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    OK, everyone we closed out another volume on the Garden. Feel free to see what was all happening on the last Com Post if you like or we can start new here as well.

    My question to all of you is this: Do you garden organic or not? I find that I garden more organic over the years. I just love my hummers and the bees and I've found that I don't want to do anything to add to their demise. So, I want to give them a healthy environment that they can thrive in.

    I do hate the Japanese beetles that ruin my beautiful roses but instead I go outside with my winter gloves on and squish the little demons. Everytime I do it I also make a yuck face cause I hate the noise they make.

    I also have stopped growing my own broccoli because of the worms. I can stand finding those little green buggers right when I'm about to take a bite so instead of adding chemicals I just stop growing the broccoli. Plus, I think here in WI it just gets too hot come Aug. and it goes to seed very quickly.

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  2. tansy

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    I use mostly pots so use organic compost and feeds. There are many ways to cut down on pests incuding planting arrangements.

    During the warmer months I sow broccolli in seed trays; then harvest them soon after the they start to grow; eaten this way they're high in nutrients but quick and easy.

    I grew standard broccolli last year but the caterpillars ate some of them; I didn't see them at first then suddenly realised it wasn't my eyes playing tricks. In no time at all they had eaten most of the florets. I planted out sprouting broccolli in December, a couple of months late, but they're doing very well atm.

    So far I'm having few problems with pests but it's still keeps getting cold here. The snails seem to be thriving though; guess it's to be expected since I keep providing them with food. I do a good line in lacey leaved cabbages (also grown in pots over the winter).

    tc, Tansy
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  3. Cromwell

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    No choice involved!!! I used to go and pick the beetles off too, but I would put them in a jar and drive them over to the barrens, ditto for the slugs!!! In Oregon we had huge massive slugs, big as bananas some of them! Her little teeny things.

    This will be our first year growing in what used to be an ancient lake bed soil, it is very sandy. I just put in roses, and you remind me I need to buy mulch-with moving recently our compost stayed at the other house.

    For the veg this year, we are building a fenced area(just got the permit) and growing once more, in large pots-I use the 33 gallon storage boxes mostly or the kids tubs with ropes. I scour the trash as many people throw out the storage containers when they are split and they are great freebies.

    I guess we will just do tomatoes, beans, zucchini and cukes and a few squash and some salad greens. One year I bought lots of plants from the dollar store for $1 a flat and they were the best plants and toms I ever had!!!

    It is raining here today, but we can start planning now we have the permit and can get the posts in.

  4. bct

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    I am so sorry my dear, but I was MIA too, but it seems you have coped. I am so sorry for the flare you are going through, and as for the ablation, I just can't imagine!

    Monica: I looked at the delphs. in your pic. and drooled. I would love to grow these, but they really hate my dry hot summers and mild winters. My uncle in England is great friends of Brian Woodfield (I think I've got the name right) who is one of the big breeders of Delphiniums and Lupines. They have exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show, and won many medals. I got some of their seed, but just didn't work for me. I also noticed Lupine leaves in your pic!

    Nancy: I join you and Monica with a love of lavenders. I have a number of varieties (and have lost a LOT more). The ones with petaloid "ears" on the top of the flower spike just won't overwinter for me, so I've finally given up on them. The regular English types do quite well though, and my favorite right now is 'Silver Frost' which is incredibly silver, and very tight and compact. I have a few vars. with white fls., and a pink one too.

    Foggyfroggy: my Paulownia is indeed tomentosa. I had it cut to a five foot trunk last week and am going to see if I can turn it into an umbrella with massive leaves. If this doesn't work, well, goodbye Paulownia! If I can't have the flowers because of bud-freeze, then what's the point? Actually I was surprised that people grow them in your neck of the woods! Good luck with yours!

