is when I am talking to someone either in person or on the phone and I keep stopping and pausing to think of the word that would best describe or explain what I am talking about. And when my face/mouth is real tired, I can really sound like I've been drinking a bit. LOL
  10. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    Your stories are great, nice to have a laugh,

    The Supermarket is close to where I live, and am used to popping there on foot.

    Parked the car in their car park on coming home from work one day, bought a few things for tea and walked home.

    Can`t tell you the shock, I thought my car had been stolen because it wasn`t outside my house!

    Made a pot of tea and went to fill it with milk!

  11. KarenL47520

    KarenL47520 New Member

    but the fog is so thick this morning, can't see what brain is thinking. I am always mixing up my words, can't get the words out, loose entire train of thought when speaking, get in the shower and then stand there and wonder what I am in there for...... Start the washer and then forget to put in the clothes, put wet clothes in dryer and not turn it on, and the list goes on and on. John used to get a little exhasparated with me but I would tell him, don't take me for what I say, take me for what I mean. Now that sounds like a no-brainer does it not!! How is he suppose to know what I am thinking....... Now days I just remind him, well darlin, it is like this, life with me is a new adventure everyday.... Yeah and he mutters as he is walking away, some are worse than others. lol lol I have found a lot of the time, I have to laugh to keep from crying. Most days I am not sure if I need to adjust my medication or it is time to make that call for a full-time keeper.

    Oh, here is a biggie I did the other day. I have 4 cats that are getting pretty old, few teeth and they get canned food everyday. I have to put them in the bathroom to eat, they eat so slow, the others will take their food away from them otherwise. (There is always dry kibble on the floor for them anytime they want it) Anywho, Rudy is lying on the foot of our bed, I go to get him to put him in the bathroom with the other 3 to eat. What do I do instead?? I put him outside instead of in the bathroom. I didn't realize it until later, had to bring him back in and feed him. DUH, the fog gets thick somedays. Maybe that is why I have a lighthouse on my desk with a rotating light on top and a fog horn.

    LITEFLAMES New Member

    Before i Understude fibri fog !!!!!!!!!!
    I thought yea , i'm just goofy ,And ofcorse ,Everyone agee's lol'
    well then last funny thing i did in a fog ,Was , thought ,I'll make a nice meatloaf ,Mashed potato's ,And bun's All was set ,Got dinner at the table I even let the meat loaf cook extra time while i got everything else ready , So hear they sit <<<<<<<<<<<<<< I go to cut the meat loaf and it's like a brick ,Totaly dumfonder , what the hec is up w/ the ? my husband nicely say's Did you put the bread crums & egg;s in it
    O MY !!!!!!!!!!! I handen't , So funny , I couldn't belaeve it ,I cooked a Giant meat ball haha, Well we had a good laugh,And eat the mashed potato's & buns ,How funny, Yesterday i went to pick up me son at his friend's And i got lost , it was the next street down ,but ofcorse i had to cheack out the stret i was on , thinking i just missed the street , I had my dog w/ me so the panick passed , I thought this just figure"s
    cindy God bless
  13. tsj62301

    tsj62301 New Member

    I got home from grocery store the other day and pulled in the drive way got out of the car, walked over to the dumpster, opened it and threw my keys right in. No rhyme or reason. I guess I just didn't want them anymore.

  14. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    They make me feel so normal! I just remembered the day my husband had to drive 20 miles one way to bring me a set of keys because mine were locked in the car. About 5 minutes before he got there, I noticed the passenger door was unlocked, so I quickly locked it. Then I remembered that I had an extra set made and put it in my fanny pack. Oops. No, I did not confess.
  15. pearls

    pearls New Member

    Just yesterday, I impatiently told my fourth-graders to PLEASE KEEP TALKING!!


  16. marecee58

    marecee58 New Member

    Got in my car one morning, turned the key and it wouldn't start - nothing!! Hmmm ... thought to myself "dead battery, just what I freaking need - another problem!!"

    Then I looked down at the console and saw I had left the shifter in Drive. Atleast I had put the Emergency Brake on or it would have rolled down the driveway straight thru my garage.

  17. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    i had a really bad day last week, flu, heavy period and upset stomach all at once and me crying with pain. Decided to go to bed with hot water bottle.
    Did all the getting ready and pulled back my duvet to find i had not screwed in the stopper and my bed mattress, sheet,and duvet were soaked ! I did manage to laugh, it was just what i didn't need !

    i get dressed and ready and waiting for the taxi to take me out to an appt. and when i ring to ask why they haven't turned up they tell me i'm not booked in til next week.!

  18. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    No, I never fessed up about the keys, but I did buy him dinner and a beer on the way home. for the rest of the 5 years that I continued to work, I carried 4 sets of keys. My regular set that had the restroom key, one set to leave in my mailbox for my relief driver to bring my car or take it back to the shop depending on whether I was going or coming from work, one set in my fanny pack, and one set in my locker at the shop. I am a real basket case with keys.
  19. NightAngel

    NightAngel New Member

    You guys keep these stories coming!! I have really enjoyed laughing!! And whoever it was that said they don't feel so alone after reading these--- my sentiments exactly : )
  20. nitalynn

    nitalynn New Member

    Travel about 45 miles to a Dr. appointment one time. Got there and couldn't remember what I was there for. Pulled into a grocery store parking lot and figured I would sit for a few minutes and maybe it would come to me. Finally decided to go in and pick up a few things I needed so it would not be a wasted trip. Went back home where hubby came out and helped me with the bags. "How did the doctor's appt. go?" he asked.