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  1. monica33flowers

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    Here we are on yet another new volume. It is so hot and steamy here in Southern WI. I just picked 4 cucumbers and I have a ton of basil so I think I might make some pesto tomorrow.

    Monica --- sitting in the a/c and enjoying her flowers indoors. LOL.
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  2. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    hi guys ,
    hope everyones gardens are doing great.
    Monica. I haven"t had as many hummimgbirds this year as in the past.had a few early but now We'll only see them every now and then, but they always come again in Sept.
    it feels so good to give so many people food from our garden,we just have had a bumper crop this year with all the rain.
    I ordered a food sealer from qvc so I"m anxious to try it out but we have one more 4-h fair to go to tommorrow so maybe I"ll get to it this even has a attachment for mason jars,so if anyone else has used this please let me know.
    well I'm off to the garden by golf cart,my back muscles have tighten up so bad I can hardly walk. have a good one sixtyslady.
  3. sisland

    sisland New Member

    WoW,,,,# 11 already!,,,,I'm Glad the Humming Birds are Back at your place! They are so much fun to watch!,,my Mom's Favorite too! She loved them and always had 5 -6 Feeders out every year!
    Soon after she passed away (within minutes) A Beautiful Hummingbird flew up to her window and just lingered there,,,,,,it didn't even try to get the suryp,,,,,anyway,,,,,,Your Roses are Beautiful!,,,Thanks for keeping this thread going!,,,i'm so excited over the Tomatoes,,&,,,Sunflowers,,,,,,Sis
  4. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I was wondering how do you prepare your wilted salad?

    My mother always would fry some bacon in a skillet and then throw in the spinach from the garden just until it wilted just a bit. Then she would add onions and the bacon back into the spinach and viola --- done & so GOOD!!!

    I only planted one burpless cucumber this year and I've already had about 10 cucumbers! I've had two and I gave the rest to my mother who knows a few ladies who are housebound and love getting fresh stuff from the garden.

    Also, my mother is always at my house getting flowers for the church alter. She always tells me how many compliments she gets. It just makes me happy that others are enjoying what mother nature and I worked hard to do. Oh, also, once a week I take a bouquet of flowers from my garden to a neighbor, dr.'s clinic, pharmacy, etc. just to let them know how much I appreciate what they do. They always love getting the flowers. Although, this year no one is returning my vases. LOL. I guess I better hit the thrift store and buy a few cheapies.

    OMG---- do you have problems with Japanese Beetles? They just arrived about two weeks ago and they are driving me crazy. I'm either squishing them or using my water and dish soap potion to kill them. Dirty little buggers keep eating all of my light colors rose blooms and the plants themselves.
  5. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    4 slices bacon cut up.
    1/2 teas.salt
    1/3 cup sugar
    1/2cup vinegar.
    fry bacon until crisp,add sugar ,salt and vinegar and 1/2 cup water ,bring to a boil pour over lettuce with cut green onions.
    we love wilted lettuce,hope you enjoy this.
    my lime pickles turned out good but I fogot how much work it takes to make them it,s a 3 day process,
    I have a very hard time with my arms and shoulders.
    sometimes I wonder how our Grandmothers did all this.
  6. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I fogot you drain and set bacon aside while making the rest of the ingredients.
    then crumble bacon over lettuce and pour hot mixture over all. sixtyslady.
  7. PBandJ

    PBandJ New Member

    I have made 3 batches so far of the lime pickles. My grandmother made them and there is absolutly no substitute for them in the grocery store.

    I am happy I can make them but a little sad as I miss my grandmother so very much.

