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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by monica33flowers, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Wow, that first one just seemed to fly by --- here is a new edition to lots more Garden Talk!
  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    As they say in the Turf business the Garden Com Post is

    "on a roll"! Sis, it will be my pleasure to pick "you and

    yours" up in the White Limo for an escort to the Cow Palace

    "Flower and Garden Show"! We expect you also, Monica, to

    accompany us too! Gonna be fun!

    I concerned about the "Honey Bee" colony collapse thing. I
    know that they have a real shortage of Bees here in Cal to
    pollenate the Almond Crop etc. Going to be interesting
    to see how things develop this Spring! Haven't seen hardly
    any bees in the City Park either.(?)(?) We have crocus,
    Plum Blossoms, poppies etc. but few bees thus far,
    Does anyone on the Post wish to venture a theory as to why
    this "collapse"?

    Hope a great weekend for all!

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  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Lophophorus bird is colourful???Aaargh! I think i got my bird wrong.....prob because the ethnic name is a little similar...and i dont know the English name for the one who comes to our garden...but its just always a brown speckled colour and rather tame....big as a pigeon. Pardon the mistake. But lopho is our national bird.

    We used to have a whole family of mongooses living near our compound - and the young ones used to sit on their haunches and look at us if we were at a distance..didnt mind sharing space until our dog population got out of hand and they scooched to somewhere safer. Also everywhere theyve started building and our neighbouring area is so concretised, my soul is dying off slowly with every patch of green that goes.

    On bright side this year, the rats werent able to get at my sweetpeas....last winter they were so hungry they et em al up.

    God Bless
  4. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    I never noticed this thread before but then I haven't been on much in the last year. My hubby has been going nuts the last couple of weeks trying to get the rest of the fruit trees pruned. He uses the 'commando' method so we may not get much fruit this year lol.

    He is also putting in 2 more trellis's so now maybe things will be easier to deal with. The blackberries and raspberries were a tangled mess.

    Now that I can help a little around the house and get my own breakfast and lunch he is starting to get a little caught up. My big contribution this year so far has been to plant 3 primroses in a pot ;-)

    Spring is on the way!

  5. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    I just saw a thing on the bees on our Public Broadcasting station the other day and they have found the problem with the honeybees. I THINK it was a viral thing but you know, I have a brain like a colander anymore . . . .
  6. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    If you can't garden, join us anyway, and look at the flowers, etc. out your windows!

    Hey Foggyfroggy, how are you doing? Glad to see you here. I always have to buy a few primroses myself, though this year I am also think pansies. As for your brain, don't worry; I thought you said it was like coriander -- LOL.

    terch, what part of Canada are you in? This will determine what ground covers would be appropriate. If you know Ajuga, the variety "Chocolate Chip" is very nice, small, and refined, unlike most Ajugas. You might consider one of the small needle-point ivy varieties; they are pretty hardy, and certainly easy to grow.

    As for myself, went to town yesterday and came back with a blue Nemesia and four Shirley poppies. If my energy and the Lyrica let me, I'll plant them in a window-box today.

    Regards to all, I'll pop in later,
  7. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Oh Good we have a ride to the CA Flower Show!,,,,Lolol,,,,,,Thanks ,,,Mr.D!,,,,,,,,Well Terch i would recommend the strawberries if you have a large area that you want to cover ,,because they Travel making their own vines,,,probably not the wild variety though,,,,,,,

    The regular ones that you find at your local nursery,,,,,,if you plant these they will also give out fruit plus being a ground cover!,,,,,,since our climates are the same,,,this is just an idea,,,,,,Barry has good ones too!,,,,,,,,,

    When i was a child My Grandmom had 2 Gardens! one for just potatoes! and they were so Good!,,,we got to weed them often! payment was a homemade Chicken dinner with fresh cream peas and new potatoes,,,,,mmmmmm,,,,

    Also she had one garden full of carrots,peas,onions,lettuce,,radishes,rutabegers,greenbeans,,and a current berry bush,,,,,that i remember having to pick them Berries (Prickley),,,lol,,,,But then she made Jelly,,,,,which we added to her Homemade bread and butter,,,,,,,,,,

    she had chickens,,Geese,,,pigs,,,cows,,,horses,,,dogs and cats,,,(barn cats that would meow for freah Milk when we were hand milking the cows),,,,,,,

    plus Hay feilds,,,,My Grandfather passed away from a woods accident,at age 49,,,,,so we were there alot helping her out with the Farm/Ranch,,,,,loved it!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Also where we lived the Huckleberries were plentiful,,,,,lots of jam making Canning,pancakes and Deserts were made out of these!

