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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by monica33flowers, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Hello All,
    Sorry I've been MIA lately but I've had a few medical issues going on and with the change of the seasons my migraines are raging.

    We actually had snow here in WI yesterday. and not little snowflakes. Like flurries.

    My weekend plans are digging up all my dahlias and putting them to bed for the winter. I also need to take all my annuals that have been killed by the frost to the Com Post site. Then I need to get compost and winterize my roses.

    Have fun guys!
  2. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Sisland, I have no actual experience with the plant other than on my "I Wish, I Want" list:)
    Raintree nursery has plants for sale, but says that the periennial cannot take freezing temperatures. It would have grow in a pot here, not my forte, so not sure if I will try. It does sound healthier than regular sugar. your mr Bill
  3. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Yes i guess it wouldn't do well up here eighter!,,have given up sugar in august and am having great results health wise because of it,,,,Stevia is a really great alternative!,,spendy though,,,,,I ordered some of the green powdered type from a herb store on ebay and it doesn't dissolve as well as the white powdered type found in the local health store,,,,,,,,,Thanks!,,,,,Sisland
  4. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    well, MY yard is pretty much a wreck, but a pretty wreck at that. The Calif. drought has broken, and the rains have brought out the little sweet English violets. They are everywhere! We've had a few frosts, enough to put an end to endless tomatoes and squash; gosh I got tired of the latter, but saved a bunch on grocery bills, so it was worth it.

    Wild turkeys have been running around like crazy, but seem to have gone up the ridge now. They were perching in my apples two weeks ago! Hummers are all gone, but the little juncos have arrived in droves, along with various sparrows.

    The rains brought Mushrooms! We ate a batch of fried ones last night, and they were delicious. They were Amanita calyptrata (calyptroderma) which are strangely abundant this year. I have not got oyster mushrooms yet; I'll have to stumble down to the creek were they can be found. I also saw the first honey mushroom of the season yesterday, so am keeping my eyes wide open when my dog takes me for a walk in the woods. Anyone else into wild mushrooms?

    About Mushrooms: 'Never eat an Amanita' is good sense if you don't know which one you have. The most deadly mushrooms are species of Amanita, like the Angel of Death, etc. On the other hand, there are a few really tasty Amanitas out their. My fave is A. vaginata, which the French call Grisette. It will come later, in the winter, along with the Trumpets of Death, also known as black trumpets. These last are so hard find because they look like little black holes in the forest litter. But SOOO good!

    I still have some fall colour on maples and dogwoods, but the ashes are leafless now, as are some of the oaks.

    Regards to all,
    I see the sun and have to run,
  5. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    all week-end,but today the sun is out its,still cold but nice the kids have no school today so our 17 yr old Granddaughter is here doing leaves with the lawn sweeper,we have so in the timber so we just do around the house.we"re hauling them down to the chicken house I read on-line you can use leaves for bedding the hen house they really seem to like them.went to our new tractor supply store and got a heater for our chicken water so it won"t freeze up. my little red hens are still laying really well.the out door Farmers market is over for this year but I have people comming to the house and buying them.just found the recipe for spice tea again so I"m going to mix some up for the girls we always kept it in the house when they where little ,good for warming up on a cold day.we planted our garlic, so we"ll see if it comes up next spring. have to run for now.sixtyslady
  6. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I am so glad that your chickens have been productive, and that you can sell the extra eggs. What do you get for a dozen? The lowest price I've seen for good farm eggs here is $3.99, but they sure are worth it. The last we got at the health food store were mixed breed eggs, mostly reds, but some nice green Auruacana (sp?) eggs too. Have you ever raised these types, or do you stick with the Rhode Islands ?

    Well, grey and drizzly here, went looking for 'shrooms and fell down the hill! Am now going to recover.....

    Best Wishes to All,
  7. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    hey Barry where you playing Jack & Jill and fell down the hill.just kidding hope your not in pain.
    I know if I fall or even just trip sometimes it,s not good and takes days to feel better.
    right now I just have my Reds,I 'm Getting 1.50 a dozen but think I"m going to have to ask 1.75, because the price of the all veg feed I use just went up.
    My little hens roam out side all day and then return to their house at dusk.their very friendly they even get in my golf cart when I go down hillbilly lane to check on them.
    I sure miss all the fresh veggies from the garden, and I"ll be more than ready by spring,to start growing them again.
    WE mushroom hunt in the spring have many because of all the fallen trees on our property.
    I"m going to order a range free turkey for thanksgiving,alittle pricey but worth it. Take know what they say tuck& roll. sixtyslady.
  8. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    sounds like your busy.glad to hear someone else will be raising chickens
    I just get so much inner peace from sitting and listen to our little hens sing. their happy hens.
    be careful about buying chickens from auction they can bring in disease to your whole flock.
    baby chickens grow really fast,after 2 wks we had them in the chicken house and if your buying for eggs you want young pullets,they start laying at about 16 to 18 weeks old.
    and boy do we have eggs. we have 48 hens and we get 45 to 48 eggs a day.
    I"m actually thinking about getting more in the spring ,so many people in this area want the eggs.

    we don"t have a leaf vaccum ,but we have a pull behind the garden tractor lawn sweeper does real well on the leaves then we take them down to the chicken house and use the rest on the garden we burn them for the ash product to till into the garden soil. it really helps the soil.
    I leave some leaves around plants and new trees for the winter.

