Gabapentin causing GI side effects?

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    Hi - Has anyone here had any GI problems with Gabapentin? I slowly increased my dose to 1500mg, and it greatly helped some neuropathic symptoms I had. However, over the same time period, I noticed that I was getting bouts of diarrhea, which I assumed was due to my IBS & Celiac problems. However, my GI problems have not been helped yet by any dietary changes that I've been making. So tonight I finally started to wonder if my problem is actually due to the gabapentin, either as a direct effect from it, or from it's fillers. I just noticed that the pills form has lactose in it, which I know is a problem for me. I'm going to try and see if taking lactaid over the weekend, will help offset the problem. If so, I will ask to switch to the lactose free tablet form. However, I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has had a similar side effect from this drug, as it is listed as a possible side effect. Thanks. - Mark
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    Mark, I have no experience with this drug....but I do use extra Inositol and some days Gaba to calm nerve pain....

    I just posted about collagen and the fibro connection.. I'm noticing much less nerve pain since on the collagen now into my 2nd month.....I'm guessing you deal mostly with Fibro...jam
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    I was on Gabapentin 2 different times . Yes, both times I had GI problems but worse , I was hospitalized the second time due to this medication. It works for some pain relief but is very hard on GI.