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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by monica33flowers, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I was wondering what is your favorite annual and perennial flowers?
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  2. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I was going to reply to you on the other thread, but I see it is closed so I will reply here.

    I just want to thank you and Tansy and everyone else for their advice about the azaleas and the soil. I have printed the replies, and I am going to look into everything that was written as soon as the snow thaws. I really want to jazz up my yard this spring. I am so tired of it looking so blah...

    About annuals and perennials (I still always get these confused) but I love pansies in baskets - I hang them all over my deck. I also love my daylilies. I have about 30 of them in a patch by my driveway - they look so pretty when they are all in bloom.
  3. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Wow were on #3 already!,,,,,My Favorite is Pansies ,,,because they look so happy and they can be solid or multicolored and they spread like wild fire ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Petunias,,,,Marigolds,,,Can't wait!,,,,Sis
  4. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    the difference between annuals and perennials is that P stands for permanent. That is how I finally remembered.

    KJade: If you forget just ask again and we'll be here to help. I forgot to ask are your Azaleas in a regular bed or is grass surrounding them? If grass is surrounding them you might want to clean the grass out and just loosen up the dirt around the plants and put some aluminum sulphate in and just mix it around so it gets into the root system quicker.

    Sisland: I love pansies also but for some reason they always die on me once June hits here in WI. If I plant them in late summer, September, they usually will last until November, go figure, huh? LOL.

    My favorites for annuals are: snapdragons, zinnias, impatiens and fuscia. As for perennials: my roses are my absolute fav and then in close second is my Endless Summer hydrangeas, dahlias and then my asiatic lillies.

    This year I'm going to do a lot more annuals and perennials for a cutting garden. I did this last year and I had fresh flowers all summer long PLUS I could give a bouquet of fresh flowers to a neighbor or a friend once a week. Also, my mother raided my gardens and she had fresh flowers for church once a week as well.
  5. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    But on the's harder to choose a favorite. I love lilacs, iris, and tulips. My tulips are peeking out of the ground now a few inches- a good sign! I have tried twice to plant peonies, but our sons and the lawnmower have found them both times!

    Have a good day!
  6. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Forgot to mention Bleeding Hearts! They are so Beautiful in the hanging Baskets too! Also the mulit colored daises!,,,,,,,,

    i think the bleeding heart can also be planted as a bush-shrub,,,,,,,This is so much fun finding out what everyone likes!,,,,,,

    A fresh flower cutting garden sounds wonderful Monica,,,,,,,,if you plant Bachlore Buttons and Poppies,they will come back every year too,,,,,,,Can't wait for the local Nursery to open!
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  7. kjade

    kjade New Member

    That is a great way to remember the difference between the two. It's so funny...every year dh & I will get into this discussion, and I will say "is that an annual or perennial - cause if it's an annual that means it comes back every year, right?" Then he will say "no annual means you have to buy new ones annually!" I don't know why but that always confused me, and I am really into gardening! I will always remember the "P" thing now for Permanent.

    My azaleas are surrounded by grass, but dh always digs quite a trench around them - it looks cleaner that way.

    Another one of my fave perennials is my purple irises (dh calls them dishrags). I planted those myself when we moved here, and they are really flourishing. I also planted a peony bush, which has been getting bigger every year.

    At my old house, I had a peony bush that would produce the most beautiful, HUGE flowers! I have a picture of my son by that plant, and the flowers were as big as his head! I wish I would've taken that one with me when I moved. I just love the peonys. Only problem with them is the flowers don't seem to last very long.
  8. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Today hubby and I are going to spray our fruit trees with dormant oil spray. It's to keep down the bugs. We didn't get it done last year, and paid for it with some bug damage. We mostly get earwigs.

    We have apples, cherries, 1 apricot, 1 peach, 1 nectarine, and 1 pear. I hope we get some good fruit this year. Anyone else have fruit trees?

    Hubby ordered some huge tomato plants he saw on TV....they came as seed in little peet pots, so I'll start watering them to transplant in the greenhouse later. They say they should be ready in a month to transplant....we'll see.

    Kjade- I'm jealous of your peonies! Like I said, mine haven't ever made it to maturity! (Evil lawnmower).

