GAP!!!!! I just wanted........

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    to know if you finally got fitted for the CPAP machine, and if you did, how it was working out for you. (Didn't mean to *startle* you with my yelling your name in the subject line--just hoping you would see it :-> )

  2. gapsych

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    Not a problem, it woke me up, LOL!!

    I have been on the CPAP for about a week and a half. I only have had minor problems. I was able to go all night after about three days which is pretty quick as it can sometimes take up to four weeks or more. I found I had to turn the humidifier off as moisture would sometimes collect below the mask and I would snort it into my nose. Not enough to make you choke, just bothersome.

    The last two nights my nose was stuffy and I must have been breathing through my mouth swallowing air and woke up with feeling more nauseous than I usually do. But the air and nausea pass. Literally!! So tonight I am going to put the humidifier on the very lowest setting and use some Ocean drops which are basically salt to clear up any congestion. If I am still breathing through my mouth, I can get a chin strap.

    I have maybe seen a very gradual improvement in energy and pain but I am not even up to the correct pressure and our DD is cyclic.

    I have said this before. The night I had the original sleep test where they discovered the sleep apnea, I felt I had had a good nights sleep. Boy was I wrong!!

    The machines have improved immensely. Mine does not make any noise, has the built in humidifier and battery backup. The mask is basically two cushions with holes that you place on your nose with a strap. When you ramp up the machine the pressure creates a vacuum. The older machines had the full or nose mask and this can make you feel claustrophobic. But for some people, these work better.

    Best of all, I have had great follow up by the medical supply company and my sleep doctor. His nurse has called twice the last week and a half to see how things are going. I am also going to a support group through my hospital on Tuesday. Not sure if it will be something I will go to every month but I like to know as much as possible what I am dealing with. The doctor also recommended a web forum.

    I had a one on one with the pulmonary nurse when I got the machine and while it was two hours, very helpful hands on information, such as practicing getting the mask on correctly, the maintenance of the machine, etc.

    I think the above have been very helpful getting used to all this. I can't imagine being handed the machine with the booklet without any followup.

    I will gladly keep people updated if wanted, but I may need a reminder!!

    Is this something you think you might have? Let me tell you I would have bet money that it was just the fact I have RLS, FM pain during the night and don't go into restorative sleep. You don't remember the awakenings from the apnea and that is scary.

    Love the kitty.

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    My DH uses a c-pap and it's been very helpful. He has cushing's syndrome and gained a lot of weight. It was then that our cardiologist ordered the sleep study. Wow! He had very severe obstructive sleep apnea. And his snoring was obstructing MY sleep! He has had to get the setting adjusted a couple of times, but otherwise it has worked real well.

    I wish you continued success, and a good night's sleep with yours.

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    If you have a situation where the ambient air is cooler, and you're getting condensation from that, you can get a hose 'sock' that insulates the hose a bit and helps to cut down on it.

    My husband has this problem especially in the winter. We're in the south, and even when it gets (what people term here) 'cold', we don't use heat.

    Both my husband and I have humidifiers on our CPAPs, and both of us like the humidification, but some can do without.

    You can try cpapman or someplace like that for CPAP accessories.

    I'm glad you got hands-on help to start up. When my husband first got his, he got no tutoring, and no booklet. They didn't want people back then to be able to re-set their machines without supervision.

    Hope the CPAP is a positive treatment for you.
  5. paulac7

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    Glad to hear that it seems to be working well for you!

    Just making sure that it didn't attack you......

    Interesting that the humidifier irritates you--the hubby has the opposite problem--if he forgets to fill the tank, he wakes up with terrible dry mouth. His is fairly quiet, and also does the 'ramp up' thing with the pressure when he switches it on--just no battery backup--so he has to watch out for those sneaky CPAP attacks!! He does have the full-face mask, though, as his sleep apnea is pretty bad.

    The people that he got his from also were very helpful and thorough when they brought to him, and showed him (us) more information than we EVER needed or wanted to know about the darn thing, but then knowledge is power. *chuckle*

    Did they go over the cleaning procedures with you--like rinse everything in white vinegar when finished washing it to remove all the soap residue and such? Because if you don't wash the tank, even with using the distilled water, you would be surprised how much 'stuff' will grow in there.(yucky) I kind of caught a break there, as for now I am working back in foodservice and I just run the mask and tank thru the dishmachine--it's only a 3.5 minute cycle as opposed to the longer cycles for home machines--guess that's why they don't recommend cleaning it that way--and so far have had no problems. I also hook the hoses up to the sanitizer dispenser and flush for about a minute, and then rinse with water for a minute. I know--too much info--but once I start typing........................

    Pretty sure I don't have sleep apnea, as I usually get a good nights sleep, but then again, I *never* was a morning person.

    Glad you liked the >^.^< --it is kind of my signature when firing off e-mails at work--lets people know that it actually was me and not an imposter, though who would WANT to impersonate me, I have no clue..........;->>

    Have a good weekend!


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    Juloo, Thanks I have not heard of that. Sounds helpful.

    Paulac. Yes they talked about the washing. In fact they had a checklist where I had to initial each of the topics that had been covered. The cheap dishwashing liquid is recommended as something like Dawn is too sudsy.

    One box that was not checked was labeled traveling which the person did not mention. When I asked, she said that your machine can not be put in your luggage when flying and that it would have to stay with the stewardess. I may have to check the last part of the sentence.

    The machine came with a very helpful booklet and I was also given other pamphlets and of course had to initial that I got all of them as well.

    I was also told not to use the dishwasher.

    Thanks to all.


    ETA What form of weapon should I use if the CPAP attacks me? Inquiring Minds want to know!![This Message was Edited on 05/08/2010]
  7. paulac7

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    I don't know what the hubby uses to defend against the dreaded CPAP attacks, as usually it has resumed its normal, harmless, helpful state by the time I arrive on the scene (we have separate bedrooms--different work schedules, CPAPS, dogs, etc).

    He DOES sleep with a loaded rifle next to the bed--maybe that's how he manages to subdue it--though that is probably NOT the recommended CPAP suppression tactics...........Maybe you could swat it with a rolled up newspaper, or beat it with a flyswatter or something............

    Now I have this 'mental movie' going thru my head of CPAPS all over suddenly going berserk and attacking their wearers at night--like one of those old 70's B-grade horror films...........I HATE having such a vivid imagination!!! LOL


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