Game 111: WHAT In The World?!?! (Sep 18)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Soul*, Sep 18, 2013.

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    Well, Land Oh Goshen! Is this not yet solved? Allow me to shed light where there is darkedness.

    These ages old rice paddies date back to the time of the Etruscans, and were an important part of its Bronze Age culture. They served multiple purposes depending on the day of the week (they had nine days in their week) and the phases of the moon. (The ancient records are not quite clear on how many moons they had.)

    The pools were used for various ceremonies dealing with:
    the washing of clothes; the washing of people;

    and the rituals of marriage; harvest; lost causes; new puppy season;
    the time of braiding the hair;
    the day of long leaps by muscular men;
    the death of kings and fortune tellers;
    the stomping of grapes and watermelons;
    the brewing of beer made from squash and artichokes.

    People wore new loin cloths and braided umbrellas from rhubarb leaves.
    The ball not having been invented yet, they tossed small boulders back
    and forth and engaged in skipping rope competitions. The winner was Queen for
    a day and the loser was Queen for two days.

    Even though the Etruscan culture is now gone, we are reminded of it every time
    we see its anagram: Ecru ants.

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    And here is the proof that Rock is right :p
    If you don't believe him though you may want to go back to page one for the clues that lead to the solution :D
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    I see people are still watching. If anyone still wants to play make sure to read post #19 and #20. If you'd rather get the answer presented on a silver platter that's fine to, feel free to let me know, you all worked hard already ;)
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    Soul! How did you ever find that picture? It is the only known photo of the ancient
    Etruscan Mac- in-gnaw Festival. Note the rain hats constructed from the leaves
    of the cabbage squash. And the hand made baskets constructed from pressed
    corn husks. An early form of plastic which scientists perfected 2 millennia later.

    BTW, if you had trouble spelling "millennium" 13 years ago, your problem is now
    solved with this handy mnemonic device from America's greatest humorist:

    Two N's and two L's,
    Then you've spelled it very well,
    One L or one N,
    You're a big, fat, stupid hen.

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  5. Soul*

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    Well ya know Rock we see its anagram: True Scan ;)

    By the way a few anagrams of the answer we are looking for are:
    a pods kettle
    desktop tale
    adopt elk set
    alp desk tote
    adept to elks
    kelp toasted
    slotted peak
  6. Soul*

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    People keep watching but noone has claimed the grand price yet so I'll increase the clues a little more :p

    It's a lake a ....... lake. And that itself is the name. So from the anagrams up here if you take this one for example: slotted peak
    and take out the lake part what remains is: slotted peak so what oh what could be the name of this lake... o_O
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    Hi Soul! Back again. I did overdo yesterday, but know to correct that when I do it.

    I love your googling tips. You do think outside the box - I never would have thought of putting 'strange' in the search.

    Yes, I learned that to look for many pics is a good way to go. But I spent tons of time looking for' sites with the highest concentration of minerals', and that pic didn't come up.

    Will go back to the new clues.

    Rock - you're as funny as a new Groucho Marx routine!

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    Spotted Lake in Canada. Whewwww
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    windblade Active Member

    Saline Alkali is the mineral and going to look up the info now.

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  10. Soul*

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    WOOOHOOOO Judy YAY, so glad you claimed the grand prize, I was almost going to award it to Guest (177 views) who must have watched this thread in amazement that noone found it yet LOL.

    Judy in thinking out of the box it probably helps that english isn't my first language. I just describe what I see in simple words and that usually gets me there :D I learn so much from being around you all and playing these games.

    And the grand prize is........

    You get to post a new game :p YAY
    (only if you feel like it ofcourse ;) ).
  11. windblade

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    Kliluk is the name the Okanagan Indians gave the lake.

    Yup - I found the first pic of the green ovals.

    Going back to read Soul's googling tips. Soul, do you know how I can keep the Game post on my computer to be able to go back and forth from googling to the game post? I just had to look up favorites, then PH, then, forums. Chat, etc.

    While my husbands laptop keeps the Game 111 on top of computer to click on to switch back and fort.

  12. Soul*

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    Judy that is weird. When I google on sites with the highest concentration of minerals the top right first row picture I get is this one:

    and on the 7th row this one:
    Good to know you don't get these... Maybe has to do with our different locations or because I started my first google search with the actual name... hmmm interesting....
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    Soul - about posting new games - to be realistic, I'm probably weeks if not months from learning. I need to learn slowly, and my computer has some glitches, like not being able to post links! A Windows 7 problem.

    But slowly, I hope to try and see if I can do it.

    Bedankt for doing this game, Mevrouw Soul:)!!!

  14. Soul*

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    Graag gedaan mevrouw Judy, and no pressure on posting games. Anyone is welcome to do so, the more interesting topics we get but noone should feel pressured to do so for sure ;)

    Thank you everyone for playing and thank you Guest for being so patient :D It was quite a challenge to get the right clues to you all so you could actually find it and thanks Diane for the great topic. That lake sure is special and well worth knowing about and beautiful to see!
  15. windblade

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    Soul - first I started with 'green oval pools of water' from the very first pic. Since I saw the people's reflection in the oval shape, I assumed it was water. I tried 'salt water' places thinking the grayish part might be salt in first pic. I tried 'unusual lanscapes' - too broad a category.

    Should have asked for another clue sooner. But I had just been going to ask you for some googling tips, because you find things remarkably fast!

  16. windblade

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    I used a Norton searchbar, since my google one is in Favorites. Takes more time to get to, and then I have to do that each time. Do you know - is there anyway I can keep Google permanently on my screen. Don't worry or spend time if you don't have a ready answer.

    It's so hard to believe that English is your second language!

    Dag, Judy
  17. windblade

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    Just tried on Google, and no pics came up at all. And no specific sites on minerals. There was the dead sea, watermelons, alkaline, but no place with pics from all around the world.

    I wonder why that is. I add photos too to my search words as much as I can.

  18. Soul*

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    By the way judy I am on windows 7 too. If anyone wants help on anything or needs more detailed instructions that is on PC I'll gladly help where I can if I'm up to it. Never hesitate to ask chances are likely you are not the only one with a particular glitch or question.
  19. Soul*

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    Judy looking for images is actually a different section on Google. It isn't on the same page where the word links come up. I'll see if I can make a screenshot to show you:
    GoogleImagesearch.jpg See the red word Images?
    Normally when you do a word search the word Web will be in red but if you click the word Images you will get ONLY images and no words at all. Then if you find a similar image and click it it will take you to the page with more information.

    Hope this is clear. I know how hard it can be to find our way around when we are new at things. I still remember being new at it all and how confusing it was.
  20. Soul*

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    On what kind of browser are you Judy, I might be able to find out then how to change it to google. I don't know if norton has a build in image search on their search page, I'm not familiar with it.