Ganglion Cyst and Lyme disease

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    Diagnosed 2010 with Chronic Lyme. Recalled feeling sick one year prior. Low white and red cells x 2 years now. Shortly after I was bit in 2009, a cyst grew on my leg. One doctor said it's nothing, but it ached even when sitting. Went to my Ortho Dr., he drained it, still bothered me though. It was removed five days ago. He found it unusual to have this cyst (bigger than a golf ball) growing in my calf muscle. Lyme related? Who really knows. Not allowed to walk x ten days. Lyme is complex and much needs to be learned about it.
    Merry Christmas everyone.
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    I hope your leg heals ok.

    I also have chronic lyme. There is a lyme board here too, it's just not real active.

    The cyst could be lyme related or even from another common coinfection like Bartonella.

    Is the Dr going to do some testing on the cyst to find out if it contains lyme spirochetes?

    Merry Christmas to you also!
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    No testing was suggested and quite frankly, at this point I am done with driving myself crazy wondering. I do, however, think personally it's related as you think also. Dr. told me he didn't think it was related, I wonder!

    Thanks for writing me. Dr. says I can start walking, started yesterday. Boy, it's hard and painful, afterall he cut the muscle so recovery is going to take some time.

    Have a good day Nanie.
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    Try a parasite cleanse. I had a cyst in my arm and did a cleanse. The cyst shrunk. Lyme disease is from a parasite. I passed several roundworms which causes Rheumatoid Arthritis according to my research and my symptoms are lessening everyday. Be Well!!!!
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    Lyme Disease (Borrelia Burgdorferi) is caused by a bacteria.

    Ticks carry many diseases though, so people with Lyme can have parasitic infections also.

    Babesia is one of them. Babesia infects the red blood cells.

    There are many kinds of parasites. Helminths (worms) are one kind of parasite that people can be infected with.

    I'm glad you are feeling better everyday.