    Organic: As much as possible. I use a few artificial fertilizers, but no pesticides or herbicides that aren't organic or harmless. Tansy, to control slugs and snails I use Sluggo, which is mostly Iron, and made in Germany, and is non-toxic to pets and wildlife. Apparently the slimeys eat this product, get anorectic, and starve to death! As for cabbage worms, have you tried Bacillus thuringensis? Harmless to everything except caterpillars.

    Well, my trip to town yesterday has me wiped out today, but the neuropathy doesn't seem to be too bad, touch wood. And I came back with plants! A fancy Nemesia, some pink daisy thing I can't think of now, and a pot of yellow Freesias for the house. Just love the scent of Freesias, though can be a bit overwhelming at times.

    Sunny today, so it's time for my morning ritual of tea outside in the sun, with my field glasses. I have to have a talk with my dog about not eating bees, which have been upsetting her tummy. Ah, life!

    Regards and positive energy to all,
  5. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    sorry I haven"t had much time this week,I"m busy having my Arabian Mare prepared to become a Mommy.
    took her to the Vet Monday and had a ultra sound and back again this morning,looks like Friday will be the right day for the event.
    I"m so thrill about this just can"t wait.
    My chicks are suppose to be shipped around the 16th.I"ve got every thing all set up for their arrival.
    haven"t got my Garden tilled yet its just been to cold.and now we have a storm front comming tonight and will be cold and wet for the rest of the has to warm up some day,my guess will go straight from winter to summer and have no spring.
    have to run have a good one. Sixtyslady
  6. sisland

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    Hi Everyone!

    Sorry lin not sure about the lillie bulbs,,,but this will bump it up for more exsposer!

    Well i've been away also this week!,,,,the good news is that my strawberry Plants are greening up!,,,,,

    and it's supposed to reach 70 degrees here tommorow,,,,,so i'll be outside alot!,,,,,trying to plan the container gardening plan!,,,,,,,I Hope you all are having a great Saturday!,,,,,,,,Sis
  7. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I don't know much about Easter Lilies, but I would plant them out as soon as they finished blooming and say good luck to them. Plant in sun; it may take a few years for them to bloom again.

    Sixtyslady: did the blessed event go alright, and on time? I hope so; I've been thinking about your chicks to be, and didn't realize you were into horses too! You are truly lucky to have such a good source of manures -- though I guess you'll have to wait a while for the chickens to produce.

    Well, we are having a heatwave today, and the tulips are blasting open in the 80 degrees we had yesterday, and that is forecast for today and tomorrow, and then a big back-to-normal cool-down. Good. Too hot too soon doesn't agree with me!

    Monica: So sorry for your flooded basement, but so happy for your Iggy, who I trust is doing well. This DD makes it so hard sometimes to cope with minor stresses, let alone major. I'll be so glad when your weather warms up for you! I watch the weather channel every a.m. to see what my cyber-buddies are experiencing.......

    Come on gardeners, join in!

  8. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    whow what a week here, its been down right nasty,cold windy and rain mixed with snow.
    well we take my little arab mare back in 16 days and have another ultra sound and see if shes going to be a mommy.
    then all I have to do is wait 11 mos.
    My chickens should arrive this week,our Grandson just can"t wait for the baby chicks to get here,I told him I'd drive up and get him when they arrive,he"s about 45mins from our house.
    I guess it will be May before I"ll get any Garden in,this has been the worst winter since 1979 around here.
    hope it warms up soon.
    Easter lillies I never know what to do with them.
    can anyone tell me if I can split tulip bulbs? this fall.
  9. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Well, it's 80 degrees, and after the cool weather we've been having it is almost too much too soon. Fortunately a cold front is supposed to come in tomorrow, so not all my tulips will be blasted from the heat, and will last longer.

    Sixtyslady, I feel like such a fool! I thought your mare was going to FOAL yesterday! Didn't realize you meant have her inseminated or bred. As for tulips, fall is a good time for dividing and planting, but you can do it in summer after the leaves die down too.

    What veggies are people planning on growing this year? I know I'm doing tomatoes, summer squash, peppers -hot and sweet types. Not sure what else though.

