FYI..There's a conservative alternative to AARP...

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  1. Gingareeree

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    For those of you who are looking for a conservative alternative to AARP,check out American I just heard the founder speak and my ears perked up.I've resisted joining AARP,they are too liberal for my taste.Also, if you are a dissaffected member of AARP,if you sign up with Amer.Seniors,they will give you 2yrs. of membership for the price of one,if you send them your AARP card. ~~~Jeanne
  2. Mikie

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    To know who is behind these websites and political action groups. They may well be serving their own needs instead of ours. I am not willing to be used as a pawn to further someone else's agenda.

    BTW, AARP's health insurance is underwritten by United HealthCare, a giant which is gobbling up all its competition.

    One of the saddest things to me is that we Americans have been polarized into Liberals and Conservatives. I would hope most of us think for ourselves and aren't the sum total of the labels applied to us.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Gingareeree

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    Micki I hear ya,in an ideal world we wouldn't have to feel so divided.The fact is this country is divided pretty much 50/50 in their way of thinking. Sadly ,this is due in a large part to the left leaning media that get their digs in @ every opportunity. It's gotten to where even watching a cute movie like Julie and Julia I heard two negative comments about Republicans. Add to that that even on this board,Jam I'm addressing this comment to you,there are continual digs @ republican/conservatives. On the other post, re healthcare,just because a few of us voiced our concerns about universal healthcare,we were painted as uncaring about our fellow citizens without healthcare.Speaking for myself,I have worked in soup kitchens,volunteered my time @ crisis pregnacy centers,counseling unwed girls,washing,folding,and stocking the shelves with donated clothing. I tithe weekly@ my church as well as donate to several charitites.You state that you are openminded and don't judge others, so to make statemnts as you have is pretty presumptuous and judgemental. I dare say I care plenty about my fellow citizens,I also care deeply about the direction this President is taking our country,our founding father's must be turning over in their graves!! Have a good day!~~~Jeanne
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    is right!
    Can't stand AARP. You no longer use AARP. They Use You.
    Their political purpose has been so obvious for so long, and lately they've really become a power hungry activist group funded increasingly by insurance companies that pay big bucks for AARP's endorsement.
    Politics money and power ... a familiar theme?
    Yes there are some alternative groups. I saw yesterday that Pat Boone started a group a few years ago and that a lot of people are switching to it. Don't remember the name of it...
    60's plus or something like that.
    Anyway, I resent how AARP politically indoctrinates and preys on people,especially the naive and fearful .. and how commercial they've become.
    (Sounds more like a corrupted labor union)

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    When the Chit Chat Board was created, the only thing ProHealth asked of us is that we not get into religion nor politics here. There is a Worship Board at this site and I'm sure you can find all kinds of political websites on the internet.

    This is a kind and caring group of people and I don't really care whether they lean left, right, or stand smack dab in the middle. Threads like this can only pull us apart and the stress isn't good for us. We've all heard the rhetoric and arguments from the pundits on TV and radio. Please, don't let's continue it here.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm glad that political threads don't stress you out. There are others, though, who get very stressed when things get heated. It's happened so often here over the years and I've yet to see anything good come of one side arguing a point against another side, especially when labels are used. That is why PH asked us not to get into these kinds of political discussions.

    I do not put your earlier post about those without healthcare in this category. You are simply letting people know about a program which explores those without healthcare. Nowhere did I see you label others or try to make a political point. Healthcare is of vital interest to us who suffer from these illnesses.

    Love, Mikie
  7. gapsych

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    I don't care which organization is liberal or conservative. I just want the one that gives the best discounts.

    Maybe join both?

    I thought a bit of levity is needed. :D


    ETA Mikie thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten, well not forgotten but temporarily misplaced the information that we are not suppose to post about politics or religion.

    Would someone please post something funny? Thanks!! [This Message was Edited on 08/22/2009]
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    I am not that much younger than you. I am 61, but after you reach 60, I don't think it makes a difference. I left you another post.

    Maybe we could teach each other. I have a feeling we both have a lot of interesting experience under our belts. :)

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  9. Gingareeree

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    Perhaps you should be directing your request to those who disparage the opposing point of view,ie:Jam for one who has continued to incite arguments on this board time and again with impunity. I'm over it. If I can't defend my point of view or for that matter my moral view in light of her condescending comments implying that those who don't agree with her point of view are basically non caring,blah,blah... Are you asking me to take the high road and over look her comments?Sorry no can do!~~Jeanne
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  10. gapsych

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    Do you really feel like you can not defend your point of view or do you feel that anyone who has a different opinion is putting you down?