    Well have to get with it,have a nice day everyone. sixtyslady
  9. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Let me know what would be a good time to meet here.
  10. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Check out my thread that is titled "Sixtyslady". I need to talk to you. I'm having problems with my Yahoo account
  11. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I"m on line now.sixtyslady
  12. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I think if you get a pull lawn sweep you"ll like it, I bought ours at a garage sale a few years ago.
    Good luck with your chickens.we really enjoy our little hens.
    I"ll have to get the tea reciepe for you later ,have to take my dog to the vet and pick up a rino shot fro my mare thats in foal.
    I"ll try to get back later in the day.
    60"s lady
  13. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Convert the leaf blower into a blow torch. Add a carburetor device to deliver lighter fluid..... and leaves should disappear in no time:) lol

    Actually, I did have a friend who's neighbor used a blow torch to clear weeds. Burnt down my friends fence once. Also, the next year, the trees overhead of him caught fire and he didn't notice because he was only looking at ground. I think they finally got a legal injuction against him using blow torch. LOL Cheers, mr Bill

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  14. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Lolol,,,,,a leaf blower converted to a blow torch,,,, sounds dangerous!,,,,,but might be fun to watch!,,,,,When we were Kids my dad used a blow torch to keep the ice fishing hole open!,,,,,,,,lolol,,,,,,

    Nothing to report on the Garden Sene ,,,,,i ate all the fresh tomatoes as the ripened,,,,,miss them now!,,,,,,,,,,S
  15. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    it looks like the garden post wasn"t moving so ,I just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
    wondered if any of us are going to have food from our gardens for thanksgiving.
    I have acorn squash, will fix it with whole cranberry jell. still have potato.s and of course will be using my fresh eggs for baking.
    Happy Thanksgivings.

  16. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Not much in the garden except for lots of violets, and pretty colours of foliage..

    Been busy, and depressed because a large fir tree fell across the back yard, completely destroying our 25 yr. old Chinese magnolia. Bummer! Fortunately I found someone who got right to work on it (a real miracle!) and the clean up is half done.

    Sixtyslady, we decided not to do cranberry sauce this year because I just made a batch of quince preserves from the tree in the back yard. It turned out well, and will be a good substitute for the cranberry.

    The garden is giving me tons of parsley so I throw it in and on everything. The thyme is harvested: huge bunch hanging up drying in the kitchen. This is the second harvesting of it. I've got some winter cress that's coming on nicely, and have just starting nibbling it. I look forward to having a lot this winter and spring. I like to throw a handful into a bowl before I pour my soup in, so the cress wilts and looses some of it's pepper-bite. Yum!

    Regards to all,
  17. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    The garden just sits there, doing nothing except waiting to be covered by first snow.

    I've been puzzeling about how parsley and irises don't seem to mind the winter at all.
    Most everything else is pretty well wiped out and the parsley is thriving. Oh, well.

    Oh, I did finally get some some saffron crocus bulbs. I had to check about ten sites before I found a nursery still selling them. I keep forgetting to order saffron bulbs until too late. The ordering times are so different than most plants.

    I suppose I'll get to try tasting saffron this year. It is so expensive (usually under lock and key) at the supermarket that I can't get myself to buy any of the spice. I suppose I could try starting a small spice industry.....something to do with my spare time: collecting stigmas from saffron flowers. Cheers, mr Bill
  18. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well its winter and snow on the ground,but I just had to tell you that my little pansies ane growing under the snow ,there so cute sticking their little purple heads out of the snow.
    The Cardinals are here in flocks and heavy at the bird feeders. I love to watch the birds.the trees above the feeders are red with the birds in them.
    just wanted to check in and say Hi, have to go make oatmeal,my hubby will be comming back in from doing chores.
  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I managed FINALLY to get all my tulips planted! I'm so glad it's over. I always buy more than I can deal with, it seems.

    In my garden now: violets, feverfew are in bloom. The hazels have catkins on their branches, waiting for spring. The bay trees also are in bud, ditto.

    In the house I have a couple of orchids in bud, and the first cymbidium flower is open (pink). I don't know if I'll get a Poinsettia or not this year. I haven't seen many in the stores yet, and they have been expensive. I won't pay more than $11.99! I like the red ones best; the whites are too cool for my taste. Maybe I'll force an Amaryllis instead; they've always been reliable for me.

    When I lived in southern Calif. I used to see HUGE poinsettias growing outside, up to 10 feet tall. I imagine those of you who live there have become quite inured to their exoticism!

    Hope everyone is coping, and that your chickens, horses, goats, guineas, dogs and cats are thriving. Bless the beasts.

    Regards to All,
  20. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well this really isn"t about gardens,this time of year where I live there isn"t such a thing.
    but my chickens are doing fine and still laying every day.
    My mare thats with foal is getting bigger,& moving slower.
    Barry I love tulips,its always a sign of spring,and we have a side pasture thats wooded and in the spring its full of baby rabbits,I ask my hubby to leave the underbrush there,I call it bunnie land.I love baby bunnies.Its pretty close to hillbilly lane.
    I have so many people ask me what that sign means,imagine walking down a tree filled lane,thats always shaded and then comming to a open area with a garden and a chicken house and a picnic table and a garden bench thats what my lane leads to.
    I"m going to have my hubby put a flower box under the window of the hen house so I can plant flowers in it next summer.,this is like my secret Garden.
    Wow its funny how we think about Gardens all year.
    take care. sixtyslady

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