  9. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Impossible for me to answer, it changes every year. I like marigolds but am not growing them this year because of bad red spider-mites last year. Also, the deer find them too attractive. An annual I'll try for this year is spider-flower (Cleome); I grew some a couple of years ago and was very happy with them, -- deer resistant, can take heat, grow to about 4' tall, pink or white flowers. I recommend them, but be warned that their leaves look like marijuana, so you might get strange looks from your neighbours until they bloom!

    I really like snapdragons, and am going to grow more this year if I can find the tall ones; don't care for the dwarfs much. Also hope to grow a big tropical-looking bronze-leafed Castor Bean. My failure with this last year was not enough food I was told by the nursery person. Frankly, I think the seedling was a tad root-bound when I got it....

    I like tropical looking foliage, and grow some Coleus every year, usually in pots so I can move them around. Also Cannas, same thing.

    I'll get back to you all later, gotta sit in the sun with a cup of chamomile tea and have a talk with my dog. Which reminds me that I have vowed to grow my own chamomile from now on; too expensive during these times of rising prices.

    Regards to all,

  10. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    because we live in a wooded area. my flower planting is limited,so if anyone has some ideas for flowers that do good in shade let me know,
    right now I have hosta,s and a few rose bushes that are in the sunny spot.but thats about it.
    would like to have more flowers.
  11. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Woooo Hooooo..........that means spring really is on its way even if the weather man isn't some point it will come! LOL.

    KJade: I LOVE Peonies as well. I have a huge one outside that is a light pink and that sucker gets so big. I did add a picture of one of my bouquets from last summer. I've had that peony bush for 10 years and it just gets bigger and bigger! I wish the Peonies lasted longer as well. I also have Iris' in my backyard and they are those really dark purple Iris. I just love 'em!

    Alaska: You could plant a peony bush and put a fence around it? Then maybe the evil lawnmower wouldn't kill it? When my grandmother was alive she had an orchard and we had to spray her apples, pears and plums. The orchard was always so much work.

    BCT: Barry I always love having Coleus as well. I have a lot of shady areas and this really helps with bringing in color and that extra dimension of texture. I hope your talk went well with your dog.

    Sixty: You have so many options for shade. I have mostly shade and are you looking for perennials or annuals? As for perennials the Endless Summer Hydrangeas are gorgeous! I also add different varieties of ferns, astillbe and Columbine (dark purple variety is gorgeous)! Then you can always just throw in some annuals for some added color.....I love coleus, impatiens (love shade), fuscia, non-stop begonias, just a few off the top of my head.

    Last year my big shade bed was just getting overgrown with tree roots and with this DD gardening is getting harder and harder. So, I have to do a few shortcuts when I can. Well I found a bunch of plastic pots and I painted them to look like stone. Then I placed them randomly all over in my shade garden and filled the pots with various flowers. It looked gorgeous. I received so many compliments and it really was so much easier to maintain. I'm going to have to paint a few new pots this year, a few broke last year. So, I will just weed, put a good dose of Preen down and then my bark, I will add my pots and viola --- one out of six beds are done! ROFL!

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  12. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I may have to give peonies a chance again.....sounds like "give peace a chance." Ha ha.

    Yesterday I got some iris transplanted that I had been meaning to for quite some time. They will be in a more sheltered location, so hopefully they will do better.

    Now we just need some warm weather!

  13. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Hi Barry,
    I'm sorry I missed you, as for the snapdragons just get the "Rocket" variety and you will be set. All others are pretty much the dwarf varieties. I always buy an entire flat of the red rocket variety, they always look so pretty in flower arrangements. Plus, a lot of times for some reason they will reseed themselves here in WI and they will come back. Although, they don't get the really nice blooms but they still come back. LOL.

    Terri: If you start a peony from a root it will take a couple of years before you will get any blooms PLUS they peonies LOVE sun. I went to Home Depot about 10 years ago and bought my light pink peony bush on clearance for $10 and it was the best $10 I have ever spent. Look at my picture in my profile and you will see one of my many bouquets from that peony bush. You know, the only bad thing about peonies is the ants......I hate having them things all over the kitchen table.
  14. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well the first day of spring was yesterday.
    I bought my seed potatoes and some flowers to try in my shady yard.
    we"re suppose to get 5 to 7 inches of snow today, hope the weather guy is wrong.
    I"ve got a feeling its going to be a few more weeks before I can get my garden tilled and plant my potatoes.
    I hope everyone has a great Easter.
  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Today it's pretty cool here, but the sun is just breaking up the fog (I wish it would break through MY fog) and I hope to sit outside for a while.

