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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by fibrobutterfly, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. I finally get my nails to grow, now one is cracked on the side, isn't there something you can use rather than cutting it short? Can you tell I never had long nails! LOL!
  2. fibromickster

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    i am a nervous nelly and have never had long nails, unless I got them done. LOL, I am a nail biter with little stubs. Oh well, much easier to type that way, LOL
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    In the past, I have bought nail glue, from Walgreen's, Walmart, etc. It is in with the nail care area. Don't use if you cannot tolerate the smell,etc. It did help me!

    Another item, you might have around the home is Super Glue. I use to put some on a toothpick and apply to the cracked area. It did work, also!

    Good Luck!

  4. monica33flowers

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    I also use Super Glue when a nail breaks really low. Those sure do hurt! For some reason my nails have been growing really strong.
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    Cut a small piece of a tea bag, the paper the tea is in. Trim the paper to match the crack or break you have.

    Put some super glue or nail glue on the broken spot on your nail and quickly put the paper on it. When it dries file it smooth and polish as usual.

    You can put a second coat of paper if the break is pretty far across the nail. Then more glue, file again.

    I have never done this because I have regular nail silk strips I use. But I've often thought I'd do this if I was somewhere where I couldn't get to my fix kit.

    I have really hard nails. When I do get a break it seems to be low below the quick and I patch it, letting it grow out and then trim when its safe.

    My nails grow fast also and I'm always filing them down so they don't get too long. I get less breaks that way. I do have more trouble with them in the cold months.


  6. thanks! I can only guess its the vit D I am taking as my nails NEVER grew. So I am trying to keep them nice. Sitting and doing my nails with fibro is something I CAN DO!