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  1. jayneebell

    jayneebell New Member

    Is there anyone out there who can tell me if Gabapentin has worked for their Fibromyalgia, My husband ihas been on 900mg for a year and the pain has not improved please help us with where to turn for information that we can understand or Ideas as to what has worked for you
  2. Musica

    Musica New Member

    I'm bumping this to the top for responses. Gabapentin is supposed to help fibro because it works on nerve pain. 900mg isn't a large dose, though; at one time, although not for fibro, I was on 1800mg and I don't think that was an extreme dose by any measure. Perhaps he could suggest a higher dose if 900 isn't working. There are other meds that are used and it is a matter of trying one at a time or in combo and seeing what works.

    I hope your husband has a good fibro doctor.
  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    so i can't say it worked at all...

    but contact dr. why take something if it doesn't help...

  4. jakeg

    jakeg New Member

    I would talk to the doc about this. If I were taking something for that long with no results I would be telling the doc that it is not working and that we need to look for something else. As was stated already why take something if it id not working for you, move on to the next thing.

    I sure there are many of us here that have shopping bags full of meds that either weren;t working or had some inverse reaction to them. So far every thing that has worked for me I have had some type of reaction to that made it useless for me(rashes,dizzyness,ect). My doc is running out of things to try. The only thing that seems to help are the pain meds wich are starting not to be effective anymore either.

    I try not to take the pain meds when I don't need them so I don't build up a tolerance to them making them ineffective but you do what you gotta do for some type of releif.

    Is gabapentin the same as neurontin? The neurontin was working wanders for me but I ended up being alergic to it and the doc started looking into lyrica to try but after investigating its chemical composition said the I would end up with the same results that I had with the neurontin.

  5. mistress-o-pain

    mistress-o-pain New Member

    gabapentin is generic of neurontin. I also have RSD and it did help some but the side effects really screwed up my vision. I had invulontary eye movement so bad. I would let his doc know to see if they can increase the doseage.
  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    As well as Klonopin, is often prescribed for nerve pain as it is supposed to interrupt the pain signals in the brain. I think it may well help with pain but I can't see it as the main drug of choice for pain. He should talk to his doc. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  7. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    I was on Gabapentin for a while. As for me: it did absolutely nothing. I did not even feel comfortable with it. I was edgy.
    I do not know if you see it where you live, but we have commercials for a class action suit against the makers of Neurontin. They say if you tried to commit suicide while on it or know of someone who did: call them. That was news to me and I am glad I am off of it.
    I stick with Vicodin or Percocet.

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