    ,,,,,,didn't mean to rattle on but you know it's fun!,,,,,,,,,,p.s. i think the Bees will come out of this set back,,,,they are still plentiful up north here ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hope so!,,,,,,,,,,Sis
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  8. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Your garden is Beautiful! i love how you have it set up!,,Thanks for sharing!,,,,,,,p.s,,,,,Heres a photo of my Black eyed Susan that comes back every year!,,,,,,Sis

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  9. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    Just read the first one...neat idea.

    someone was asking about strawberries. It is better to pinch the blooms off the first year, they will produce more fruit the following years. I know it is really hard to do,knowing that the won't bear that first year.

    I usually raise all of my plants from seed... really is a lot of work, but I think you get healthier plants. You have to have enough natural light and then also grow lights. It gets expensive to buy everything you need to get you started that first time, but I enjoy it so much.

  10. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Well, we just went through a blizzard here...I was looking at my Azaleas (sp?) today, and they are completely covered (we got about 2 feet of snow).

    They are so pretty in early May - any suggestions to get them to bloom bigger and fuller? They line my front walk way, and are so pretty when they bloom, but they just don't seem to be getting bigger each year.

    I prune them and cut them back in late summer, but don't know how to get them to fill out. I had these same flowers at my old house and they were huge and full. These at my new house are just not cooperating!

    Any suggestions?
  11. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Not sure about Azaleas, but maybe the species only gets so big. Think I've seen special azalea fertilizers for sale.

    On starlings, considered a pest by some:

    Anyhow, someone here got one of radio controlled helicopters, $29 at Rite Aide. Flys very well (easy to lose in neighbors yards). Supposedly for 30 minutes on four hour charge.

    Found out today that they managed to start up helicopter and even hit one starling in a flock in yard(no serious damage to bird). And starlings haven't been back in several days.
    Might work with other "pests"
    More humane that a BB gun which was alternative.

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  12. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Lots of kinds of daffodils are opening up, and the first scarlet dwarf tulips on the rock-garden. Very nice and spirit-lifting.

    On the negative side, the hazels, alders,and willows are all starting to release pollen, so allergy season is here also. I live by the side of a creek and have all these trees growing wild near me. Their pollen is wind-born.

    Azaleas need an acid soil, I believe, and a special Rhodie/Azalea food is available everywhere. I've never had any luck cutting back older woody specimens; they just seem to languish. I don't grow them anymore, but sure do like them and enjoy them in other people's yards! I guess you could say I'm a plant voyeur to the point of perversion! It's a nice way to meet people too.

    Bought a potted Freesia yesterday with many flower spikes and buds. Says it's going to be red, but I don't care, because I got it for the smell. My partner thinks the white ones are the most fragrant, but I don't know.

    It's noon, I'm going outside to pick a daff. for a bud vase, and then.......
    I'm tired

    Regards to all,
  13. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I started a post about raising organic food.
    we plan on having a large garden this year,with the way our food supply is,I don"t feel its all that safe and then the price of food has went up so much in the past few months.
    also we"re going to raise chickens for meat and eggs
    so if anyone would have tips on raising chickens I could use them.
    My Mom and Grandmother raised them but I was just a kid so this is a new venture for me.
    Its still so cold here in the midwest it will be awhile before we can get to planting.
    But I"m looking forward to getting back outside.
    happy Gardening sixtyslady
  14. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Can I just tell all of you how thrilled I am that we have so many fellow gardeners! I wish I lived in a climate where I could garden more often but nothing is better than those first few warm days when the snow starts to melt and the smell of the wet grass, love it!

    Terch: My favorite ground cover is Lanium (I hope I spelled that correctly). It really thrives here in WI so I would think it would do well for you in Canada. I have tons of it and it just keeps going. I even dig some up in the spring and add it to my large containers because I love the color of the silvery leaves.

    Springwater: Ya know, I've never seen a mongoose. I've heard they can be nasty little critters though so be careful!

    Froggyfroggy: We use to have to trim my grandmother's orchard every spring as well and that was some chore. You put a little smile on my face thinking of your hubby going commando on the fruit trees! LOL.

    BCT: Hi Barry! I'm always a sucker for pansies and they always croak on me....I have a black thumb for some reason when it comes to pansies. LOL!

    Lincamp: I love your garden. No one says you have to have miles of gardens to enjoy this thread. I love Amaryllis as well. My mother grows them indoors during the winter and they are gorgeous. I have one too many cats and they would think they are the perfect play toy. LOL.

    Sis: Both of my grandmother's had huge gardens as well. One of my grandmothers use to make her own sauerkraut and it was sooooooo good!

