Garden Compost ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by BILLCAMO, Jul 3, 2009.


    BILLCAMO New Member

    I haven't seen one yet and can't remember which # it should be....

    Spank me lol :>)

    I was only able to plant some tomatoes , carrots , and pumpkins this year and the weeds are winning the battle......again......this year. ;>)

    Oops , I forgot some volunteer radishes that came up VERY HOT earlier...

    I tried some of those with a weed salad , but , that will never become a fad.....rofl.....

    I hope to have some sweet 100's maters within the week.....not great for BLT'S......good for salads though.... :>)

    Sorry I've been "somewhat" absent for awhile......been a lot of fertilizer around here for a bit......

    Blessings ,

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Ever have a radish sandwich? It was a staple when I was a kid. After I grew up
    I found out some people regarded same as somewhat bizarre. Tomatoes
    make a good sandwich too, even w/ out the B and the L. A little olive oil
    is optional.

    Gordon and I used to live in the house next door. After it was sold, the new
    owner had the the front lawn sodded. But the new buyer didn't want a
    lawn, she wanted a sort of desert garden.

    The front yard now contains bougainvillea, cannas, many cacti, orange lantana,
    dusty miller, morning glory, red geraniums, palms, an orange shrub and a lime
    shrub. The last two have fruit. Almost all of the plants are in bloom.

    There's also some sort of vine which has white flowers that look like little stars.

    And there's a palm tree that's about 40 feet tall, and one of the cacti is half
    that tall. There's another cactus that's about the size of a Volkswagen and always
    has dark pink flowers.

    Well, less upkeep than a lawn. Especially now that LA has watering restrictions.

  3. Annettemarieschell

    Annettemarieschell New Member

    when I was 6, my crazy aunt made radish soup and tried to make me eat it...well, she had an old house with those old rad heaters, and lets just say, the heater vent got the radishes!lol!
    enjoy your veggies!
  4. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Ok, I believe you. But if it is round, I wonder if it could it start rolling and be dangerous.

    With some radishes, I find the flowers tastier than the sometimes too hot roots.

    Guess I haven't written too much about garden because busy in it, or watching it. Probably in wintertime I have more time to dream and talk about plants.

    I will propagate the Jostaberry and Crandall currant and huckleberries. They can produce crops with half day shade so will be perfect for part of yard.

    Not sure if I mentioned that the Valerian a very nice plant with fragrant clusters of white flowers. Another favorite is the Lovage plant. It is the strong flavored perennial celery plant.
    The stems are supposedly used as straws when making a sophiscated, perfect, bloody mary drink.

    I've noticed that the yellow jacket wasps also collect the "dew" from aphids just like ants collect from aphids. Found out that the strange "fat alligator looking orange and black bug" is the immature form of the lady bug.

    I'll probably try making a sleeping potion by stuffing as many leaves and stems of valerian, mugwort, and lemon balm as I can into a bottle of vodka and placing in freezer. Oh, I guess a way to prevent watering down of vodka or gin by kids or sevants is to store bottles in freezer. If the vodka is diluted then the liquid will freeze. Anyway, the potion will probably taste awful so should last a year:)

    The garden at work doing very well. A huge number of strawberries this year. And the 2 foot by 9 foot plot of lettuce, radish, cherry tomatoes, sugar peas, gives me a nice snack when I go to work.

    Just rambling on. Oh, the lady bugs stopped the infestation of aphids. Bugs not to bad this year though slugs and earwigs always a problem.

    Happy gardening, cheers, mr Bill

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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yup, the size of a VW. But it is not a barrel cactus. It is a prickly
    pear. The kind with pads or paddles. You couldn't roll it down a
    ski jump.

    If I ever get any servants, I'll keep your vodka trick in mind.

    Never heard of the Jostaberry. Sounds like something from King
    Arthur's court. "Sir Galahad, kindly pass me some jostaberry juice so
    we may drink to Lady Guenievre's health."

  6. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I guess we've all been too busy in the garden as mr. Bill says. Or watching it -- oh yes, I've been doing LOTS of that!

