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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by monica33flowers, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    So, here we go again and I urge all of you to check out Rock & Gordon's very exotic and beautiful orchid on the last volume.

    As for myself, I cannot do any gardening due to the appendectomy so I will use this time for research.

    Anyone else have lots of problems with Japanese beetles? They are absolutely horrible this year and I'm constantly spraying the little buggers with my soap and water. If you need something to kill the beetles you MUST use this very non-toxic solution. The beetles are on their backs dead in about 10 minutes.

    Anywho, off to check out some milky spore.
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  2. greygodess

    greygodess New Member

    It is so dry here. Rain seems to go all around us. I wouldn't have to mow the front yard if it wasn't for the honey locust tree suckers growing in the lawn.

    Getting tomatoes. Waiting for the moon flowers to start blossoming. That's about it for now. Godbless

    BILLCAMO New Member

    I wish there was some way I could share my extra ripe tomatoes with all of you here !

    Blessings ,

  4. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Potatoes, onions, tomatoes, available for making those Boy scout camping dinners (hamburger patty, sliced potatoes and onions wrapped in aluminum foil and thrown into the campfire).

    Someone found an eight inch long snake in parking lot and I captured it. Guess will take it home to garden. Too much human traffic here.

    Very feisty. Strikes at me and sees me well through the clear plastic container. Shakes its tail a lot too.

    Mimicking a rattlesnake is one of survival tactics of several harmless snakes.

    Probably a gopher or coachwhip snake. Anyway, about the right size to eat some of the earwigs in garden. Maybe someday will chase mole away.
    Cheers, your mr Bill

    Oh, it shakes its tail flat to the ground (to rustle twigs, etc) rather than holding tail up in the air, so figure 99% that it is safe. I've seen gopher snakes for sale from $55 to about $150, and I guess can be friendly if raised from a young age.

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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hope you're back on your knees in the garden soon, Monica. What do you mean "milky spore"? Anything to do with milkweed plants?

    When I was a kid, we would pull the pods off milkweed plants. The plant then exuded a milky fluid that would turn hands brown. Matter of fact it was the same shade of brown you got from handling grasshoppers.

    We also handled snakes. Usually garter snakes. But one day in 6th grade a farm kid brought in a rattlesnake. Today the Swat Team, FBI and Haz-mat people would show up and close down the school.

    But back then the authorities ignored the whole thing. The rattlesnake was a baby. I thought it was somewhat risky when the owner reached into the jar to give the snake a drink. Water in a bottle cap. The snake was totally phlegmatic.

    Found a few snakes in Calif., Mr Bill. A gopher snake near the Ventura Harbor, and a rattlesnake in a city park. My son (age 9) went to find a gardener while I stood guard. We left and the gardener dispatched the snake w/ a hoe.

    Linda, I guess we all know now that tobacco and alcohol are bad for both people and bugs.

    By the way, Jim Baker was a neighbor of my aunt and uncle for five years in Rochester, MN. They were home. He was a few blocks away in a federal prison.

    I sure would like a good BLT, Bill. A few years ago I told one of our secretaries I was going to fix a bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich for lunch. She looked aghast. "Do people still eat that stuff?"


    BILLCAMO New Member

    Around here , I have to fight gophers , moles , shrews , and voles. For the vegetarian and omnivorous species , I have a plant that's called the "Gopher Plant" that has been pretty good at controlling the populations. It is a plant native to Africa that has a "negative impact" on vegan type burrowers.

    For awhile , I was mailing Gopher Plant seeds to various parts of the country. The only stipulation I had was that the recipient make a donation to a CFIDS association. I had to discontinue that when I received a warning that I could get in trouble for "Interstate Transportation of a Potentially Hazardous Plant Species". [Maybe the "diggers" got themselves a good lawyer ? :>)]

    I also have a contraption called a "Gopher Getter" that a friend made for me. It's sort of like a zip gun except it fires a shotgun round into the ground when anything touches the trigger rod that extends into the hole in the ground.

    If the shotgun pellets doesn't impact the unwanted critter sometimes the shock waves limit their life expectancy. The shock and vibrations also scare them away for awhile.

    Juicy Fruit gum put in the hole also tends to have a negative impact on their digestive system.