    LacyMae: Hi and welcome to the group. Thanks for the advice on strawberries. Randy, (SO), wants me to grow some strawberries but I just don't have the energy....easier to go to one of those huge patches here in WI and pick your own.

    KJade: Nice to see you! Azaleas love acidic soil. Just buy some food that says acidic , usually it will say for azaelas and rhodies (their is a formula but of course I can't remember for the life of me) and use in the spring and late fall. That should give them a little boost.

    Sixtyslady: Welcome to our little group. I'm sure you will find lots of good information here. While I was growing up my grandmother had chickens but I don't remember a lot about raising them. I just collected the eggs and ran like heck from the mean ole rooster. LOL.

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  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I saw my first Robin of the Spring and two large crows today

    at the Park. The wild doves should be back soon I would think.

    Our winters are very mild but it is still uplifting to see

    the signs of Spring filling in behind the blossoms, crocus,

    and poppies!

    Think Warm, "K"?
    P.S. The headlines are still "a buzz" about the lack of

    honey bees. (?)(?) I'm beginning to think it is Ozone. (?)(?)[This Message was Edited on 03/11/2008]
  16. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    MrDad, unfortunately just way to many possibilities. I suppose the pharmaceutical drugs in water the newest possibility. The bees are all stoned?

    I did figure out an explanation for reconciling the cold winters and global warming:

    It's the airplane contrails! People, just look up!!

    The planes are criss- crossing all over USA and China and contrails blocking out sunlight. Over the North Pole very few contrails so heating up.
    I can see three or four plane contrails when ever I look up nowadays:)

    Meanwhile, yes, think warm. Winter's almost gone. Your Mr Bill.
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  17. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Well the snow is completley melted off my Strawberry Patch!,,,,Yea!,,,,But,,,, the Mud!,,, oh yeah! the mud is the new dilimia!,,,,,,,Monica: Yes on the sauerkraut!,,,

    and she also had a milk Separater (quite a contraption to watch work when we were kids!),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,But The cream was made into Butter in an old time churn!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    And Guess who got to turn the Crank? Us Kids!,,,,But it was sooo good!,,,,on the really tall homemade bread,,,,,,

    So many good memories!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I would luv to have a Farm and big Beautiful gardens ,,,,and like Sixtyslady Chickens,,,,,Milk cows and (Well),,,Maybe not pigs!,,,,,,lolol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,There is a new growing lite system at Bed bath and Beyond i saw in their flyer yesterday,,,,,,looks really neat with 3-4 stages (sizes) of plant containers,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    But at $50 bucks i'll pass,,,,,,,,,,but it might come in handy for growing herbs or sprouts,,,or maybe pepper plants,,,,,,,,,,,Talk to you all later,,,,,Sis

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  18. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I think I just heard a robin ,I have the window open a crack.
    the snow is slowly melting,thats good so we won"t have so much flooding.
    hopefully by this time next week the snow will be gone.
    then of course we"ll have to put up with mud for awhile in the horse lots,because we pull them off the pasture in march and don"t turn them back out on pasture until the 15th May, by then the grass is good and tall.
    trying to decide what we should plant in our garden,this year its going to be big enough that we can plant a good crop of sweet corn,then we"ll have to work hard to keep the coons out.hope I can get enough to sell at the farmers market.
    people are taping their maple trees. in the small town my daughter lives in they started this as a town project and you can see the little buckets hanging all over town, then they cook it down and make real maple syrup,yum yum.
    we may try this next year since we have alot of maple trees. have a good day sixtyslady
  19. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Thanks everyone for the tips on the Azaleas. I wonder if the soil where they are planted is not right for those plants.

    Monica: I have a few Rhododendrons (sp?) in my yard that look TERRIBLE! They are all gangly looking and when they bloom, they wilt fairly quickly. Whoever lived here before was NOT a gardener for sure...nothing was taken care of. And I have spent the past 4 yrs trying to liven it back up. Any suggestions to help the Rhododendrons come back to life? They look like some sticks with wilted flowers on the end. They are hideous! Maybe I will try the soil/food you are talking about and see if that helps!

    Thanks again - see you soon!! :)
  20. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    I was just talking with one of my co-workers.

    She's got 300 tomato plants started! A cut back from last year.

    She has 42 varieties of tomatoes and, obviously, loves tomatoes and gardening.

    Said she gave away 400 gallons of tomatoes last year and cans salsa, etc.

    Doesn't want to start a business because that would take fun out it, which I can relate to.

    She said she can spare some plants for me, of course:)

    Cheers, your Mr Bill

    Oh, she uses large amounts of horse manure, which I had been told was too salty and has seeds, but works for her. She thought cow manure had lots of seeds.