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    Have been gradually disintegrating health wise-i mentioned elsewhere that things have deterioriated so much that i cram in what i can during work week and barricade myself to rest for 2 days-work is non negotiable and hours average 10+ daily plus commuting, by friday I'm chewing pain meds, cant eat, pain wakes me nightly.

    basically i now live on pills to be able to work and handle a 2 way commute. i barely make it thru a day's work, evening meetings have doubled, extra projects thrown at me...i was carrying a folding cane because too ashamed to use it near residence or office-that doesnt leave many other places does it LOL, but really, its so difficult now that i found myself preparing what to say to rhuematologist because I cant go on like this. i complain but actually have a high tolerance for abuse, having come from a family of addicts (drugs, mine is food), and religoius abuse issues-those of you who know what 'submission' which is not the same as submissive, know how to suck up pain to survive. I'm outta sucks---its that bad.

    i dont mind meds if they're allowing a functional life-i take meds and no longer consider be able to crawl to subway, crawl up/down staircases and spending 10 hours at a computer only to crawl back home, being functional. the cats feel ignored, i cant get down on the floor to play and they dont like me sitting in one place throwing things around-we're not freakin puppies they meow at me. My 18 lb long hair is so wired, i tried clipping his nails and he hissed HISSED at me before swiping me....he felt so bad he came by to head butt me later.

    okay, so now that i've wasted your time...the reason for posting was disability. i was ready to bring up the subject, but dr. said 'you look terrible.' she said making a case for disability isnt even a question in my case...but when i mentioned most of my worst symptoms seemed to be from the FM, she said:
    Its better not to mention FM

    yes, you read that, its a verbatim quote and yes i've read that some patients here have received disability, but it seems that as insurance/health care and government paws are putting more fingerprints on our lives and health care that obtaining benefits will become more difficult...just something to think about. Look at all your options in terms of what to bring in and leave out, it may not effect current benefit application but a couple of years from now, you want a solid medically sound disability case for future reviews.
  2. Debra49659

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    Oh...Didoe, it just doesn't seem you have much quality of life:( I agree with Caldonia (forgive me if I spelled your name wrong). Take advantage of any disability policies you have, or at least have your employer make some concessions for you (ADA).

    If you are filing for SSDI...use every diagnosis you have ever received including FM.

    I had other DX's, but was granted SSDI one the FM diagnosis.

    Hang in there, I'll keep you in my prayers if that's OK.
  3. jvrealty

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    Hello Didoe
    I agree with every comment made thus far. You need rest because you body is slowly breaking down and if you have a job with benefits, use them. Get your doctor to put you on bedrest for you conditions (all of them) and file for short term disability, which may lead to long term disability, which will lead to social security disability.
    Working on a computer all day will kill you.....i worked 8 hours a day on a computer coupled with projects and traveling and my body almost shut down before i went out on short term disability. I was approved on "severe fibromyalgia" for ssd and have been receiving benefits for the past 6 years. if your doctor is on your side, you should not worry...get yourself a good remuy to confirm your disability and get off work now.

    don't wait because your body will pay for it.

  4. quanked

    quanked Member

    for whatever it is worth--I agree with all that is said here. Your life sounds so wretched. Nobody should have to live in so much pain and despair.

    What came to mind as I read your post and others is this--years ago, my first mental health client taught me something I never have forgotten. I was fresh out of school and thought I might save a bit of the world, lol.

    In clinical supervision I was told not to expect too much of this client (I had met her at the state psychiatric hospital--she was being sent home). She had a complete mental break down several months before. It was not her first. When I met her I was impressed with her level of functioning, her appearance, her work history, etc. My clinical supervisor told me that once an individual has a severe breakdown they will never (in most cases) regain the level of functioning they had previous to the breakdown and that each subsequent breakdown would take more and more of their functioning. This was new information for me. And it did prove out over time with this client.

    I have seen this same principal at work in my own physical life. Each time I have had a serious flare where I am down for many weeks if not months I never regain all that I lost. I can feel the deterioration in various parts of my body going on. If treatments become available I do believe that I can improve my functioning level but I know I can never regain all that I have lost and I am not even sure how much I can get back. This applies to brain functioning as well. Once I realized (and this took a few years) I was not going to bounce back to my old self I started to think a bit differently. Overtime I have learned to not push myself well over my limit because the costs are much too high for recovery and I was learning that the harder I pushed myself the bigger the cost as well as loss.

    When I read of what you submit yourself to it causes me grief for you and I do not even know you. I fear you may be doing damage to yourself that you cannot undo. Be kind to yourself and stop working now. Stop damaging yourself now. Show the care and concern for yourself that you would show to others without even thinking. You sound so brutal in the way you treat yourself.

    I helped clients get on ssdi/ssd who were functioning much better than you are. I hope that you apply for disability soon.
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    I fought with Canada Pension for disability for 2 yrs. Finally i used this list of symptoms and wrote out how each one affected me and gave it too my doctor. She said it was very helpful to have it all in writing and helped her understand how FM had affected every part of my life. She wrote a letter stating all the major restrictions that made it impossible for me to work at anything. Since it was all in writing it helped her get the whole picture not just one or two things per visit which helped her make a better treatment plan. A week after CPP received the letter I got a phone call saying they had reaccessed my claim and I did meet the criteria. This was just 2 wks before my Tribuanal hearing which is like having a hearing before a judge in the USA. I think I read this advice on here but found the list on another. Not sure if this helps you at all but here is the site, sorry I couldn't figure out how to add the link.
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    Although I finally got on disability in 1995, it can be a very long and difficult process. I was unable to work for two years before it finally came through. I had a good doctor and finally got an advocate to help with the paperwork and keeping track of things. I was fortunate to get a doctor that knew about the disease when I first went to him. He said I was disabled totally and permanently. I started the procedures through SSA the next day.

    I was denied the first time through and found out they pretty much do that with this type of disease because it can be hard to document. They also want to know how sure you are about the disability. Have as much documentation as possible. If you can afford it, it is much easier to work through a lawyer or advocate. Someone who knows all the rules and knows how to work through them. Have a physician who knows the disease because his knowledge can be key in proving the disability. Good luck.

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