  8. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    Good morning.
    I have some questions for fellow gardens.I"ve never raised acron squash,butternut, and watermelons does anyone know how you tell when its time to pick them??
    The weather is getting very warm here in IL. suppose to be in the 90,s by Monday,so I guess I"ll stay in the A/C and start freezing some of our veggie,s and try out my new vaccum sealer.
    Thursday when we where at the 4-H fair with our Grandson we had high winds ,my sister and I came home before everyone else and a huge tree had fallen in our lane the neighbor man was cutting a path so we could all get to our houses,but the tree is on our property so my hubby and son have a big job ahead of them. the wind blew a flower that was on our deck right out of its pot left the flower in tack, but I never have found the pot,so I just put it in a new pot. what a strange storm.
    hope everyone has a great week-end.sixtyslady
  9. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    It's been a very dry year here in n.w. Calif., so I'm anticipating water shortages. I've hooked up the "grey water" so that I can direct it to the garden, and boy do the tomatoes love it!

    I am picking a lot of tomatoes and summer squash now, also basil and other herbs. I wish I could grow more veggies, and if I get some fencing done..... oh forget it Barry!

    Flowers are looking really nice. I've been enjoying Cosmos as a cut flower; they seem to last a very long time in the house, unlike the feverfew that wilted within hours of being in the vase. I always have a vase with something in it in the room: good feng shui I say.

    Monica, I love your roses! We don't have the Japanese beetles here, only rose weevils, and deer, and blackspot, etc. I gave up on them, pretty much, and now just enjoy other people's (like yours), so many thanks.

    Does anyone else use cut flowers in the house? I used to think they belonged in the garden, but they bring so much pleasure in the house, and act as a center for meditations and ruminations at times.

    Regards to all,
  10. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Well it looks like everyone's gardens are in full swing and we are reaping the benefits. I only planted one cucumber plant this year and the thing has gone nuts. I'm giving away cucumbers to neighbors and some elderly in a retirement center.

    Sis: Thanks for the compliment on the roses. They are just going crazy this year. But then again so are the Japanese Beetles. I'm glad to hear the garden is coming along nicely!

    Sixtyslady: Your recipe sounds exactly like what my mom makes. When you make your lime pickles do you use a crock. My mother usually has 4 very large Red Wing crocks going with her pickles. Right now, she can hardly keep up just with the pickles.

    BCT/Barry: So good to see you! I always have cut flowers inside my home. I also take bouquets to neighbors, friends and also my dr.'s clinic. Everyone always loves flowers. Right now, my dahlias are going crazy! I've been cutting those with some lisanthus, cosmos, snapdragons and baby's breath. My flowers are absolutely stunning this year.

    How are all the other fellow gardeners doing? What is growing well for you and what are some of your favorites?

    Well, it is still cool outside so I should go and kill some Japanese Beetles. LOL. My mother didn't believe you could kill them with just soap and water. She stopped over this morning and I showed how it works. She was just amazed. It is so surprising how we are so different with our gardens and all the knowledge we can share with each other.
  11. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    It's very dry here in n.w. Calif. so much of my "gardening" consists of watering.

    The tomatoes grew so tall and heavy that they have collapsed the steel cages around them. What a wreck! Lots of tomatoes though, though my Snow White seems blighted (though fruitful).

    Monica: hope you are doing alright and that your garden is beautiful. You asked about favourite flowers. Well, I especially like snaps but often have rust problems with them. Dahlias are great too, but I've only got three kinds, all with black/purple leaves and single flowers (wacky names like Mystic Illusion and Mystic Dream).

    I must grow more Zinnias next year; they seem so resilient, and the flowers are so long-lasting.

    Pink fragrant lilies, 'La Reve', tower above my head. Intoxicating scent!

    All the Best,
  12. greygodess

    greygodess New Member

    The sunflower heads are getting heavy. We started getting gold finches at the sunflowers so I put a feeder out among them. Now I get to sit in my living room and watch the finches, Right now there is a female and male and a couple of young sparrows.

    Got my first large tomato. Boy was it good. Also getting alot of cherry tomatoes. Need to get out and clean up the garden. Today is a nice day so I think I'll get to it. Happy gardening. Godbless

    PS: I forgot to mention that the water hyacinths are blooming. They are really pretty.[This Message was Edited on 08/10/2008]
  13. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Mainly watering and watching. Weather good at about 90F days and 50F at night. Wish it would last forever. Smoke gone finally.

