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    Hello - saw your query re my particular symptoms.

    When I've been overdoing it - either physically or mentally I find that the reflux acts up. I put this down to constant clenching of muscles (chest, stomach, arms etc) which is a natural effect of anxiety. As I don't take any chemical meds for all this (came off ADs years ago and will never go back on them) it is sometimes hard to keep the anxiety under control. If it gets troublesome I take a shot of brandy with hot water and sugar or some paracetomal (soluble fizzy kind) which can turn off the panic.

    As far as the reflux itself goes, I have periods where I have a feeling of background burning, mostly in the upper stomach and under the lower ribcage, sometimes with twinges and stabbing pains. I suspect that this is costocondritis which a lot of us FMers have, but every now and again the acid burns alongside it. I get bile coming up and feel constantly full of gas. I too am constantly burping. Often at night I can hear my insides rumbling and groaning as the gas circulates. Sounds disgusting doesn't it!

    I don't think you and I are alone in this. Lots of folk on these boards report similar symptoms. I do believe however, that the anxiety and stress which go along with this diagnosis of FM and the constant discomfort which we all suffer from perpetuate the syndrome - like a domino effect. We just have to try and keep it all in perspective, hard as that is when we're feeling wretched half of the time.

    Still as Churchill said 'Keep bu**ering on'!


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