    I also use the water hose down the hole trick. None of them swim very well (Of course PETA members want me to give them life jackets ;>{)

    I wish there was some way I could share my BLTs with all of you ! I could mail maters to some of you , but , we all know what shape they would arrive in after the post office's "TLC" handling.....LOL.....:>)

    Blessings ,

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  7. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    I have tons of tomato,s to I made some black bean salsa,its ok but I think I"ll try a different kind later.
    my watermelons are getting good size.but my cantalope look as if their getting ripe ,but are on the small size.
    I froze some green peppers yesterday,its hard to keep up with trying to do something with the veggies everyday and then do the regular chores. and I"ve had to take over more of the garden and chicken chores,since my hubby and son our roofing and siding the house.
    I'm now getting a few eggs a day there still on the small size.
    I feel like I should be spending more time with my Arabian mare that is going to have a colt.I wished I had time to brush her every day.well it won"t be long and the garden will be finished and then maybe I can sit out in the yard and hold a lead rope and let my little Fontana eat the green grass,theres one spot in our side yard that she just loves.
    She,s just starting to show colt alittle. I"m saving money so I can get a barn camera and be able to watch her for when she has the colt in March. my kids also ask what I want for xmas so I think I"ll ask for the barn camera.
    well have a great day,and glad to hear everybodys gardens are doing so good. sixtyslady
  8. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    I really wouldn't want to be mole in
    Bill C's yard!

    I'm surprised you have any toes left!

    Finally, a good use for those old giant TV dishes!

    The gopher snake found a rock to hide under when I released him. Probably won't see him again, or maybe in a couple of years.

    I probably should bring frogs home when they do their annual "migration". Haven't seen any in my yard. Maybe skunks or cats ate them. Somehow dozens of frogs end up everywhere in the hospital.

    Yes, delicious....I've had several BLT sandwiches in past few days. I fried a whole 3 lb "seasoning bacon" package so have enough bacon.

    Cheers, mr Bill

    Oh, actually I think some pretty good tomatoes can be found in supermarkets now .....not cheap but some pretty good medium/small sized packaged ones.

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    BILLCAMO New Member

    Good maters can be found in a store. The "mater scare" was actually a "screw-up". Reportedly , it came from Jalapenos out of the country south of us..... Who knows?

    But , home-grown , vine-ripe maters still can't be beat !

    I hope to be able to at least share a pic soon....

    BTW , I still have all my fingers and toes ! I'm very careful.....But , I have had some hearing loss,,,LOL...;>0

    Blessings ,

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  10. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Yes, the mater scare was somewhat botched. I think the California tomato growers want to sue the Federal government now.

    Actually, Salmonella infection is one of those diseases that doesn't usually kill someone, just makes them feel like they are dying.

    I think cats have extra high antibodies to Salmonella so not so susceptible.

    Seems like the source could have been found in a few days if they had asked all the hospital labs to check veggies is local supermaket.

    Probably ten thousand medical laboraties would have found source in no time ('Course, who knows what else they might have found!).

    Bill C. glad to hear you still have all your toes and fingers, whatever the color. lol

    Maybe mentioned before, but among the "many hazards to gardeners" is rare fungus infection in fingers. It is famous because the people who catch it are almost always alcoholic rose gardners. They are always pricking themselves with rose thorns.

    I'll have to add hearing loss to my list of The Hazards of Gardening:)

    Cheers, mr Bil
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  11. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    It is one of the most gorgeous days we've had here in WI this entire summer. Temp is about 75, sunny and no humidity. Oh, how I wish I could go weed and spend time in my garden.

    Lincamp: Nice to see you here in the Garden! I'm sorry to hear you are limited to basket gardening but those can be beautiful as well. I have about 10 baskets and I rotate them since they don't always get full sun and they only grow on one side.

    Rock: Milky spore is a bacteria that you add to the garden and yard that will kill the grubs. The Japanese beetles lay 1,000's of eggs and this is a natural way to get rid of the beetles before they become adults. I remember those milk weed plants. We would always pick the pods and look inside. I haven't seen one of those plants in years.

    Rocky76: What do the the neighbors think of your pistol packing hubby? LOL. I guess that is one "natural" way to get rid of the rascals.

    Bill Camo: We have tons of tomatoes here as well. The entire neighborhood has been supplied with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. I was going to make some spaghetti sauce and can it with my basil but the rotten Japanese beetles have been eating my plant down to nothing.

    Mr Bill: Maybe your snake will get rid of your mole? I know snakes are beneficial to the garden but they still give me the hee-bee-jibee's. Glad to hear the snake found a nice home in the rocks.

    Mmmmmm, BLT's sound yummy! I think I will have to make some for lunch today.
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  12. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    Hi Guys.
    Moncia, the weather is in the 70,s here also isn"t it great.
    hope your feeling better,
    I gathered our butternut squash,and of course still have alot of tomato,s but the garden is slowing down.
    my hens our laying almost every day now. not all of them yet,but thats ok,when the garden is done then I"ll have more time.
    My son dug our first row of potato,s last night they did well.10# of potato,s are around 6 dollars. so I"m trying to set up a storage space in the basement.
    well enjoy the weather. sixtyslady
  13. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Too darn hot! Today is supposed to be in the 80's.....I hope.

