GABA for Deep Sleep no more sleeping pills! Yeah!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FaithHopeCure, May 21, 2012.

  1. FaithHopeCure

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    I have been taking GABA that I picked up at the GNC store recently and it works great! It is a calming amino acid and helps to produce deep sleep. Also, helps to produce your growth hormons. It comes in a capsule so it was much better for me than the hard tablet that prohealth sells. My stomach can't handle the tablets. I take it with prohealth's fibro sleep and I sleep 6 hours straight! Yeah.

    According to dr Ginevra Liptan author of Figuring out Fibromyalgia, deep sleep (stage 3 and 4) is what we so desperately need. Most people get 45 minutes a night but fibro patients only get about 4 minutes a night! She has suffered herself with this DD and has done extensive research.

    GABA acts as a natural tranquilizer and calms the central nervous system. So you can't take it with any anti anxiety pills. What I did is cut back on the sleeping pills and then slowly added the GABA. I would buy pure GABA because I have found that it works better than a supplement that has other ingridients.

    Dr. Liptan says that pain meds, sleeping pills, and anti anxiety pills don't put you in a deep sleep even though you may think you are getting better sleep you are not. The GABA is a natural amino acid and a much more healing way to go! The muscles and joints need deep sleep to heal.

    This is a huge improvement for me! Also, when I was out of GABA for a short time I had to use my old sleeping method (Lunesta and ambian) on 4 different nights. The next days my pain was worse and I my mood was so depressed.... That's when I went to the nearest GNC to get my GABA supplements. What a difference this wonderful amino acid makes! :)
  2. ghosalb

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    Hi FHC,
    one question... since fibrosleep also have some GABA (I think), do you see any risk of too much GABA ? What was your dose ? What is the max dose one can take safely ? Thanks... Bala
  3. SherylS

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    Doesn't seem to do anything for me. I use 1/4 mg melatonin and 1/2 a Unisom. Going to try 5HTP next, as that seems to work well for many. Used to take Ambien--it worked well for sleep, but I was feeling worse and worse during the day, then had the worst crash ever!! As soon as I stopped taking the Ambien, I improved daily. Damn Drugs!!!
  4. FaithHopeCure

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    I take 750 ml at night for insomnia plus the 100 ml that is in the fibrosleep. Up to 1000 ml is safe as long as your are not taking it with other sedative prescription meds. I have read that some people take it for chronic pain during the day. In which case you would take 200 - 300 ml three times a day. I take my 5htp three times a day so I want to keep the GABA for insomnia.

    I do take l theanine sometimes in late afternoon for an extra boost of calmness. I really believe I am on the road to health. If you would of asked me three months ago if I could feel this well, I would of never believed it. I am sure I will have some bad days ahead. But I am definitely having more and more good days and able to recover quicker from the bad fibro days!

    I am learning so much from everyone and realize that my body is so sensitive to prescription drugs. It takes a lot of trial and error and learning that I no longer can do a lot of the things I used to do. But I am doing so much better without sleeping pills!
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    I use GABA to help with sleep also. Along with a BOATLOAD of supplements that should knock out an elephant.

    I take 2250 mg. GABA
    1000 mg. L-Tryptophan
    50-80 mg. P5P (Acitvated/co-enzyme B6)
    400 mg. Magnesium (currently Taurate)
    200 mg. Potassium
    200 mg. Glycine - for growth hormone
    200 mg. L-Glutamine - for growth hormone
    45 mg. Iron
    1000 mg. Vit-C
    8000 - 10,000 I.U Vit D3
    1 tablet Alteril - L-Tryptophan 666 mg
    - Glycine 50 mg
    - Melatonin 4 mg
    - a blend of GABA, Scullcap, Valerian Root, Chamomile, Hops,
    Hydrocortisone - 5 mg. (Believe it or not, I sleep better taking a dose of Cortisol at bedtime.

    That's just my nighttime supplements.

    The ones I would absolutely not be without: L-Tryptophan, GABA and P5P.
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  6. FaithHopeCure

    FaithHopeCure New Member

    Good to know that I can go higher on the mg for the GABA when I know I am really aching or in pain. I take a lot of your night time supplements that you take, only I take them during the day. I also take coq10, omega 3's just to add to what you already listed.

    Thanks for sharing your sleep cocktail!
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