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    Found this at (Edited to remove URL) just now............

    By Alice Chang, M.D.
    Harvard Medical School

    How does this article relate to me?

    No need to throw out your cough syrup. The news about products containing guaifenesin being pulled off the shelves is not related to any dangerous side effects. It is simply one pharmaceutical company finding a way to get a temporary monopoly of the market. Being on the market so long is actually a reassuring sign of — guaifenesin’s safety, since so many people have used it without problems.

    When guaifenesin originally received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval, today's requirements for proof of safety and effectiveness did not exist. One company recognized this loophole. Since it became the first to prove its product’s safety and effectiveness, it is forcing all the other companies to give proof in order to keep their guaifenesin cough suppressants on the market.

    What changes do I need to make?

    There is no need to change what you're doing now. Short-acting forms of guaifenesin will continue to be sold. It is the long-acting form that will be forced to file for approval or be pulled from the market. The exception is Mucinex, which received FDA approval last year. The companies still have time to file between now and November. In addition to being a good cough suppressant, guaifenesin helps to loosen phlegm so you can clear your airways and your nasal and sinus passages.

    Other types of prescription and non-prescription cough suppressants and phlegm-looseners are available. Depending on the person and symptoms, some work better than others.

    Read the labels to see if the cough suppressant also contains decongestants. If one of your symptoms is a runny nose, then a decongestant can help your symptoms. Otherwise, a decongestant can be too drying and make it more difficult to cough out phlegm.

    When selecting a cough suppressant and expectorant, ask yourself: Do I want to suppress the cough (at night or at work) or do I want to help bring up the phlegm? If you are producing phlegm with your cough, you do want to cough it out to prevent worsening infection and congestion. You should look for a cough syrup labeled as an expectorant. But if you can't sleep at night, or just have a nagging dry cough, look for a suppressant or ask your health care provider for a prescription medication that will better suppress the cough. Other ways to loosen phlegm are to drink plenty of fluids or breathe in steam from a bowl of hot water or in a warm/hot shower.

    If you are having persistent fevers, or the phlegm is turning green or brown, you should see your health-care provider about the possibility of prescribing antibiotics. Also, if you develop a persistent or nagging dry cough, this could signal a kind of temporary asthma that responds to the use of an inhaler.

    What can I expect in the future?

    Companies have enough time to respond to the FDA's request before the November deadline. You can expect that many will seek FDA approval by providing the information that is required.

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    You may name the website, in fact we encourage posting the source of material reporduced here with permission, but may not give the URL.

    Most of us are not using the Guai for mucus-thinning or cough-suppressing purposes; however, those of us on the Gaui protocol for FMS do use the long-acting tablets. The OTC Guai tablets are sold here in the store. I get mine through an Rx from my doc. The pharmacist told me there will not be a shortage of the Rx Guai.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mucinex is the brand of Guai I have been using, so I guess there is no danger of my not being able to get it. I am sorry to see they are squeezing the other companies though. The next time I run out, I will buy from Pro-health, since their's is a bit cheaper anyway.
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