FYI STOP Those Harassing Dept Collectors PhoneCalls ItsLAW15usc

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  1. suzetal

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    Hi every one just giving the Law so if your like me and hate those phone calls day and night just because your ill and may miss a month or two so you can pay your medication or heath insurance bills.They do come first..Now its the law that they stop calling once they get the letter.

    You will still receive the mailings but I for one don't care about that ITS THE CALLS THAT DRIVE ME NUTS.I am not trying to stick it to anyone I pay it when I have the money .But when I hit the donut hole in Medicare part D my medication comes first and maybe that one bill will have to wait a few months.

    So if you are being harassed by phone.This is completely legal.It is my attorney that gave me the info and I am passing on the sample letter.

    Send a written letter to that creditor stating ( SAMPLE )

    Name of collection agency
    Atten: contact person 's name
    City,State zip code

    RE: your name/ name of deptor
    Account # and or reference #

    Dear (contact persons name)
    I am writing to request that you stop contacting me about my account number ( put # here with name of creditor )as required by the Fair Dept Collection Practices Act 15U.S.C.section 1692c(c).

    OK here would be were you add why you can not pay at this time or if you don't owe it why you don't OK?
    Now this is next part Do Not forget this part.

    This letter is not meant in any way to be an acknowledgment that I owe this money.
    Very truly yours
    Sign it.

    I really hope it helps all of my friends here.
  2. Aeronsmom

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    Thank you so much for posting this, I REALLY need this as I for one get those type of calls 2-4 times daily. I have had 1 creditor actually say to me:

    "it's not my problem your sick you owe us $$$$ and we want it and we expect for this amount by this date..and we will be calling you daily until we get our money" I swear this is exactly what the person said to me.

    so again Thank you very very much for posting this.

    Love to all, Ann
  3. DEBG12

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    There was something on the news the other night that its against the law for them to talk to you that way
    they are not allowed to swear at you, belittle you or threaten you in any way shape or form
    you can turn them in for it and even sue them this is something that people like us that are sick and cant help it and cant make ends meet that need to know this stuf
  4. Dauna

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    I received a call from a creditor. When I called them back they put me on hold and said they were transferring me to a legal representative. When I got on the phone I expalined that I was ill and currently on disability... She demanded that I pay the full amount by a certain day. When I advised I could not do that she then proceeded to call me a thief as I took money from them when I used my credit card. SHe continued to berate me and I hung up on her.
    I have had several nasty people when dealing with my creditors.
    I even had one take a check by phone and when I called them back to tell them I had placed a stop payment on it. They were nasty and told me I should borrow money from someone to cover it. I advised the check was not good and call ended. Low and Behold they put the check through as an Electronic debit and I bounced my check for my car. I went to the bank and ask how this could have gone through and they told me it was electronic. So I filled out a form and the charges were reversed as I had not given them permission to take funds that way. When I spoke with the creditor again she ust figured I had found the money since I had not called her back...Unbelievable.
    Everytime I get on the phone with one of the creditors I always end up in tears and feeling worse then I did before.
    I had no intention of getting in this position but when you only have one check coming in for 2 people and it is just enough to pay for both of our meds,food,house and car and at times you are fudging on the house or car to be able to survive. This is something I am sure many of us are familiar with.
    My hubby has finally got his SSD check and I have my LTD check but it is not enough to catch up. Then yesterday I was advised my insurance for us is going up to $985 a month.
    When I look at the insures Website they offer the same coverage for half of the price. Sorry I am digressing. It has just been a crazy two years. Oh, well I will step off my soap box now.
  5. cjcookie

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    home number a couple of months ago and now I get that guy's calls!
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    I didn't know we could stop calls with a letter! I'm not in this position, but my nephew is. He gets really nasty calls from several creditors. One of them even calls him m'am like he is a woman. He is trying to pay them off, as he can, but he is sick also and lives on disablitly. They have absolutly no mercy no matter who you are or how sick.

    He really wanted to pay them off, so I called one of them for him to see if we could work out a deal to pay it off slowly and perhaps forgive some of the interest. I thought it would be better than getting nothing at all. No deal. They said they would go after his assets. I told him the only assets this guy has is an old computer and a piece of junk car. The guy then hung up on me.

    They are slime bags, worse than those LTD insurance people! How do they sleep at night?

    Thanks for the sample letter! I'll send it to my nephew.

  7. PVLady

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    I am curious if these credit agencies give you the information when you ask them. I had them calling over some old bill of my mother who is 92 in a nursing home.

    They never would give out their name, or name of their company, etc. Even the caller ID was blocked.

    If you could get the caller to give out their name I would be very suprised.
  8. suzetal

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    Heres another one for you.Your nephew does not have to worry.Hes what attorneys call Judgment proof. Like me.He owns nothing so even if they take him to court he can claim he is Judgment proof.And that he does not want to file bankruptcy cause he is paying off his debts a little at a time.Show the judge a list of how you are paying down your debts.

    He does not have anything in his name but his furnishings clothing and old car .All they can not take.

    They can not attach his SSD check nor LTD payments or the clothes on his back not even his car..The only thing they can put a lean on is a house if he owns one.

    Have him send the letter and than pay what he can.I know just how he feels.You want to pay them .So do the best he can but at least by sending the letters they can no longer call.Oh and keep a record of all the ones that you are putting money on.

    OK for those who own a home.They can not throw you out .They can get a judge to place a lean on it for whatever the amount you owe.So lets say you owe 15,000.00 and they get a judgment against you.

    They get there lean.The only way they get there money is if you sell.If its your mortgage payment they can take that so try to at least pay them.

    Some banks will allow you to pay the interest for awhile The principal[al will be tacked on in the end does not hurt to ask if your having a hard time.They do not want to foreclose they loose more money that way.

    If you leave your home to your children when they sell it all they need to do is pay the lean holders first and than divide the rest of your estate.I know cause I did this with my parents.When they passed away 3 years ago I sold it and past out what was left.

    If one of your children wants it he/she needs to buy it from the estate .Than all they need to do is include the lean amount in the mortgage Send out those letters.

    I am done writing a book and I appologies I am off to bed.I think.
  9. mollystwin

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    Thanks for the info! I think my BIL tried to explain that to me too, but I didn't get what he was saying. Now I do.

    My nephew doens't own a house, he lives with his mom, my older sister. So he can just keep paying what he can and doesn't have to worry. I think he's paid off the smaller debts. Now he working on the bigger ones.

    Thanks again!!!