  10. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    sorry I realized after I wrote the post I didn"t make it clear that she was being inseminated. We had her bred to a Stallion by the name of Khartoon Khlassic out of Ca.
    he has a web site, its a great story about this horse.
    Also if I dig up my tulips do I replant them this summer or wait til Fall?
    Its suppose to be in the 60"s today so hope we can get some yard work done.
    I hope it doesn"t go to hot weather right away,I have problems with hot weather.but you know what they say about Il you can have your furnace on in the morning and your A/C by night. Have a good one. Sixtyslady
  11. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    We got our garden plowed yesterday, and got our potatoes planted this after noon,hope to get my onions planted tomorrow.
    still waiting for the chicks, our Grandson calls me every morning before school.
    I hope they come tomorrow because he,s going to stay all night . I know he,s just going to be so to watch kids and animals.
    We have his pony here at our place and that pony is hard to catch, but when Austin comes he can walk right up and catch him, the pony follows him around like a dog.
    well have to get busy,have a good one, sixtyslady
  12. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I think maybe warm weather has come to Il. just hope it stays.
    we got our onions planted yesterday and our baby chicks arrived, they seem to be healthy, their drinking and eating non-stop.
    checked my fish pond yesterday really needs to be cleaned,ao will have to do that next week,but I was so happy my husband brought home some yellow lilies from where he worked last year and we planted them around the pond and their comming up.
    Want to get my morning glories planted around my light pole today.
    also I bought 3grape vines and my son is going to build a arbor for me next week, I got 2 purple and 1 red grape starter.I don't know how many yrs it takes before we"ll get grapes.
    back to the computer,to check out grapes.
    WE went to a barn sale Thurs and I found a show halter for one of our horses,it needs to be cleaned, and the silver polished,but got it for 10 bucks.
    Also bought this old autoharp and my Grandson and I have been having so much fun trying to figure out how to play it.well got to run,yeah like I can run".but any how everyone have a great week-end.

  13. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Sixtyslady, I'm glad you got your chicks safely and they are doing well. How big is your pond? Are the yellow lilies water-lilies? I've got a tiny fish pond, with a few water-lilies and some Iris, and a few gold fish.

    I like morning-glories very much, but have never really grown them much before. Last year I planted a blue one that is supposed to come back from the roots. We will see.... it certainly did well last year, growing to the top of a cut-leaf elder, with lots of flowers (and out of the reach of the deer too!)

    Well, I guess today is "town day", so can't linger. Rain is supposed to be coming in.

    Monica: hope you are alright dear; please let us know.

  14. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Can you Believe it,,,It's snowing and Blowing outside,,,temp in the 30's,,,,,Arrrg! it was 60 degrees and sunny out the last 2 day's,,,,,Oh Yeah this is Montana!,,,,,lolol,,,,Needless to say the gardening is on hold!

    Sixtyslady,,,,Sounds really fun at your place! New chicks,planting potatoes,,and onions!,,,Thats neat about your Grandson and his Horse!,,,,Funny how they react differently to different people!,,,,,,,,,,I hope you all are having Sunny and warm wheather!,,,,,,,,Sis
  15. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I retreat to your gardens. I have really appreciated the scents and colours and feel as though I have tasted the apples and the broccoli -- when it isn't eaten by green caterpillars, that is.

    I am amused by the constant battles that seem to rage with the mighty slug. When I had a garden of my own I would set up beer saloons for the slugs and watch as they made their slow yet determined way to their demise.

    I would spot a little one and decide that he/she/it was simply too young to be snuffed out by a beer bender and move it far away from the bar. Then, I'd spot another that I'd begin my anthropomorphic musings once again: a slug with a family, perhaps; a slug that didn't deserve to die; a slug that might feel desperation when it realized it's fate. Each would be removed and, finally, the saucers of beer would be picked up.

    I don't think I'm constitutionally suited to being a gardener. Perhaps, though, I could be a slug keeper :~)

    Thanks for keeping the gardens that you do. I am somewhere lurking under the apple trees... when I'm not falling out of them, that is.

