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    One place says with food, another says between meals for best results. Geeze!
    Klutzo, you say 750mgs 2X day for years without any ill effects. That certainly passes the chicken soup test. Do you take it morning and bedtime or both during wake hrs. and if so what times? I would appreciate hearing how you have been doing it all these years. Thanks
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    I take 750 mgs. GABA with breakfast and 750 mgs. with dinner. Taking it at dinner helps me calm down on my way towards bedtime. I am a raving night owl trying to live in a world that's run by all those incessantly cheerful morning people! I've been taking it at bedtime for about ten years now, but just added the day time dose a few months ago, when Neurontin proved to be too strong for me, and I decided to raise my GABA to the maximum dose instead.
    I have never seen anything conclusive about it being better to take with or without food, and I honestly don't think it matters. GABA is easy on the stomach.
    In Naturopathy, GABA is known as "the chill pill", and I think that says it all. Don't expect a huge difference like you would get with a drug, but you should notice some change pretty quickly. I am much more likely to laugh at the small stuff now, instead of making it into big stuff!
    I hope it works for you.
    Keep us posted,
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    sounds like something I want to know about. Can someone fill me in on what this is?


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    Thanks for your input.
    Betsy you can say brand names you just cant give web site address unless you are a little clever: you can say dot com but not .com I would very much like to have the name of the GABA you are taking cuz quality sleep is what I am after and knocked out by GABA sounds great at night. I am so tired all the time I cant think but still dont think I ever go into a deep sleep. Magnesium has helped but still never wake refreshed. Enough of all this and going to move onto something pleasant and escape
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    Hi Klutzo or anyone with the knowledge,

    I want to use this as a substitute for Klonopin and the other drugs, Dr. Cheney suggested..just wondered if you need the L-Theanine, too, as I have seen it sold with that component?!

    It sounds great!! I, also, would like to know the brand that Klutzo takes...I think that Prohealth has it, too..

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    Betsy - please edit out your e-mail address before you get hit with a ton of junk mail from salespeople! They cruise these sites looking for victims. If you want to send your e-mailto someone here, it's best to e-mail a Moderator, and tell her it's OK to give your e-mail to that person, and then nobody will see it but you and the person it's intended for. :)

    I think ProHealth has a good brand of GABA, but I have always taken the Source Naturals brand, so I just continue to do so.
    BTW, we can mention names of products, just not the URL of any website.

    GABA stands for Gamma AminoButyric Acid. Do a websearch to learn more about it.
    My biggest problem from Fibro is being on hyper alert all the time, so GABA just helps me be a bit more normal. I am taking the maximum dose. You may need much less, depending upon your symptoms. The starting dose is usually 500 mgs. at bedtime. If you don't need it during the day, that's great. Do not take it with drugs like Neurontin, or it may be too much. I did not take it during the day until after menopause, when I became so cranky and bitchy!

    I do not know about L-theanine, but I get good results without it, and am leery of taking single amino acids long term, since that can cause imbalances of the other aminos. Even though GABA has the word "amino" in it's name, it is not an amino acid, but a neurohormone, and it is one that Fibro folks have been proven to be deficient in. It may not be a good idea for CFS people, as I have not seen any research on it.

    I'm glad it has already helped someone! I always try the natural form of something before resorting to the drug.
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