FYI: chemical toxins impact our IMMUNE SYSTEMS, etc.........

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    I have to wonder how many environmental toxins are impeding all of us from getting better... or helped us all become ill to start with.... and sadly don't see any way to permanently get rid of them.

    other articles are at:

    Excerpts from an article at above site from UK newspaper, Daily Express:

    By Lucy Johnston & John Ingham (1999)

    ---"A fat sample from an adult living today contains up to 500 different chemicals, but one taken from an Egyptian mummy has virtually none"---

    The Express today calls on the Government to review the use of hundreds of toxic chemicals widely employed in Britain. As cancer rates rise, experts fear that people are accumulating deadly cocktails of these hazardous substances from the food they eat and the air they breathe.

    A fat sample from an adult living today contains up to 500 different chemicals, but one taken from an Egyptian mummy has virtually none.

    The reason is simple - most of them are man-made and have been released into the environment in the past 60 years. The threat is brought home alarmingly by the results of a test on Express writer Lucy Johnston. She thought she was healthy but was shocked to discover that a single cell of her body fat contains hundreds of toxins, two of which are deadly and have been banned in Britain for many years.

    ...Lucy's results are by no means unusual. Just about everyone in Britain is carrying hundreds of man-made chemical toxins in their bodies. Many may be dangerous, especially in combination with each other. The tests were carried out at London-based Biolab, a medical laboratory which analyses levels of toxic pollutants in samples of body fat and blood.

    Lucy said: "My results were certainly alarming. One of the banned pollutants was DDT, a pesticide withdrawn in the Seventies due to cancer fears." Her body fat also contained PCBs which were widely used in printing inks, paints and some electrical equipment such as fridges. Despite the (current) ban, more than half the PCBs ever produced are still in use in electrical equipment.

    They are believed to suppress the immune system, disrupt hormones and undermine children's intelligence.

    Other pesticides still in use had also lodged in Lucy's body. The laboratory found hormone-disrupting pesticides believed to cause reproductive disorders, cancer and impaired development. These have been linked to declining sperm count and rising rates of testicular cancer in men and breast cancer. Among them was Lindane. Alarmingly, her exposure to this highly toxic insecticide could be from foods such as lettuce...

    Government advice is that most pesticides are not harmful because they are consumed in such low quantities. Other experts are not convinced and, worryingly, the permitted levels are often exceeded. A recent study found 29 samples of supermarket fruit and vegetables containing unacceptably large residues of pesticides.

    It has convinced experts like Andrew Watterson, of De Montfort University, Leicester, that no levels are safe. "There are alternatives to many of these pesticides. Why not remove them from sale while people's lives could be at risk?" he said.

    This view is shared by cancer expert Dr Samuel Epstein. "Cancer institutions in England are set on damage limitation," he said. "They boast about improvements in treatment but do virtually nothing about causes."

    Lucy's tests were only for pesticides. If Biolab had looked for other man-made chemicals, they say they would have found up to 500. Most samples they take from people also contain toxic metals...

    ...Lucy said: "Some chemicals take 10 years to reduce by half. Even if I were able to breathe unpolluted air and eat organic food, traces will remain in my body for the rest of my life."


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    I think this is a huge factor in ME/CFS - chemicals interfering with all our body processes.

    Dr. Kerr's gene expression study showed subsets of patients with trouble getting rid of chemicals effectively. So those of us with the genetic combination that stops us removing chemicals properly are going to build up toxic levels even faster than 'normal' folks like the woman in the article.
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    ME specialists have often quoted both infections and toxins in this illness. Dr Kerr has not still received any state funding for his work; the policy makers would rather support the psychobabblers.

    Organophospahates were identified through gene expression studies in both ME/CFS and Gulf War Syndrome. Many report they do better when eating organically. Many beleive it's the cocktail of toxins that's cause for concern; in the past toxins were looked at individually. When it becomes more profitable to produce goods and food that have a lower toxicity levels then things will start to change.

    The links being made between toxins and weight gain continue; hence the success some have in losing weight when reducing their exposure and using Tx to encourage toxin excretion.

    Many who are using the supps to support methylation are aware of the problems they have with various toxins.

    tc, Tansy

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    GREAT Article, thanks.


    I've got really bad MCS and it rules my life! On top of the "normal" awful stuff FM CFS diabetes, sleep apnea, etc etc.


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