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  1. Jana1

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    I am so thankful to whoever started this group and to all who post on it. What a wonderful way to know what is going on all over the country!

    I am starting this post to make a suggestion to everyone. If you remember, and think it is a good idea, could you put your location in the title line? It is hard to look constantly at each profile to find out where you are, and my memory is not good enough to remember the locations with the nicks.

    Perhaps just a state is enough, or somethng even more definite, like California, Northern Coast. or in my case, Wyoming, north central. I think it would help each of us to learn what grows where and if the suggestions made would help us out where we are?

    If too much trouble or a dumb idea, just ignore me.

    Thank you,


  2. bct

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    I will try to do this in title or first sentence. I agree it is good to know what conditions our other garden posters are dealing with.

    I am glad you like the garden and nature posts, as do I.

  3. rockgor

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    Good idea. I live in CA near downtown LA a few blocks from the Aimee Semple McPherson temple. Near Echo Park. Not far from Dodger Stadium. Right off Sunset Blvd. At the east end of Hollywood. Get the picture?

    I can see the Hollywood sign and the Planetarium. The last scene in Rebel w/o a Cause was shot there.

    But many of Gordon's orchids live at his mother's house near Carroll Street. That street is lined w/ Victorian homes and is frequently filmed for tv, movies, commercials, etc.

    Part of Michael Jackson's Thriller video was shot there at a run down house before it was restored.

    the climate is semi-desert. A desert, I read, has ten inches or less of rain a year. LA generally has about 15.

    Somebody posted about dew berries on another thread. Couple decades ago I went to Oregon. think it was in June. There were roadside stands selling types of berries I had never heard of before. They were delicious and inexpensive. I was told some of them were too fragile to ship.

    All for now

    Happy Digging

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    I love gardening and flowers, as well as vegies.

    If you want a really useful site with all the info you may ever need, try Old Pharmer Phil's Country Living site. They even have seed exchange and organic gardening as well as flowers and house plants and more. It is a large group with lots of info.

    Phil has so much knowledge and information, this man must have done it all when it comes to gardening. I am a member there with this name.
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    I think I looked up Old Pharmer Phil once and found it to be a fun site.....think I'll go there again!

    I'm in central WA too, and I just planted a bunch more last was nice and warm here. I got another peony and planted it in a big pot, so no evil lawnmower could get it this time. I also planted a large geranium that was given to me by a piano student and we put in our basil and tomatoes- outside, I might add. I'm bragging because it was warm enough to do so.

    No grasshoppers here yet, so things are looking good. We get a large horde of grasshoppers later (July, I think) and they do a lot of damage. I'm looking for natural solutions.......someone suggested seagulls, but I don't quite know how to ship those...LOL.

    Happy gardening,