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    It seems like many of us would benefit from increased GABA (better sleep to name one) but I'm a little confused.

    Gaba is a neurotransmitter like seretonin , yet there is product out there called GABA. Last I checked, GABA couldn't or was very difficult getting across the blood brain barrier , same with seretonin or dopamine.

    Need to take the precursors (trypophan) to get increased seretonin in the brain. So wouldnt you need to take the pre cursor to GABA to get more GABA in the brain? Looks like L-glutamine is the precursor but also read glutamine is an excitatory checmical, the opposite of GABA which is an inhibitory chemical which relaxes us. So if take too much L-glutamine then that could be a problem?

    man, this is crazy, if anyone has any thoughts or can clarify anything or correct me, would appreciate.

    I did read L-glutamine hs many other positive effects on the immune system (modulator) and plays a big role in the large intesine and we all know a good chunk of immunity lies in the GUT.

    Also for Swedyboy, I read that L-glutamine helps maintain secretory IgA, which functions primarily by preventing the attachment of bacteria to mucosal cells. If I recall your immunoscience lab results said your secretory IgA was high.

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    Hi Roge, thanks for the info on L-glutamine. How can I increase my L-glutamine, supplement and or foods?

    I thought L-theanine was the precursor for GABA. Pro Health has a product that has GABA and L-theanine in it. I think it is called Calm-Plex.
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    yo dood,

    Ya L-theanine ( a non protein amino acid) supposeldy increases GABA and dopamine as well, believe more so Gaba though.

    Ya you can get L- Glut with food (protein) but won't be enough so can supplement it - good for the mucosal lining of the intestines and so good for leaky gut syndrome as well.

    It is the most abundant amino acid in whey protein so either take that (if not already) or can take just L-glutamine or both. L-glutamine is a non essential amino (although in times of stress or infection) it acts like an essential, but as it is non essential mainly , then don't have to worry as much about creating a possible imbalance of other aminos as say if you were taking just an essential amino like say tryptophan. I would suggest one take a good full spectrum amino supplement in addition to any individual "essential" amino acid one is taking.

    I really don't know if L-Glutmine increases GABA and why I sent this post out. Even the actual product GABA , don't know how useful it really is?? I think I have more confidence in L-Theanine increasing GABA in the brain than taking Gaba on its own. Need some studies but of course as these are supplements no incentive to do as no money to be made, rrrrr....there should be a non profit organization funded by taxpayers that does studies for supplements as I'm sure taxpayers wouldn't mind knowing that an independent organization would be doing studies that would benefit most citiznes as most people take supplements.

  4. swedeboy

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    Cool theory on supplement Research!
    Thanks for the info aswell!
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    when I take Theanine + GABA, it relaxes me and relieves my anxiety. Without drowsiness.

    If you and others have the same results, then perhaps our anxiety ought to be relabeled as GABA deficiency.

    I've also taken Theanine alone and had simuliar results.

    Great point about sleeping. I remember from Psychology that the sleep comes in 90 minutes cycles. There are 4 stages: Alpha, Beta, Gamma & Delta. ABCD in Greek. Delta is Rapid Eye Movement or Dream sleep. Many drugs including alcohol and caffiene interfere with these cycles. I know I only go to Alpha sleep a lot with CFS since I'm a light sleeper and 9 hours isn't refreshing.

    I wonder if taking GABA + Theanine is fixing this, since I'm a presently sleeping better. I'm also chelating out toxic metals, so the AllWXRider doesn't qualify as a subject.

    Regarding the gut, fiber, prebiotics (polyphenols), probiotics (healthy bacteria) and FOS (a food that healthy bacteria likes) all help build up the gut and bacteria compete for space with yeast. Also, yeast compete for space with bacteria, the key here is homeostasis (balance).

    I'm now drinking chickory + coffee @ 1 cup per day. It has less caffiene and chickory is a source of FOS.

    I'm trying to add in healthy bacteria naturally as sour cream, sauerkraut, yogurt, buttermilk, but I take probiotic capsules too.

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