    There is a difference.


    ETA Why do you think it is okay to name people and disparage them in your above post? Isn't this what you are accusing others of doing? [This Message was Edited on 08/22/2009]
  11. Gingareeree

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    I find it interesting that I'm called out for posting a "Political "topic. How about the thread on health insurance? That's not political? I've noticed a trend that a lot of folks have been banned from this board for what is considered innappropriate behavior Pretty much all of them have been conservative/religious. You don't find that questionable? Jam posts FYI topics all the time that are very liberal in content. She's also admitted she enjoys a "spirited" conversation.I'm definately feeling a bias here. No problem. It's a free country(so far),I should be able to voicemy opinion as well, I will continue to do so~~Jeanne
    No I'm not disparaging anyone,Jam has been the one who time and again makes these comments.[This Message was Edited on 08/22/2009]
  12. jole

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    I've noticed the very same thing! Okay, I won't name names if that's the big hang-up, but I too get tired of political/religious slants on this site. And no, you are certainly NOT the only one noticing it. It's just that there are very few who will admit it.

    Yes, I agree it is stressing....but the stress is coming from only one side ever getting by with their "one-way" comments, and when the other side replies, then suddenly it's a political issue/religious issue! I guess if we don't reply to those with an agenda, it's okay. As for name-calling, you and I have been told plenty that WE are wrong, misinformed, or causig fear-mongering, when if fact we are stating our views and information the same as they are.

    There are people wanting to hear both sides but aren't allowed to, and the fear of it isn't coming from OUR point of view, but others who belittle our political views and religious views. This did not get personal until it became a blaming game...and we did not start it.

    I wish one of them had been with my brother to hear what he'd been told in the hospital, and for them to say either he or I am wrong, and it was not said, or we are misinformed, is calling me a liar. I do not lie. Neiter does my brother. But that was okay, I guess.

    Oh, but we DO have the right to use the "ignore this poster" button, so they can continue with their side of the discussion without our opinions voiced!! Democracy at its best! A sign of the times......Jole
  13. Granniluvsu

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    what you are saying, Jole and Gingeree. That is why I have stayed out of any of the "discussions". Personally, I THOUGHT originally ( I heard it somewhere and I thought it was a good idea) not to talk politics or religion on the message boards. That is UNLESS it is a religious or worship board. Notice the number of people viewing this and other similar threads and not posting. They don;t want to get into it either, for obvious reasons.

    I am usually very quiet about such things on message boards and I do not really think it is the place, unless it is a political or religious board separate from here, where the same people will not be seeing each other on other boards that are joined together like PH. . I already got "dismissed" years ago from a medical board cause the people running it were unbelieveably biased politically. All I did was say that I didn;t think that the medical board was the place for political bias, and these people were EXTREMELY biased to the left. So, I just said my piece nicely and then was gone.

    I am definately not saying that all here are being rude or disrespectful. That is far from the case. I am sorry but I just think there is a good reason for saying that medical boards like this should be kept that way. Now chit chat is something else but we all know what can happen when religion or politics are spoken about. These topics, like talking about Health Care and such are VERY important and can be very scary for some of us. It sure is for me and others. Believe me that I do understand how it is to not have health care and my daughter (one of them) went for years without it with all kinds of medical problems. I surely wish every man , woman and child , who is not an illegal immigrant could be covered with wonderful health care. However, I surely cannot see where the money is going to come from with all the financial problems happening in the U.S. today and ALL the bailouts.

    The whole thing is extremely touchy which can cause tempers to flare easily. It is a shame that our society has come to be so divided. I just hate that. I remember growing up in a Democratic house, many moons ago and there was not terrible division. I could say alot more but I don;t want to get into any more "trouble" :) shall we say,

    I was just going to write a few words and all this mess came out.

    People believe very passionately, or many do about their religions, lack of, or political views. I think most will not change no matter what any of us say. So, that is just fine with me. I have been reading and noticing the number of people not posting. I also said I am not going to post but here I am again.

    I have high blood pressure which I can feel spiking as I write this. Yep, I guess I should just pass by or ignore threads as I see them pop up,
    Hope this will submit as it might be getting long. So, I will close and try to edit.

