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  1. cred

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    I am scared!
    I have been down and out with stomach pains. Now I know it is gallbladder, and it must come out. This is my first surgery ever! and I am worried. Any helps for dealing with pain after and now! How will fibro react to surgery?
  2. lillyrose33

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    I am scared also but everyone says it will be fine and I will feel so much better. Just want it over with. Have no idea how the fibro will react to the surgery and as far a pain goes take the pain pills that they will give you and do excatly what they say...if they say rest it means rest. They said I will be in surgery about an hour and then recovery then as soon as I can pee, eat and get around I can go home. I go thursday. Wishing you all the best and I am sure we will both be just fine.
    Take care.

  3. kellyann

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    I had gallstones so I had mine taken out. It wasn't too bad at all. And I haven't had really bad bowel problems since. It has really helped. I still can't eat at some fast food places or real high fat foods, but it has been a great improvement. I think you will be relieved to be rid of yours! The pain afterward is not real bad, you'll be sore for about a week or so, but not unbearable.
    Take Care and Good Luck!