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  1. monicaz49

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    do emotional issues sometimes become part of CFS? Im not talking about your're depressed or anxious or irritable BECAUSE you are sick...thats understandable. Im talking about it being a daily part of your life and something that you cant control and that seems to be part of your cfs.

    Mine all started one i GOT sick. I never had irritability w/ pms till i got sick. I become irritable off and on. I have general anxiety disorder on top of it and not sure if thats a seperate issue or part of this.

    I also have a slightly disoriented feeling all day. Thats the weird and scary one.
  2. monicaz49

    monicaz49 New Member

    thank you so much. I have so many issues it just suprises me to think they can all be from CFS.
    Thanks for your input.
    Take care

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