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    (If the above doesn't appear in one line, cut/paste carefully and eliminate any spaces... I always forget how to do tiny urls, sorry)

    The above is an interesting 'guide' of sorts, backed up with research. Yes there is research from foreign countries included, tho I don't personally see that as a downside if it's done correctly, which is not always true even in the US. From some of the samplings I read at random, it seemed like they worked hard at being impartial & objective.

    Edited to correct the url as originally it showed up with no 'm' for .com, somehow when I copy it from the url address line directly, the 'm' won't appear even tho it's there in the url line -- also wouldn't show up when I clicked a live link in an email to myself with it, even tho it showed in my email. Does that make sense?

    LOL...It seems I say 'weird' every day about these computers...

    so anyway, if it doesn't work, check to make sure .com has the 'm' in the actual url address line! weird!

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