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    Any of us that are dealing with depression because of these DD's know it can be grueling enough and only made worse by people and docs who push anti-d's on us for whatever reason. If we suffer from it, we know all the ways that it has been brought to our attention...Some of us take them, some like me, choose not to...

    My belief is that I have enough wrong with me, symptoms caused by the unknown with no cure in sight and certainly an anti-d may help me with my sleep and/or my attitude but having taken them in the past, did absolutely NOTHING for my chronic pain, inflammation and ulcerative colitis...I refuse to add more 'toxins' to the mix and have tried very hard to avoid taking any further meds period...Not to say I may not add them in the very near future...Have been going thru more stuff with grieving the loss of a loved one along with suffering with IBD and just being diagnosed with Crohn's last week...

    By no means, am I getting on a high-horse and spouting for my own amusement...I research constantly, like many of you and when I come across something that ticks me off, I feel like shouting it so the world GETS IT...Since this has become my lil world lately, I would like to share this new development with all of you who are interested...

    About a month ago, I ran acroos an article in the magazine that comes in the Sunday paper...Lorraine Bracco (from Sopranos fame) touting some anti-d and telling her story of how she was sooooooooooooo depressed in her 'LOST YEAR' and whatever drug she took straightened her out...Do we also remember the commercial??? It annoyed me!!!

    I just came from the Verizon home page and was surprised to see link to an article about her having an attraction to the real estate market...Something guided me to read it...

    It seems in 1999, she couldn't pay her bills, owed over $2million and couldn't find work...She then stepped in Soprano poop and became a star...Now owing the last $50,000 to her bankruptcy lawyers, she did not bring up the depression issue in this article...

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, if I read between the lines correctly, here is what I gather...Poor woman got over-extended, was losing everything she owned and couldn't handle it...Goes to the doc crying and complaining about her terrible situation and is prescribed an anti-d (they make the problems go away, ya know)...She landed a job, paid her bills, no more problems right? Right!

    She did not suffer with chronic illness, she had bills she couldn't pay!!!She was not in pain constantly, she couldn't just dive in her pool for a midnight swim cause the bill collectors took the water out of it! She wasn't struggling with fatigue because of an unknown monster that drained the life out of her, her cell phone was just turned off for non-payment!

    Now I may be a little nit-picky here and be offering up scenarios which might be off but Hey I suffer with these DD's, I am entitled to some mistakes from the fog I am in, which btw, the anti-d's didn't help either...

    I am just fed up with all the people who think they can help us and CAN'T and all the docs who play God when they don't have a clue about what we are going thru and I am soooooooooooooo fed up with these pharmaceutical cos making a fortune because of all the symptoms we have...

    I know there are others who feel like I do and I am glad I have the forum to get it out...For those who take certain meds and they help you, I am happy for you and hope that they continue to help you get thru these dd's and live a better quality of life...But for those who are just taking things because their doc recommends them, do your research, know that drugs can have ill-effects and take control of your own destiny...

    I may be suffering with depression along with everything else, and I may lose these battles in the long run, but I will not allow a spokesperson (a well paid one)and the pharmaceutical cos to use me as a guinea pig and a paycheck while I am fighting this battle of my lifetime...

    IT's JUST NOT RIGHT!!!!!
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    I agree with you whole heartedly. I think these ads are demeaning to sufferers of this DD. I think they really believe that what they are saying is true and correct and that may be for some people. Its they way that they depict the pain as it is only caused by depression. I am not depressed and refuse to take any anti-d. Why would I take something that was made to restore chemical inbalances in the brain, not to mention all of the side effects that go along with this type of drug. There was a time along time ago that I was depressed (sudden death of my mother and brother)and took anti-d for it and it nearly destroyed my marriage of 2 years. It took over 1 1/2 years just to get over that drug and what seemed like forever to put back what it did to my marriage. We've been together now for 18 years. We the people with this DD should send letters of diapproval to these drug companies and let them know how misleading these adds are not only to the public but also to the doctors who believe in them also and tell you it is depression related. I've had many of these doc already.

  3. Cromwell

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    ...the drug companies could do with a little less cheap skate marketing and a bit more honesty for sure. They DO train their reps to take docs to dinner, pick up a lot of tabs, shake their hand it a certain way, all of this to "sell" the drug to the doctor. They then give the doc a lot of free samples to hand out and will even pick up the lunch tab for the whole staff for a year just to get the docs to get the patients to try the drugs. I think all of this is wrong. However, some meds are great and some no so. Some, as we find out, can be harmful and some research is held back-for eg anyone with a dog on arthritis meds knew that the doggie equiv. of Viox(sp) was causing some sudden deaths in dogs as we were given warnings about it.

    I do however, know that there are people out there with jobs to go to and little kids who feel they have just no choice other than to try anything that helps them, and some people do get relief enough to get through the day. Although I try not to take any really strong meds, there are times when I do, as I just cannot ride the pain out any more, and I am lucky in that I get breaks between flare ups as my FM is Lupus caused.

    I think your anger at the way they use "stars" to tout the meds for them is really bad, also suggesting incredible results. The latest ad is the one on tv for men who have high bp high cholest. something else then they link it all to "also have a poor sex life" then call us. I would bet that the med is for a statin type med, but to get more men to take it, they sell the sex deal. I have no idea if I am right or wrong on the med, just hate the way the ad runs. I also, hate the way they use actresses to admit how "fat" they were or are to sell diet products, it seems very humiliating and again, the not so subtle refs to "see how sexy I am". We are not even allowed to have naturally ivory teeth these days even! Let alone wrinkles, a bit of a tummy, or grey hair. I sometimes get the idea that our ill health is seen as yet another female defect, along with those listed prior-men rule the ad agencies. Good health is the most important thing in life as we all know, and I think you get annoyed, as we all do, when drug companies more or less treat us like idiots. I think, though, from the boards here, that most of the folk here on the boards do really great research on what they take or are offered , and ask a lot of questions and only take what they feel is helping them and are delighted when they can come off something. It is the people NOT on these boards that worries me as they are not hearing from others maybe.

    Starlets will do anything for money, a bit like politicians! The rest of us, well we just all cope the best we can and appreciate the days our pain is a little lower. Hugz.
  4. Cromwell

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    ..meant to say I think your anger is JUSTIFIED and that the ads were bad, came out sounding as if your anger was bad-----not so, it is right on. Cromwell

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