Gallbladder gone and home from hospital

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lillyrose33, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. lillyrose33

    lillyrose33 New Member

    Well, I made it and I am sure glad it is over. They removed the gallbladder and they found no stones and the doctor said my gallbladder wasn't working at all. I am sore today and really tired but my stomach feels better and the bloated feeling is gone and the pain in my shoulder blade. Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts.
    Take care everyone.

  2. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    Glad all went well and your home.:) That is one less pain you have to deal with.:)
    Get some rest. Take care.
  3. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    This is your time to baby your self and don't do anything but rest. YOu just had major surgery and it will take time to heal and for your body to get better and get back to the point where you were before you had the surgery.

    I know this because I too have had my gall bladder out and I over did it. I had mine out last Aug. and I still have days where I swear that I still have the darn thing still in me. Yesterday was one of them, I was craving a nice pizza but I kept having a pressure type of pain in my right side.

    And because I don't have a appendix, gallbladder, any female parts that could cause me pain. I am guessing that is was a phesudo-gall bladder attack. It was not so pain full but I didn't ever eat the pizza that I had wanted so much, INstead I had some yougart and some crackers and I felt better.

    I had my gall bladder out the week after my oldest daughter was married. And I was so miserable at her wedding that I felt so bad for her on a day when she needs a mother around and hers in not there helping get her dressed and making sure that everything is perfect for her. IT was as she had her sister to help her but I felt like I had let her down. But I could not have done that much any way as I have fibro and chronic pain syndormes and I could not walk alot. But the day was beautiful and so was she.

    But I had to take time after the surgery for me and not do a thing including washing dishes, loading my dishwasher, vaccuming, doing laundry, I was so spend my days in bed watching TV and reading and resting as you know by now that having surgery makes you really tired all the time. So be selfish and rest all that you can , do somegeentle streach out your body, just do some mild things like wiggling your feet, and moving your legs and dangling them from the bed and be sure that you have some one to help you go to the rest foon for the first few weeks.

    Take your time in getting back to normal and wait to do much of anything hard to do. Keep your mind busy and let your body rest.Your doctor will tell you when you can lift and do anything more than getting to the bathroom. TAke good care of you self. and rest , rest rest,

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Gentle HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  4. Txslady

    Txslady New Member

    I had the same thing last January 2005. Gallbladder went bad, no stones just stopped working. I did feel better as far as the belly pain however this caused my first experience with Fibro. I still have days where I think I have my gallbladder. I also have a lot of colon problems, been diagnosed with IBS. My world came crashing in because of my gallbladder.

    My prayers are with you.

  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Take it easy and good luck with your recovery.

    Love ANNEc
  6. futurehope

    futurehope New Member

    So glad that you are thru the surgery.

    Just make sure that you rest a lot of take good care of yourself.

    Now you have one less worry and one less pain.

    Love and prayers,
  7. ColdinMN

    ColdinMN New Member

    I had my gall bladder removed in 1994 after my first child was born (apparently gall stones are common in pregnant women who eat like pigs and crave potato chips) Anyway, after a few months I became really ill. I couldn't eat anything that was fatty. Fast food, spicy food, anything with a cream sauce... well just about all my fav. foods. I lost a lot of weight because everytime I ate I would become Ill and lose everything (one way or the other). It was very embarrasing since it was usually when we went out to eat with friends and they all got to witness my cramps, sweats and the running to the bathroom. Apparenty the gall bladder is IMPORTANT since it helps process the fat from food. I had to totally create a new diet cutting out fat.

    Some people are lucky and do not have this problem but here is a tip: I was watching this show on PBS about this town in France where all the people drank red wine and had excellent health and digestion. Anyway - I tried it out. We went out to eat and I had a glass of red wine before dinner come (I ordered my fav. Filet Oscar). I did not get sick! Ever since when I know I am going to eat food that will make me sick - I have a glass of red wine just before eating. It has never failed me.
  8. lillyrose33

    lillyrose33 New Member

    Thanks to all. I am feeling better now not so much pain. I will try the red wine before something fatty to see if it works. I am on low fat right now I also have IBS and Gerd so it is helping and I need to loose weight anyway so just as well get used to eating better. I am trying to rest as much as possible but I have an 82 year old Dad to take care of and right now he is in a home to recuperate from radiation treatments and will be coming home soon so got to get my strenght back. My husband is helping as much as he can and he has been great. The fibro has been acting up some since I came home but handling it.
    Well, just wanted to thank everyone for their kind thoughts again. I hope all of you are doing well. May God bless each and everyone one of you.

    Thanks again

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