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  1. daylight

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    I've noticed over the years that doctor's don't always tell
    you all about the drugs they prescribe. I've learned the hard way to
    look up everything about any medications I've been prescribed.
    ***MOST DOCTORS ARE THROUGH IN there explanations But not ALL***
    When in doubt resource the drugs. And call your doctors .

    We all need to know what we are putting into our bodies.
    Most doctors are caring people but there so that I feel get "comps"
    from the drug companies.

    I are care about ya'all . Know what your takin.
  2. Janalynn

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    Good advice.
    I can't tell you how many times I've been prescribed something that I've been allergic, even with documentation in my chart.

    I always check out meds when prescribed - for interaction, side effects etc.
    I also look up the meds on - it gives reviews from patients who have taken the medication, for what reason it was prescribed and how it has either helped or hindered them.
  3. TwoCatDoctors

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    My doctor is away for a few weeks so the HMO had another doctor fill in. The fill in doctor wanted to give me a medication that I knew would impact my cataract. I told her no nasal sprays that will impact the cataract. She said she would research it and call me at home. I got a call from her assistant telling me this fill in doctor researched and all the prescription sprays she was thinking of would impact the cataract, so go ahead with the antibiotic only. I told the assistant to thank the doctor for researching it and I appreciate her doing it.

    Now, if I can't rely on my primary/general care/family doctor to know or find out about these medications or at least carry an electronic PDR that he can quickly check to find out, or to look through the PDR book, then they shouldn't be prescribing. A few years ago I had a doctor on another plan that carried an electronic PDR and would check for interactions, and everything on that thing and was able to find out everything. I give that doctor real credit for caring enough about malpractice and about his patients that he had info at his fingertips.
  4. daylight

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    I was a bit nervous about giving a warning. But after reading soon of the posting at various sites it just seem necessary to say something.

    Even do resource herbal supplements and how they react to the medications we take . Some mixes Could be lethal . I had doctor say to tell them everything I take in from my diet,herbs,vitamins ect.... I sure wish that I could have my doctors back. :,( They cared about me.

  5. SnooZQ

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    IME, most pharmacists are more knowledgeable about drug side effects and interactions, than many MDs. Or maybe it's that the pharmacists will take more time to explain things.

    I've found I usually have to ASK about med side effects. I talk to both the doc & the pharmacist, and compare the info.

    Best wishes.
  6. vivian53

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    Wow this is a sore subject for me, no pun intended. I care for two ill family members (not to mention myself) and we have had some medication mix ups for sure. Both my son and father have heart conditions with high blood pressure and have been prescribed so many meds that are contraindicated for these conditions. I would like to say that the pharmacist caught all of these, but that is not the case. I am not sure if this is the case in all states, but we get a handout from the pharmacist (in Texas) with each new medication and when he misses the contraindication, I catch it from the printed info. I also look them up online too. It is scry to me that these errors occur so frequently with such potentially dire consequences.