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  1. shelly11

    shelly11 New Member

    Has anyone taken gabapentin for fm? My dr. put me on it and i've only taken it for 2 days and i'm extremely painful in my back. I'm supposed to double the dose in a week. will this side effect go away?

    HURTIN New Member

    Hi Shelly

    Gabapentin is the generic for Neurontin. You'll possibly start to feel better in about 2 weeks although that time frame isn't etched in stone. Your doctor started you off on a smaller dose so as not to shock your system. After a week, you should know whether or not your system is able to tolerate the drug. You probably won't notice any significant improvement until you "up" the dosage. If after a couple of weeks, you don't feel better, please don't hesitate to call your doctor.

    Gabapentin is supposed to "relieve" pain, not "cause " pain. If you think the Gabapentin is the cause for your pain, again, please call your doctor. Hugz! Feel better.

  3. layla1954

    layla1954 New Member

    Hi Shelly,

    Gabapentin/neurontin seems to be one of those meds that really agrees with some people and really disagrees with others. My mom and I both take it with very good results and no side effects, but I know of others with FM who didn't do well on it at all. I kind of doubt the painful back is due to the gabapentin and is probably coincidental but you should check with your Dr. to make sure, esp. if it continues. I think the usual side effects, if any, are drowsiness and dizziness. I still have pain but not as bad as before, and if I try to cut back on th dose I can really tell a difference.

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