    Busy watering, watching hummers in the heat, and reading a lot. Haven't been to town in about two weeks. The hummers are birds, not vehicles.

    I've got the dog-day summer blues; anyone else? Happens to me EVERY summer! Almost worse than the autumn blues, etc. etc.

    What's blooming? For me, Cherokee Chief Rudbeckia daisies, Fuchsias (the 2 I have), Geraniums, Orange Zinnias, purple and red (eye-searing) petunias, Russian sage (Perovskia), Cleome (spider-flower), and on.

    Like everyone else, I have too much squash. Yellow crookneck in my particular case. Can you make Crookneck squash bread do you think? I don't see why not. Has anyone tried this?

    Monica: I am thinking of you and humming birds. Hope you are feeling not too bad.

    Sixtyslady: How many hens do you have now? I'm just wondering how many eggs you will be getting a day, and what you will do if you have extras. Will you sell them to the neighbours or what? My mother used to store extra eggs in a cool place after she had dipped them in something called isinglass (spelling ???). This was in the '50's, in England. Anyway, good luck to you!

    Regards to all,
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  14. sisland

    sisland New Member

    If the plants are loaded now with green T.'s is if ok to pick them all and let them ripen indoors,,,,or should i,,,, leave them out for awhile longer?,,,,,They are very portly toms!,,,,,,,,sometimes we have a indian summer up here in september,,,,,,,,Thanks!,,,,,,,Sis
  15. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I know Montana can be iffy this time of year......Alaska had a definite "done" time. We usually had a frost the first week of September. So I'd keep the tomatoes out awhile longer, unless you have frost in your forecast! Have you ever pulled the plants and hung them upside down? We used to hang them in the garage (in AK) and we would have our toms in October or even November.

    I'm getting tomatoes, zucchini, and lots of basil........mmm, pesto. We're eating pesto once or twice a week and then I freeze it in meal size batches to make with spaghetti.

    We have some young apple trees (I'm in Washington) and my Galas should be ready in about a week. The Jonagolds will not be ready until October.

    Has anyone ever eaten fried zucchini flowers? I've heard you take them and dip them in a sort of batter and fry them.....I probably won't do it, but I'm wondering if anyone has tried that.

    The Canadians are leaving in flocks lately.....I guess summer is coming to a close.
    Take care,
  16. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Thanks for the advice!,,,this is the most succesful year i've ever had with Tomatoes!,,,,,,it's been in the 70's and windy==rainy,,latley though,,i planted a variety this year and used miricale grow,,,,,,Roma,,Beef steak,,,earlie girl,,,,cherry,,,,and a heirloom "Mr Stripey",,,,funny name,,,,,lolol,,,it's doing great!,,,,,,

    As far as hanging them upside down,,,never tried that,,,,sounds good though!,,,,,,,your gala apples sound good! they are my favorite!,,,pesto too,,,,,Thanks again and i'll keep an eye on the frost forecast,,,,,,,Sis
  17. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well the weather is still nice alittle warmer, but still nice. looks like the last Holiday for summer is here.
    But fall is my favorite time of the year.Barry,
    I have 48 hens and like I said their not all laying yet,but yes I plan on selling them I already have people asking for them.I found a gal that sells horse feed in her western store that gets us organic laying feed for the hens and her Mother happens to live not to far from us so she brings the feed to us once a month. works out well.
    Moncia the hummie birds are getting ready to make their journey I have tons of them right now at the feeder,looks like maybe I should put out another one for them.Have you noticed any birds started to group,we saw several robins in our side yard,I think we may have a early fall.this year I'm going to try and set up my video camera and tape the birds in flight when they take off. they will gather all day and then thy'ell just all take off.its great to watch. well have a good one. sixtyslady

    BILLCAMO New Member

    I agree with Terri. Pay close attention to the weather forecast ! Even if you get a light frost that affects the plants , you can still pick the green and almost ripe ones that or the next day.

    There are lots of ways to handle green maters including : letting them ripen indoors , green tomato relish , fried green tomatoes , green tomato "mince-meat" for pies , and even canning green maters.

    All are good if done right and there are even more ways to utilize your green maters.

    Blessings ,

  19. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Thanks Bill!

    I picked the heirlooms yesterday and brought them in,,,i'm planning on getting the rest of them in today sometime i have some large wicker trays to put them in,,,,i'll line them with newspaper or cotton cloth,,,,,and keep a close eye on them!

    The the beef stakes are really big!,,,,,,Thanks for all your suggestions!,,,,,,s
  20. greygodess

    greygodess New Member

    Anyone know why my tomatoes are cracking or splitting near the top? The weather has been very dry here but I water once a week. Also some stay green on the top. These problems don't seem to affect the taste. Any help is appreciated. Godbless

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