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  1. momof4kids68

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    I spoke with my attorney today about my upcoming hearing and he was talking about this GAF score. I've never heard of this. Evidently, it's a functioning rating that doctors use when you have your visit with them to determine the status of YOU at that particular time.

    Does anyone know what their's is? And if you won or lost your disability case, did it effect it?



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    I just won my case today at a hearing and yes my GAF scores were very important and played a very big part of my winning I believe...........SueF
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    I don't know what GAF is but I learned today that the SSN has a special thing for people who have to use a wheelchair or walker. The man was talking about CFS disability and he seemed to be encouraging people who were seeking disability to use one.

    For what it's worth,

  4. momof4kids68

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    Congratulations on winning your case!!!

    Do you know what your scores were? The state physical doctor that I saw 2 years ago rated mine at 48. I don't know what my own doctors have rated because I had never heard of this before.

    Thanks for the replies to both of you!


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    In my former life as a mental health therapist, I was required to give a GAF score to assess my clients' ability to function. It was a measure of how their pyschological issues were impacting their day to day lives. For sssd purposes, it's my understanding, that if you are seeing a mental health professional, it's important for them to give you a fairly low GAF score to reflect that your ability function is impaired.
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    Thanks for the info! I just found out on Tuesday that my hearing date is May 8th. My lawyer is doing all the final prep for court and he spoke about this today. I didn't realize that it was something that should be in my files. I have records going back 10 years and not a single piece of paper has anything about a GAF score. So I hope that this one will do unless he manages to get one while pulling my most recent doctor files.

    Oh and Congratulations on winning your case also. I saw that you had one that same day as momof471. I think it's wonderful that there has been some good news. I know everyone enjoys reading something that makes you smile!


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    As Romaloaw says, the GAF is used in mental health. I do not know of it being used elsewhere.

    You may want to clarify with your attorney who he thinks may have/should have given you a GAF score. And if general doctors are using it, I'd like to know!

    And yes, to win, it should be low.
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    Hmmm. I've never heard of this. My psychologist and psychiatrist had to fill out mental functional capacity forms. My Rheumy sent a very detailed letter.

    Nothing in my records about that kind of rating either. I wonder if it varies state to state maybe?

    God Bless
  9. momof4kids68

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    I've been diagnosed with major depression and ptsd. According to my attorney, both medical & mental health providers are able to use the GAF. I just read through the records I have from my psychiatrist and there is a rating in the files. The one that my attorney has is from the medical doctor that the social security sent me to when I first applied.

    I didn't realize how much bearing it has on a case until yesterday. I googled GAF scores and there is quite a bit of information on it. There is also some questions about it's use since the score is given on how you present at that particular time and it is not an indication of how you may feel or appear on a regular basis.

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    That is true. But most professionals - esp. ones you have an ongoing relationship with - will try to give an assessment of your AVERAGE current functioning. I know most try to not lean toward your best day, but also not your worst since you do function better than "worst" most of the time. Where I worked, we needed to give one each year, at least.

    I used to provide these to the Human Services for short-term cash assistance, based on inability to work.