FYI: "Tick Ranger" yard treatments

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by amomwithsickkids, Jun 17, 2010.

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    I came across the "Tick Ranger" program that is offered through "Natural Lawn of America" They spray your property 4 times a year and this supposedly eradicates most ticks. I am trying it this year in the backyard. I have also stopped planting and weeding. Even hate walking on the grass!

    Here's the info if you're interested:
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    that may work in the suburbs to an extent, but I wonder how well. There are so many deer now in suburbia... add to that, if one lives out in rural areas, I'm sure the efficacy rate would go down. Probably the most effective thing would be to get more hunters to cut down the deer population. One island in the NE did that and found the cases of tickborn diseases went down by a drastic percentage. I know they are carried by birds, rodents, etc., but let's face it, for mass and the number of ticks they can feed, deer are an important part of keeping the number of ticks down.

    If a whole township got involved with the above program, it could help. The downside would maybe be for the with MCS. Seems like we keep finding ourselves between a rock and a hard place.... I guess I'd vote for hunting for professional hunters first.

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    Yes, I agree that it probably works to just a certain extent. It probably helps to have your property fenced in and use those tube things that attract and kill the mice. There are also alternatives to deet. There are some formulas out there that contain lemon oil and eucalyptus oil and other oils that supposedly repel ticks and mosquitoes. Not sure how well they work. The deer population is really out of control. Each year their numbers just seem to increase. I remember reading about that island that got rid of the deer...somewhere in Maine? Mass? Don't know why this can't be done in tick-infested areas elsewhere.

    Not sure about MCS...the spray is permethrin and supposedly non-toxic, and dries within a half hour.