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    Hello all!
    I just need to know if anyone here had an MRI and MRA and you were injected Gadolinium. Please tell me your experiences with this.
    Thank you
  2. Namow, yes, from 2002-january 2006, I have had probably 20 MRI's, (one MRA), & CT scans, also, (though,with CT's, it's usually the iodine type dye..)

    I had 8 brain MRI's in one year alone, (2004), and also a Lumbar one that year.... my neuro doesn't even order them with the gadolinium contrast anymore, but, for the first couple of years (due to MS lesions) he ordered all mri's to be "with and without" contrast, so, they took about 15-20 mins worth of scans without, then pull ya out of the MRI machine, inject the contrast, then put you back in for another 5-10 minutes. They normally (brain) take 25-30 minutes, 45 minutes at most..

    What can I help you with about these? You won't feel the contrast or anything, if anything, it may feel a little cold, going in... but, (I don't know if youve ever had the 'other' contrast- that you feel run through your body), but, with the gad. contrast, you won't feel anything except the needle, basically.

  3. namow

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    if you had any problems because I read online that the GADOLINIUM could cause some kidney problems and I am very scared of that.
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    any problems.

    My cousin had an MRI with gadolinium and got Scleroderma, or a Scleroderma like disease. She swears that the gadolinium caused it. We share a rheumatologist and he told me that she's probably right.

    From my understanding the gadolinium doesn’t cause kidney problems, but if you have kidney disease, or kidney problems then the kidneys don't clear the gadolinium and can cause a skin tightening disease. or other problems.

    I saw a law firm advertisement on CNN advertising if you've been diagnosed with a skin tightening disease after a gadolinium injection to call them.

    I just had a CT scan and the doctor ordered it with and without contrast. I refused the gadolinium. My rheumatologist told me not to have the gadolinium.

    I wouldn't have the gadolinium unless it's absolutely necessary. If you absolutely have to have it then I would be extra hydrated and drink as much water as possible afterwards.

    Best wishes!

  5. law firm commercial, about gadolinium causing some specific kidney disease... I don't know what to tell you there, except that people with MS, and other diseases of the brain have many many many MRI's throughout their lifetimes, and have gad. contrast only god KNOWS how many times over the course of their lifetime;

    None of my friends from MS chat site(s) have ever had problems... but, maybe that's why my neuro has not ordered contrast on my MRI's for several years now, I don't know...

  6. namow

    namow New Member

    what to do in this situation and I am really anxious about it.
    Thank you for your responses that was very nice. I think it is hard to tell how things are going to be since everyone is different.
    Wish me luck on Monday when I will have the MRI and MRA

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