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    Patsy's question about different blood types got me thinking, esp as others discuss poss def genes...
    How many people are of Jewish extraction, specifically from a russian immigrant background ?.
    In UK, I have spoken to various suffers and 70% are of a jewish background,others where not sure on relatives who may have married into the families many years ago, with a high percentage from immigration from eastern europe / russia.theres been a few Shalom's from people on here too which made me curious.
    Have there been any studies to trace back sufferers?.
    Please will people give a Yes / No to:
    Eastern Eruope Ancestry.

    I'm not trying to catalogue people so please take no offence.
    I just want to get a general feel to see if its worth further research, as done in UK regarding a specific medical condition found across areas of UK population which has been traced to direct connection to a specific family / village in the 1600's in Denmark, the gene travelling across during the Danish invasions !! True..
    Getting some good info re meds from people on here and although not a sufferer ( thank god !)am trying to help support someone close. Many thanks..
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    It was posted a long time ago, but basically it proposed that an immigrant family from Western Europe was the initial source of the genetic defect in the U.S.

    Does anyone else remember this?

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, I remember also...
    It was from Mary Shomon's book that Jelly told us about. It was what she called one of the "Super Symptoms".

  4. nigelmchale

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    ok, sorry, should know people would have checked this theory.
    but atleast it gives me some background.
    Question further up still valid regarding Southern Europe, would poss give good support to use of Olive leaf oil.

    Thanks people..