GABA for anxiety

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    Gamma Amino Buturic Acid (GABA) sounds scary but it's an important neurotransmitter for our brains. It's an inhibitory to excessive neuron firing.

    GABA has been around for a long time but when I asked my neurologist why it didn't work, he said that "we don't know the transport mechanism for it yet, how to get it past the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)". So he put me on anxiety meds that artifically raise GABA levels or "look" like GABA to the brain.

    WELL, now biologists have discovered that the transport mechanism is L-Theanine. It's an amino acid that is found in Green Tea. It's available for sale to the public! Not only that but it WORKS.
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    The last site says that it increases dopamine and sex drive!
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    Amino Acids are where it's at in my book! I take GABA with L-THREONINE, along with Chamomile,PassionFlower, Scullcap, Valerian, 5-HTP, Melatonin. Helps a LOT for sleep. BUT, my MAIN sleep aid is L=Tryptophan. AAAAAAAAh, sleep.
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    GABA supplements do not cross the blood brain barrier and therefore will not have the same effect as rx'd meds which do. Save your money - don't buy the supplements and stick to the rx.

    I cannot use L-theanine which is a shame because apparently it is the best natural way of increasing GABA naturally.

    Love Bunchy x
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    One word of caution regarding GABA is that it cannot be taken with anti-anxiety drugs like Xanex. I was interested in trying it, but am unable to due to the interactions that may occur from the Xanex that I have taken for over a year. I am not sure about mixing L-Theanine with anti-anxiety drugs. Maybe someone else reading this has knowledge of it.
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    I really like l-theanine. It doesn't feel like a drug or even an amino acid to me. (And I've taken most of the amino acids, so I have a reference.)

    I don't think it's even exactly the same as other amino acids, since apparently it doesn't matter whether you take it at the same time as protein. (Other amino acids don't absorb much if taken with protein foods.)

    The results for me are just more clarity and calmness. It's supposed to be the same mental state that Buddhists monks get into when they do all that meditation and green tea. (Green tea--not a protein food--has a lot of l-theanine in it, or maybe it's the precursor to l-theanine. You'd have to drink a good amount of it to get up to the amount in one l-theanine capsule, though.)

    I've not read any drug interactions with klonopin on and l-theanine, and take klonopin with it myself. I've given it a couple of doctors on my supplement lists along with my drug lists, and they haven't commented on it. Since they both are quite familiar with both benzos and supplements related to moods, and since i haven't found anything in the literature, i feel okay about taking the combination myself.

    That doesn't mean that there couldn't be an interaction, especially for people who are sensitive or taking large amounts. Look it up and ask your own doctor, please.

    GABA is a lot more potent than l-theanine, i think. I've felt the effects when I've used it, but it feels far less natural than even Klonopin (which merely reduces anxiety) much less l-theanine (which seems naturally peaceful....which is different than being less anxious). There's also a chance that if you take too much, your fingers will get numb for a little while. (I don't think that's ever permanent, but still not a good thing.)

    For a while after my head injury, I had extreme anxiety and didn't have a doctor who "allowed' tranquilizers. (Or maybe I didn't know that tranquilizers would be helpful enough to ask. The med community makes them sound ridiculously scary.) And l-theanine had not yet been invented.

    At that time, I used GABA and kava kava (which actually had somewhat of a similar effect as the GABA) sometimes. i did not find them very satisfactory, though.

    Kava kava can be deadly when mixed with tranquilizers. I would imagine that GABA (since it works on the exactly same mechanism as tranquilizers) would be even more likely to be deadly when mixed with tranquilizers. Definitely a combination to be avoided at all costs.

    L-theanine is a totally different mechanism. Just because my doctors did not object to my use of it with benzos does not mean that others will think it okay, though.
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