    Have decided that Quinault variety strawberries have the best flavor and sweetness. Also the yellow Alpine very good. Have some Alpines coming up from seed.

    A very strange plant (sorry don't know how to use camera picture stuff) coming up wild, about eight inches tall. It has watermelon type leaves and flowers, but a thick thorny stem. I "Will monitor".

    This is first year I've grown winter squash so have no personal experience when they are ripe. I did find a butternut squash about 5 inches long and cooked it. (Butter,parmesian cheese) and good. More dense and perhaps less flavor than summer squash, but good. Also tried a small, immature, spagetti squash and good.

    I was thinking this morning that this year I might finally succeed at growing a watermelon but went out in yard and found the base of my best plant half covered by by a gopher mound.

    I generally believe in live and let live, but the gopher has been too aggressive the last two weeks. In the last few days it put small gopher mounds every two feet down along the flagstone pathway. I half expect to step on path and have a whole flagstone just sink.

    Anyway, maybe by lifting up stones I can study gopher tunnels. I suspect that a continous gopher tunnel exists between California and New York. Once, I hosed water into a gopher hole in the desert, and after a couple of days I could see damp earth "trails" sixty feet long leading to the neighbors yards.

    So, what I find works to discourage the gophers is to hose hole for awhile and then pour concentrated fertilizer into hole.

    Also, a few too many yellow jackets. I was watching when two yellow jackets climbed under gas lid of my van. A quick look under lid and saw a 3 inch wide yellow jacket nest next to gas cap. No one will siphon any gas from that tank! Suppose I will need to use hornet poison.

    Oh, well, just sort of rambled on. Cheers, your Mr Bill

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  14. sisland

    sisland New Member

    The summer is passing us by at a rapid pace this year!,,,although it does every year i suppose!
    temps are in the 80's during the day now and the 40's -50's at night! the heirloom tomatoe plant i tried this year is doing wonderful!,,,,,,,

    it has about 13 golf ball size tomatoes on it now,,,green of course,,,,the other T. plants are loaded too,,,,,but still another month at least for the growing ==ripening season,,,,

    Sunflowers are blooming and Beautiful!,,,the Russians have some sort of Majic fertilizer,,,,as all their plants are huge and producing Major fruit!,,,,H. Peppers are the size of medium potatoes and the squash and Zuchinnie (sp) are rapid,,along with the tomatoes,,,

    the plants are very heavy and the fruit is ripe!,,,planted the same time as mine,,i'm afraid to ask them what kind of fretilizer they use,,,,,,lolol,,all kidding aside Their Garden spot is Beautiful to say the least!

    Mr. Bill: My Gramma use to bake the squash in butter and brown sugar,,i remember her making a slice down the middle of the squash before she put it in the oven,,,,,,So Good!,,,,just an idea,,,,,,,Hope you all are having a great week!,,,,,,,S

  15. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    Hi Guys,
    just got my chili sauce going in my big electric roaster,so will let that cook down and then put it in jars.and hope they all guessed it oveload of tomato,s.
    I looked up winter squash and when the stem drys up then their ready, but it said to make sure to leave 2inches of stem and pick before the first frost.can store in a cool dry place as long as its not over 50 degree,s so I"m going to try my basement under the stairs. our basement isn"t heated.
    now my watermelon and catalope should be ready in Aug.
    have to send my 3 roosters to the butcher shope,their started to crow and my hens our getting in their nesting boxes, they say to put golf balls in the nest to give the hens the idea where to lay their eggs.
    My Grandma is probably looking down on me laughing how I have to look all this up on the computer.
    well have a great day everyone . Monica I don"t have any crocks so I just used a big enamel cooking pan for my lime pickles worked good.
  16. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    It wasn't a gopher, but a mole making the mounds. I put water hose down into flagstone path and about 5 feet away water starts spurting out along with a large mole.

    Not sure what to do with it. Never seen one before. I put it in a large planting container for now, with grass clumps containing worms.

    I had suspected a mole, but the recent mounds seemed like gopher mounds. I know about gophers, but almost nothing about moles, so researching.