    BTW, I feel the same as you, Gingeree, I think. We sent back the renewal cards and info to AARP. Just don't think they are looking out for our interests. Think they are being convenient (and playing both sides) and keep changing their tunes, depending on their profits.

    This may be the last post about this. I really do not want to debate since no one will change anyhow and it just causes people or some anyway to get upset. Some, we know love debates but others, when they feel passionate and also have medical problems it upsets them. That is why I usually try and stay way. You can see that I am dumb for writing anyhow :) !! Hope this will submit. Sorry soo long !! DUH !!

    Love to everydobby,

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  14. Mikie

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    I agree myself that AARP doesn't represent my interests. It is fine to state how one feels but when one gets into labeling something too conservative or too liberal, too left or too right, etc., it can become infalmmatory. Those are labels which are used to put people and ideas in boxes. How about some interesting individual viewpoints? There are many who, like me, seem to agree with one side about some issues and the other regarding other issues. I like to believe I am intelligent enough to think for myself and not have to wear a label or have someone else apply a label to me.

    Healthcare in this country is a problem and it is a very complex issue. Both sides have made some good points. We need to find common interests and work from there. That is impossible for our politicians and for us, as individuals, as long as we break every issue down into "them" and "us." I would love to hear our members' ideas about this issue but I don't care to hear continuous diatribes against "them," whoever "they" are. We get enough of that on cable TV. There are cable "news" shows which cater to every political inclination if one wishes to watch those shows. Problem is that most people only tend to watch the shows which agree with their own political ideas. It's worthwhile to watch shows which represent the ideas which may not agree with ours. There are some good shows which try to allow both sides to chime in.

    Often, people do not respond to these kinds of threads because they fear being labeled or bullied if one side seems to be gaining strength over the other. It's ugly and it accomplishes nothing. What we see starting here is only the beginning. I've seen board wars break out and people leave, or get banned, when things get ugly. Once it gets personal between members, it's a sure sign that things are breaking down. I've been here a looooong time and I can spot problems before they get that ugly. Let's not let it get to that point. We are all in the same boat and we all need solutions which are in the best interest of the most people. No, no solutions are perfect and please everyone but we can certainly give it our best shot. I've found our members to be extremely intelligent and caring. Please, let's focus on continuing to be caring. That doesn't mean we can't disagree; it just means we need to respect each other and each other's viewpoint.

    Soooooo, I ask that we abide by PH's rules to which we all agreed when we signed on here. Yes, it is against the rules to argue. We can discuss our ideas respectfully without attacking anyone or anyone's plitical leanings. In fact, when one disrespects another or his or her political orientation, it detracts from the point that the poster is trying to make.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

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    with respecting everyone and as far as I am concerned we should drop the whole subject. However, I know it won't be dropped, so those that want to continue debating can do so. I know my opinion as little as it is won't really count for much.. I am not a big debater anyway, so why should I put in my two cents?

    I don't know why I bothered posting except possibly to gve my support in some small way to Jeanne and Jole. I do love ALL you guys and just want to get along with everyone. I, myself do not care about anyone's politiical affiliation but it really bugs me when there is or seems to be lots of pushing of other peoples buttons, infighting, people are getting annoyed, etc. Of course if you are on the other end and there seem to be more of you on the board that agree, or are brave enough to post, then the others tend to get upset. Does that make any sense ? Oh well, I guess I should just push ignore and try and forget about it.

    Hope I made some sense to somebody !! Sorry if I am not as glib of some of you who love to debate, at least on a message board, and not one specifically for that purpose.

    Love to y'all,
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  16. Gingareeree

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    I wasn't on the computer yesterday,so I'm just now reading your posts. Thak you for your supportive words and reasoned responses to this and the healthcare posts. Granni I agree that for the most part it is pointless to get into a debate over these types of issues. My frustration lies in the apparent bias and subjective repremanding of only certain individuals. I'm more than willing to comply with the board rules.However,when asking,tolerance,civility,and restraint from name calling and making broad general assumptions is directed toward only one side,while allowing others' to continue without restrain,in fact actually geeting "atta boys" for their passive aggressive comments ,is pretty telling. If things don't change,I will feel compelled to respond. Sadly this situation plays out in the macro level every day. God Bless America!!~~~Jeanne