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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by steach, Sep 30, 2009.

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    Hi Gap,

    When I read your response to my post about moving and you said that you are also a teacher, that made me think of some things to talk about, questions, etc.

    Right now, I am currently on sub lists for area school districts. So far, I have gotten one phone call this year and I had to decline because of moving; I didn't even have my clothes unpacked!

    Last year, I worked for a school district the majority of the year teaching homebound students. At this time, they do not have any students for me- I guess it is because it is still very early in the school year.

    Since I can not work full-time anymore, teaching homebound students at their homes was soo ideal- I could even schedule my own hours. Being a "typical" sub really wears me out- getting up so very early and being at the school for hours takes a toll on my body.

    I have talked with my rheumy about my body's prognosis- he said that I most likely will never be well enough to return to work on a full-time basis. I am debating whether or not to attempt to file for SSD. With the new move, I don't know if I could handle the emotional stress of dealing with the legal system and going to court.............

    I know that I won't be eligible for teacher's retirement disability because a couple of years ago, I had to withdraw my retirenent to pay bills, buy a vehicle because mine died, money to live on, etc. I have worked other places and paid into Social Security. I am at a loss of what to do.

    Since I haven't been working (through the summer and now), my fiancee has had the entire financial burdon for everything- including my medications because I don't have insurance. THIS makes me feel TOTALLY worthless. I am checking into starting a tutoring business at my home, but, I don't think I will generate enough money to cover MY expenses and my share of the household expenses.

    It is nice to have another teacher to talk with -and- hopefully other teachers, too.

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    I did not see this post until tonight.

    I have only subbed about five half days since last January. Yes it is very tiring, even if you are well!!

    I will have to ask about the home bound teaching. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I did take money out of my retirement a long time ago but did teach for 18(?) years after that. Unless you took all of it out, you still may be able to get something. It also depends on which state you live in. Other than the state of constant pain and tiredness, LOL!!

    Since I have been teaching most of my life, I don't qualify for SSDI. What I get now is much more than SSDI.

    Moving from Chicago was a blessing in disguise. I moved to my hometown so know lots of people, my daughter and her husband are UI students and I am a proud grandmother of two and am able to see them. Unfortunately, I can't really babysit two for a long period of time, but will often visit my daughter or take care of the kids while she and her husband need to do things around the house or study. This works out. Also my father who is soon to be 90, lives less than an hour away. I have simplified my living and live in a one bedroom apartment. But I am content and love my little place and having family and friends near by.

    I am not sure why, but in my town subs. are always in demand. Even half days as teachers may have doctor appointments, etc., yet do not want to take the whole day off.

    Actually, before I moved here, I lived with my dad for about six months to save enough money for a deposit, etc. Somehow I always forget to add that. Unfortunately, right before I left Chicago I had to declare medical bankruptcy as I was under insured and moving here I have access to a great health plan..

    I also thought about tutoring but like you said it is expensive to get started. I worked for a national chain that tutors students during my summers and I loved it, other than the fact I thought it was terrible that people had to pay for what they should have been getting in the public schools. But I digress.

    If I teach it has to be through the state system where I get my disability so something like the above is out. I can do other work as long as I don't make over a certain amount of money.

    I am on disability retirement which I believe pays more money.

    This is the short version of what has happened!!

    I know the feeling of having to depend on someone else financially. Wouldn't you do the same thing for your boyfriend? Don't beat yourself up. You are doing the best you can do under the circumstances. I am sure you are not staying home,to watch soap operas, wearing fuzzy slippers while you eat your bon bons, LOL!!

    Take care.

  3. steach

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    Just wanted to let you know, that being self-employed and a member of the local chamber of commerce, one is eligible for medical benefits (possibly other benefits if they are offered) and through the Self Employment Association. It was not offered through the chamber where I lived before I moved, but I have to do some checking if it is offered here.

    Gap, what is a medical bankruptcy?


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