    The watermelon plant seemed ok today. I think if it were a gopher the plant would be all whithered and roots eaten.

    Guess I'm inclined to just release it back into yard.
    They seem to have too big of appetites for bugs and worms to try to keep as pet.

    I guess that once they've finished digging enough tunnels they don't cause any more (mainly aesthetic) damage. I guess they just travel around in tunnels looking for bugs. Some of tunnels supposed to be good for soil.
    Maybe I'll try to take picture and look at tomorrow, then release. Guess the mole just trying to muddle(muddy?) along like the rest of us:) mr Bill

    mmmm, the brown sugar, butter, and squash.....I must have had sometime in my life.....seems so real. I may just get a butternut squash from supermarket instead of waiting two months!

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  17. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    we have them all over ,they have almost ruined our yard.
    we tried everything,
    if you find anyway to get rid of them let us know sometimes I"ll step on one of their tunnels and almost fall down.
    their no fun if you get to many of them.
  18. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    The mole escaped, as I half expected it to do.

    It went right back (30 feet) to where it had been caught and replicated the same hills.

    Saw something where it said moles had been around for 140 million years, which might even predate dinosaurs.

    Suppose one could write a whole thesis wherein mole holes enabled mammals to survive the dinosaur extinction, and we owe our whole existence to the holely lowly mole:)

    Yes, one mole is "cute", but a bunch not cute.

    I usually discourage them by pouring concentrated fertilizer and water down holes. Find/make holes with water nozzle.

    There is always the reliable method of gassing a hole about 10 minutes with propane and then lighting. If you propane gas hole for an hour, you will be able to eliminate your neighbors gophers also.

    If you empty a whole propane tank into a gopher hole you will probably get a visit by Homeland Security.

    Hmmmm, probably a lot of money to be made by submitting a grant proposal to Homeland Security for "Gophers and National Security". Perhaps a few political campaign donations, and you could have it made for life!

    Anyone have experience writing government grants?

    Mr bill

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  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I trust your gardening is not too arduous.... mine sure isn't!

    Tomatoes, squash, eggplant, onions, and garlic = ratatouille! Oh, and lots of olive oil.

    My "yellow cosmos" plant has grown four feet by four feet, and is JUST starting to bloom. After this long wait, I think I'm gonna be disappointed --- the flowers look like they are going to be really small and dull. Bummer.

    On the plus side, the hardy Hibiscus 'Kopper King' has opened its first flower, and it is gorgeous. Well, pretty good, anyway. Big copper-coloured maple-like leaves, and flowers about 9" across, pink and red shaded.

    A small flock of wild turkeys passed through the front yard the other day. My corgi alerted me by barking out the window at them. First a big Tom, followed by a dozen or so hens, and four chicks (all in grey) as big as chickens. An unusual event here, but they are spreading about a lot; I guess they were introduced for hunting over a hundred years ago, they are not native.

    Lots of hummers, Stellar's Jays, juncos, spotted towhees, turkey vultures, ravens, nuthatches, chickadees, wren-tits, etc. Oh, and a sparrow-hawk and a couple of kites yesterday.

    Bill: Lots of moles here, but fortunately no gophers (because I'm in the woods, I guess). Moles sure can make a mess. Have you ever noticed that a cat won't eat moles or shrews, but will gobble down voles, mice etc. I think the moles and shrews must taste bad..... Now THERE is an experiment for you! LOL!

    Regards to all, am now going outside to sit and watch and listen,
  20. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    yesterday I found our first egg, it was small, I took a picture of it, my husband said it will take a few weeks for them to get normal size.
    Our daughter and kids came yesterday and we just laughed at how tiny the egg was.
    Now I have to go buy some oyster shells ,for the chickens to help the eggs to have good shells.our son-in law told me that is what his Grandparents always gave their chickens once they started to lay.
    my husband is thinking about building another chicken house and getting them for meat. but that will have to be later because my hubby and son are roofing and siding our house right now and that will take us into fall.
    I have a few pumpkins but not to many,maybe enough for the grandkids. take care and have a great week-end. sixtyslady