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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cookie1960, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. cookie1960

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    I know...There is nothing funny about FM! But...I bet we all have our funny story to share. When drifting through these threads, sometimes we could all use a laugh. Here's my funny story - hope you will share yours!

    My new Rheumotologist advised me to start swimming at my local wellness center - hoping it would help with the muscles aches. It had been a while since I had actually been in a swimsuit, so I drove over to my favorite department store to try on swimsuits and decide which one would be the less hideous to wear in public.

    I grabbed a handful of suits in my size, not really paying much attention to style (just making sure they were all one pieces). WELL...this one particular suit had underwires in the cup area of the suit. While putting the suit on, the wires criss crossed and locked in place. To make a long story short: I was stuck in a women's dressing room held captive by the wires of a bathing suit with most of my "girls" exposed! And due to the wires - one was pointing north and one south. I swear I was in there for what seemed like an hour (really only 5 minutes) until I finally escaped. I was able to laugh after the "incident" was over.

    Because of my FM, I just couldn't manuever my body the way I used to. I'm hoping there were no security cameras in there - I don't want to see myself on YouTube in the future!

    So...what's your funny FM story?


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  2. Susan07

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    My hubby and I visited friends this weekend. We went out to the garage to look at their new car.

    As I started back into the house I tripped on the tiny threshold and "fell" all the way across the laundry room until I caught the dryer.

    Everyone was afraid I was going to be in a heap on the floor by the time they got to me.

    Hurts like heck to "catch" yourself that way!

    Not funny for me but funny for others to see this slow motion fall.
  3. campbeck97

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    I was sitting on the sofa watching a movie with my 11 year old grandson (Who I just adore) I got up to go get something and tripped over alittle plastic chair. I'm a fairly large grandma and I fell hard just missing the T.V. with my head, landing face down in a big heap.My Grandson was worried yelling ""grandma , grandma are you ok?" He turned to Grandpa sayig I think shes dead! I was laughing so hard I couldnt speak with my face buried in the carpet. I bet I was a pretty sight.Not! It wasnt a graceful fall but I wasnt hurt at all.Hey that rhymes
  4. campbeck97

    campbeck97 New Member

    I just thought of another one , I was in our local discount store with my precious Grandson shopping for a gift. I love those glass water filled globes with the little scenes inside them and they had one left. I gently took this beatiful globe from the shelf(ignoring the little sign saying not to handle but get assistance) and it was like my hands turned into mush as it slipped falling to the floor breaking into a million pieces with the liquid running everywhere. My Grandson yelled out loudly "cleanup on aslie 3". I wanted to crawel into a hole as people gathered around to see what was happening.We still laugh about that little incident.With this disease I'm either falling or dropping things just out of the blue. Gotta laugh about it or it would drive you nuts!
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