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    Hi Everybody,
    I am fairly new to reading this board, Not new to Fibromyalgia, I was dx'd about 8 years ago and was on Zoloft 5omg and Flexeril 10mg at night, I had been feeling just okay, not great but hanging in there. I recently saw a rheumatologist after not seeing one for 5 years. The Rheumatologist prescribed gabitril 2 mg at night. Does anyone have any opinions on this and what it does and how it works. Also on Lexapro.

    Thanks alot!
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    I was prescribed Gabatril about 6 weeks ago. I started at 2mg in the morning and 4mg at night and I'm now on 4mg in the morning and 8mg at night. When I researched the medication I was surprised to find it listed as an anti-seizure medication. However, I have been assured that it's not uncommon for it to be prescribed for Fibromyalgia. If you do a search on "Gabatril" you can view old posts about it too.

    Does it work? Well, to be honest, I'm not sleeping well. I used to be on Elavil (Gabatril replaced it) and I slept much better on Elavil. These days, it takes me 1-3 hours to fall asleep. I usually sleep about 90 mins then I'm in a funky asleep/awake state where I'm looking at the clock every 5 mins or so until morning. My Fibro pain (especially neck and thoracic region--between shoulder blades) has been quite bad the last few months.

    I'm not saying Gabatril doesn't help at all, but it certainly isn't doing for me what one single Elavil did in the past... and I am a little disappointed. My psychiatrist says to give it a few more months. I don't know if I can go that long without sleep, to be honest.

    And only 2mg for you at bedtime? Doesn't seem like much of the medication. I'm curious to see if you feel anything at all. Keep us posted!
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    Hi, I take Gabitril also. Have been on the 2 mg. for quite a while. Altogether for the FM and for Peripheral neuropathy I take Effexor, Trileptal, Topamax, Gabitril, Zanaflex. A few hours before bed I take Doxepin and at bedtime Ambien -- otherwise I'd never get to sleep. The way the neurologist prescribing the Gabitril described it to me was that it should help the brain to un-learn the chronic pain wind-up phenomenon. Evidently research shows that part of chronic pain management is not just managing the pain, but also in helping our brains and neural systems learn how *not* to over-react -- that in people with FM and any chronic pain problems their neural systems over-react to stimuli. I'm not describing it very well -- there's an article about it in one of the journals on FM that I get if you're interested. Anyway, the anti-seizure meds help in calming this stuff down supposedly. All I know is the combination of meds I'm on is helping a lot -- my everyday pain level is much less than before I started. I still have flares and injuries and stress which cause pain levels to go up -- but when all else is going OK, I'm much better than I was when first diagnosed.


    Afterwards realized I STARTED on the 2mg at night -- have been on 4 mg at night for the last 8 months or so. I do have the kind of spacey, half-awake, half-asleep reaction someone else here mentioned -- but since I'm not relying on the Gabitril for getting me to sleep this side effect doesn't bother me too much.[This Message was Edited on 09/01/2003]