FYI LTD please watch your backLong Term Disability.

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    Please when you talk to the LTD company .This whas my responce to another members post and I thought it might be good info for all who have LTD coverage.Post what you have on the issue.

    Do not verbally say to much.I know I was on it for one year than denied and than awarded again after appeal for 2 years.Now denied and have a civil suit in the works right now.I have 6 Doctors who have stated and written to them that I am fully and completely disabled from any work including secondary.And still they deny me my claim.

    They LTD companies all of them say they are there for you to help .Not true anything and every word you say is recorded.They hold every little word against you in order not to pay.

    For instance questions they might ask Do you use the PC at home how long do you chat with family and friends on the phone? Well you tell them the answer that they needed and than you receive a letter that will state you have been denied due to our doctors ( who by the way have never even met you never mind examined you ) that you have been denied because we have found that you are capable of doing secondary work.Security guard dispatcher or clerical work .We see no reason that you can not perform these types of secondary work.So again we are denying your claim.Sincerely BLAH blah blah blah LOL

    Please be careful they are an insurance company and are out to make and keep that money not give it back to you or me with out a fight .That fight a civil suit because insurance is through your employer it will cost you 30 to 40 % of your benefits for legal fees to win your case..So if you accept that they are your friends you are in for a long fight and expensive one.Like SSDI you only pay if you win your case.

    And remember your employer will be paying your benefits till you reach retirement age so they are also against you winning your LTD.If you did pay a portion of your benefit you no longer do if you are on LTD.Please also be very careful of what you say to your employer.They also do not like paying your benefits after you no longer are able to work.Fellow associates may also cause you heart ache.

    You chat with one that you are friends with about how you feel and what you can do.Your employer happens to know that you two had lunch together on a daily bases.Well they start asking him / her if they have been in touch >Of cause he /she has you even went out to lunch one day he / she says that you looked good and that you had just gotten back from a weekend holiday with family.And than they state that you told them your doctor has put you out on disability for you don't know how long.Bingo employer reports your time spent with your friend and every word that was said and here comes that denial letter.
    Good Luck
    PS: Sorry about the book I just wrote .Its just that I know there games and know what will happen no matter who the insurance company is and no matter if you paid it all yourself or your employer pays.Here I go again LOL ok thats it take care.
  2. Rene

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    Also they will follow you. They followed me for three weeks in a row. They always follow you to the drs the ins co set up.

    Also don't let them take away money if you SS goes up. You are allowed more money.

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