FYI...Pain and Cholesterol Medications

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Godslove, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. Godslove

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    If anyone here has high cholesterol and is on medication for it, please read.

    My doctor has really been on me to do something about my cholesterol (303). I asked him what he would suggest and he said "first of all, I won't put you on cholesterol medicine due to your fibromyalgia". I asked what that had to do with anything. He said "cholesterol medicine often causes pain and achiness in (normal) individuals and would very likely cause anyone with fibromyalgia to go into a flare".

    He also said there is a new medicine now that isn't supposed to cause all the pain and aching. I, personally, don't want to use medication because of potential of liver problems, but everyone has to make their own decision.

    I hope this helps someone.

  2. Ahorsesoul

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    You might want to ask him to put you on cholestyramine to lower your cholestrol. It has been used for cholestrol lowering for 20 years. Dr Teitelbaum and Dr Shoemaker are now using it to treat FM patients who test positive for neurotoxins. Even if you do not have neurotoxins, it would lower your cholestrol. It is not absorbed into the blood stream so it should not bother your liver. Search this board for cholestyramine and Questran for more info.
  3. Adl123

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    I cannot take regular cholesterol medicines , either. My doctor prescribed Lipitor, but I will not take it, because I hve a compromised liver and becauseit is supposed to make you more tired. However, I have just started taking Red Rice Yeast, which is supposed to lower cholesterol. I have been on it for a week and so far all is O.K This week I started aqdding flaxseed oil and evening primrose oil. I am waiting to see what happens. I hope this works. Terry
  4. Godslove

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    for the ideas. I will do a search on cholestyramine, questran, and red rice yeast.

    Thanks again and blessings to you.
  5. reva727

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    My husband has high cholestral and he has tried many different supplements trying to find one that works. One of the best is Guggul but you have to be careful to find one that has enough guggulsterones. Plain old Metamucil can help too. There are also other things that will help, you just need to do the research and find them.
  6. tlc8858

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    I just recently went to a doctor and found out that my cholesterol level is 289. Way high and especially for me.
    He is sort of an alternative med doc, although he also uses traditional medication as well. He started me on some supplements by Usana. One of them is a biomega-3. It is fish oil capsules and he said that would help with the cholesterol level as well as a good diet of fruits and vegetables. Cut out as much of the saturated fat as you possibly can. I also do not want to go on a medication for cholesterol, so I am hoping this will help. I plan on going again in October to see if my level has dropped any.
  7. chickadee

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    Quick note of caution about supplement therapy - Red Rice Yeast has the same properties of the statin drugs used to lower cholesterol and therefore the potential to cause liver problems. Just make sure you stay on top of it and have it checked if you go that route.
  8. mamacilla

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    statin drugs are the ones, according to my doctor,that cause
    muscle aches and aren't good for FM patients. i am on
    zetia and have not noticed any side effects. but
    sometimes zetia needs to be used in conjunction with
    other drugs.
  9. Godslove

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    For all the info.

    Reva727... I never heard of Guggul but I'm going to research it, you never what might work.

    Tlc8858... I'm allergic to any type of fish oils. Are there other supplements by Usana that might work also?

    Chickadee... Thanks for the caution, I would not have known about the properties in Red Rice Yeast. I probably won't even try it because of the side effects. Thanks again.

    Mamacilla... I'm going to do some research on Zetia, never heard of it but willing to try something that won't make me worse.

    Blessings to All of You,
  10. libralady

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    Garlic capsules are a well known, safe supplement for lowering cholesterol. I take a small dose of Red Yeast Rice along with garlic every day. In 6 months, I lowered my cholesterol by 47 points.

    Good luck and take care!
  11. kerrymygirl

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    The side affects 1st on list in PDR are muscle aches and pain. My doc keeps wanting to put me on have had high cholesterol for many yrs. Mom side of family who all ate from scratch and pretty well, as far as little fatty type foods. Dad who ate whatever fat first on meat,bakery,candy etc. Never had high cholesterol. He had the gene to take care of it I would gather.

    Anywho, my doc and I go around about this all the time. Then he will go to give me sample`s, come back with none and say you are in enough pain.

    My friends all developed muscle pain and did not have any previously. So I am staying away from statins. Already 1 on recall.

    Yrs. ago I was told niacinimide or niacin is just as good as any new drugs.

    Galic as mentioned also and flax and fish oil.

    It is funny I went vegetarian with my daughter, no cheese etc I do not eat many fatty type foods. My cholestereol went up. Put meat back in my diet it went down. Go figure.
  12. runningstream6

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    My Dr. has told me my cholestrol is too high and wanted to put me on statin medication, i didn't want to because of the muscle pain it can cause so i searched for alternatives, he agreed to let me try a product called Ultimate Oil Blend by Flora. I will be going for a blood test in Nov. to see if it works.

  13. Godslove

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    To everyone that had replies. I hope this post has helped others, as well as myself, find alternative ways to lower their cholesterol.