  16. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Here in WA, I think we got about as cold as Sisland in Montana. I have some brave little flowers I put out this week- may have been a mistake. The baby geraniums look about frosted out, but the pansies are OK. I will give them a drink and see if they come back to life....sigh.

    Barry- I also bought some plants! I have to wait for things to warm up, though, even in my greenhouse. I bought a pineapple tomato plant...never heard of it, but it's an heirloom variety. It will be yellow and red striped. It's an indeterminate and looks like a beefsteak type. I'll probably plant that in the greenhouse...right now it's staying warm in the garage. I also bought two everbearing strawberry plants with pink blossoms....very pretty! Those will also be potted soon.

    I'm not alone in praying for warmer weather!
  17. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    we got our chicks ,their doing well.
    looks like rain here today but at least its warm.
    does anyone know if pansy come back up every year.I just love them and want to plant them.
    Got all the seeds for our garden,but I will wait til after Mothers Day to plant usally we're safe as far as the weather getting to cold, if we wait til then.We do have our potatos in and our onions.want to plant our grapes to day if it doesn"t rain all day.
    my Fish pond is small, and the lillies are not water plants.I have a white and pink water plant that comes back in the spring.but I don"t think to many of my fish made it this winter. have alot of landscape to do along our sidewalk,we have tried everthing there but when we get heavy rain it washes out,so I just may take up the timbers and let the grass grow up to the walk again and just edge when we mow. Its a very hard spot because of our run off from our driveway.well have a good day.sixtyslady
  18. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    It's a real gully-washer here today, and the last few days have been too cold to do anything but pick cress and pull weeds.

    Sixtyslady: Hope your chicks are doing well. Will your chickens be free-range, or what? As for pansies, I don't know if they overwinter where you live or not. I hope so! I like them too and may get some this year.

    Terri: Well, the weather sure turned round, didn't it? Did you loose your geraniums? A few of mine got frosted, but they'll grow out of it; I had them on the porch up against the house for a modicum of protection. The Fuchsia didn't do so well though. Turned quite black and slimy, and into the compost it went! Boy, you sure got your tomatoes early! I'm just in the process of getting some. I have seen Pineapple at the farmer's market, but haven't tasted it. I'm trying to get some Golden Gems, a small oblong cherry tom. from China. It is one of the sweetest and most productive toms. I have ever tried. I grew it for the first time last year.

    Meanwhile, I am expecting a shipment of sages (salvias) and catmints (Nepeta), a butterfly bush (Buddleja), and something I can't think of LOL. Hope I haven't set myself up for too much!

    The Jap. Cherry "Mt. Fuji" in the front yard is coming into bloom now, pink-flowered. Very Beautiful.

    Gotta run,
  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Just noticed the three lilacs I have are in bloom. I have two different purple ones and a white one. They don't do well for me, very scraggly and lanky, but I sure enjoy the flowers and the scent. I have a really acidic soil, and I should probably give them some lime or something. Not sure. Does anyone else have lilacs, and if so do you prune them or feed them specially? Any ideas welcome.

    Today another bout of rain is predicted, so I'll be mostly indoors, getting out to see the Camellias in the lost woodland garden. I saw them a few hours ago and was stunned. I never feed or water them, and they prosper! Frankly, I forget all about them every year until I see them gleaming in the woods. This is the lost woodland, a garden I developed and then abandoned, more or less...... It still gives a lot of pleasure though, and no work!

    Hope you are all doing well, getting some sun, and feeling good.

    OH RAFIKI!: Forgot to say hi; glad you enjoy our little coterie, and I'm sure you are a very good gardener! And why not plant something for the slugs, eh?

    Regards to all,

  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    As soon as the flowers are finished; don't bother with letting the leaves die down. Just plant the whole clump (usually 3 bulbs) and they should be fine.

    But I live in N. Cal., so you might want to call a nursery and ask them....

    Good Luck,