    The Magnolia soulangiana in the back is blooming; I hope a late frost won't burn the flowers as it sometimes has in other years. Also a seedling plum is blooming behind it, very pretty. I think the plum was "dropped" by a bird, if you know what I mean.

    Lots and lots of daffodils are in bloom now; thank goodness something seems indestructable. Now I'm waiting for the first wave of tulips. In the woodland garden, or what remains of it, the hellebores are putting on a good show. They seed around pretty freely, and bloom from purple through white. I got seed of these from an English pen-pal plant nut in the 70's. I see the plants in nurseries and boy are they expensive!

    Monica, you asked about annuals and perennials, and what our faves are. I forgot to mention how much I like Cosmos, which I am going to gtow again this year. I also want to do some morning-glories. I planted a (hopefully) perennial blue one last year, and it grew to the top of a cut-leaf elderberry --15'-- in one season. I forget it's name, but it has a tuberous root (again I hope). Anyway, I liked it so much, that I decided to grow a packet of the annual types this year.

    I had a wonderful surprise yesterday! My little fish pond, 6 feet across, was looking very bleak and lifeless except for the large pitcher-plant in the middle. I was feeling sad about the goldfish that all disappeared last fall after a visit from a horrid heron. I hadn't seen a single fish in six months, assumed the heron had picked them all off. And then, yesterdeay, two whites and a gold suddenly surfaced! And then a tiny baby, white also, an inch long. By the end of the day I saw most of the "missing, presumed eaten" fish and was so happy! What a resurrection!

    The sun now shines, R. wants the computer, and I'm outside to sit with my corgi and a cup of tea. I'll try to pop in later, to chat some more.


  16. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Too tired to garden? What do you see out your window? Do you have a houseplant? Do you buy cut flowers for the house or your room? Do you watch the birds outside? Do you sit outside and listen to nature, even if you live in the town?

    We have our limitations, but we also have our strengths. Share the little things in life with your friends; give them a flower, a hug, a thank you.

    Blessings and regards to all,
  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    You know, I think your lavender plant would be happier outside, in a container or the ground. I see you live in SoCal, so the conditions should be perfect for it, as long as it's not over-watered. I grow several lavenders, including white and pink flowered types, though you can't really beat a lavender lavender.

    Bird's of Paradise I remember well from my days in L.A. and Santa Barbara; my partner's brother also grows them in the Bay area. Have you ever seen the giant bird of paradise that grows like a tree and has weird blue/white flowers? It is not as attractive as the orangey type you have, but is very interesting, though not as commonly seen.

    I'll think of you when I do my morning meditations outside in a while; a strange way to meet, but I've enjoyed it....

    Going out now, though it's a bit cloudy with the promise of rain later. I'll sit in my chair, drink tea, and listen. I'm a bit of a bird-watcher, so spring has me waiting for the first warbler songs, and other migrants. I have been in love with nature all my life; probably how I ended up in a cabin in the woods on the "Lost Coast" of California!

  18. jole

    jole Member

    Just lurking exhausted I can do no more than read, but you all are making me sooooo anxious for spring and my flowers!!

    Will be back with you on a better day.
  19. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I think mine are whatever is blooming at the time. I had my first Cosmos last year, it was a beautiful purple color. I had huge burgundy colored sunflowers...saved seed from them, so hopefully I will have them this year.

    I have lots of clematis' that are sproutin already and my naked ladies have came up already. I planted black holly hocks last year, it takes them one year before they will bloom, so I am really anxious to see them.

    We bought our seed potatoes, but it was to wet Good Friday to plant them so it will probably be a few weeks before it is dry enough for them and the lettuce bed.

    I could go on for hours, but I guess you can see I can't make up my mind which I like best.

  20. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well my son is putting the roof on my chicken house and I ordered my chicks yesterday,50 of them.should get them thursday.
    so if any one has good advice for me on how to raise chickens I"m all ears.
    still some what cold here ,so can"t do to much with planting yet but got alot of seeds,so when it warms up we can start planting.
    I"m really looking forward to joining the Farmers market in our town.Its held at a park on weds and sats morning.
    hope I can grow some nice vegs and have eggs for sale by this fall. think spring.sixtyslady