FYI Shingles Vaccine and Medicare payment

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    I'm not putting posting for argument on the Shingles Vaccine, but instead to advise how it worked on Medicare charging the 20 percent co-payment on injectable meds for 2011.

    I got my Shingles vaccine a few weeks ago and wanted to let you know about how Medicare arranged payment on my visit. I am with a Medicare Advantage HMO.

    I DID NOT have to pay an office visit co-pay to have this vaccine (that was a pleasant surprise). BUT, I had to pay $45 as the "20 percent injectable medication co-pay" for the shingles vaccine.

    ALSO BE AWARE this injectable medication co-pay IS COUNTED as a "prescription" for this year and towards the Medicare prescription donut hole. That will hurt many who already fall into the donut hole and may drive people away from injectable medication/vaccines due to cost and the donut hole.