    Mr. Bill: your sleeping potion sounds just about right. I'd use it if I had sleeping probs. for sure. I am making teas out of chamomile, lavender, and lemon balm for anxiety/stress, whatever... I throw in a lump of candied ginger to amp it up. BAM!

    I have grown lovage in the past, gotta get it again, a wonderful substitute for celery, and easy to grow. Has anyone ever grown or eaten salad burnet? Been thinking of trying it out.

    Billcamo: I didn't get much in the garden this year either, a handful of tomatoes , squash, and special seeds But I have LOTS of chives, parsley,thyme, oregano and basil to throw into my food.

    Rock: At least you are surrounded by exotica; do you sit looking out of your window watching the neighbours and wildlife like in an English village novel? I know I would be!

    Regards to all,

  7. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    I guess the prickly pear pads could be thrown like frisbees, but at least the cactus wouldn't crush me.

    Salad burnet? Guess I'll have to look it up.

    Perhaps too much firmented jostaberry juice was the real cause the round table demise.

    Cheers, Mr Bill

    Victoria.....really good to have you back.

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    BILLCAMO New Member

    on both the radish and cactus sandwich

    I will consider the fermented jostaberry juice.... :>)

    I hope you can visit here much more often , Victoria !

    I'll get here as often as I can and not as often as I'd like.....

    Wish I could share more and was able to do so.......

    Here's one we may be able to add to memorylane's abbrev. list....

    SAT ......sick and tired.....;>0

    Now , smile a little smile for me......(my familee here)....It would help all of us !

    Blessings ,

  9. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Just happened to look at various entries for county fair next month. Also, I recently watched a documentary on the Ferrari racing teams.

    So, putting it all together, I fantasized a bit about sweeping the blue ribbons at the county fair. After calming down, I decided I might try the berry and liqueur year. Perhaps enter some home made Absinthe. A year to think about, so perfect for me.

    Meanwhile, garden fine here. I find about one unusual bug a day. And I watch the battles of aphids versus lady bugs. The aphids were almost wiped out but have been resurgent recently. An increase in lady bug larva now, so I'll soon see which way the war goes now.

    Cheers, mr Bill
  10. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All, hope your gardens are producing veggies, flowers, and - in my case - sweat! I just can't stop sweating once I get started, and I pop a fever.

    Anyways, ,my yard is full of Cosmos, Zinnias, Verbenas, Nicotianas, Dahlias, and on.......

    Veggies are setting; I made a corn salad last night with tomatoes, chives, peppers and basil all from the garden. I'll be glad when there are more tomatoes.

    I've been watching insects lately; dug out my college bug books and I have seen (last night) California Giant Stoneflies, Green Stigmata Snakeflies, and Eyed Sphinx moths. Have seen no ladybugs or aphids this year. My only pest has been Carpenter Bees.

    No nrg, hormone treatment screwing with my head and body; glad when it stabilizes....

    All for now,
    Hugs, Barry
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yes, my neighborhood is just like a quiet, quaint English village. Oh look, there
    goes Miss Marple, Miss Reed and Miss Mapp.

    Actually where I live is more like Tijuana, but pretty much all of LA is now.
    And it is noisy w/ sirens, alarms, helicopters, dogs, street vendors and the never-
    ending background noise of traffic. (Don't hear gunshots too often.)

    Are your sphinx moths like little humming birds? We used to have some
    back in MN that showed up every afternoon to sip nectar from my mother's
    four o'clocks. They were orange and brown.

    Linda, yes, Monica was the founder of the garden thread. Didn't she have
    surgery too? Can't keep things straight anymore. Even when I make lists,
    they just disappear.

    Do you have to exercise/walk? Healing up ok?

    Oh gosh, just remember. I've had the flu for 3 days. Haven't watered the
    orchids. Well, darn. I guess on the garden thread it would be more
    appropo to say, "Shoot!"


    BILLCAMO New Member

    I understand the "Shoot".....

    I have to ask.....Should that be appro"poo" or is it fertilizer for the garden ?

    Sorry if I offended.....It could be all the same

    Seriously now , I harvested a few sweet 100's maters.....good in the a few days.... should have a few early girls for BLTS...Thinned the carrots for some "babies" in salad .......yummie....

    Looks like I may have to carve Pumpkin Plant Leaves for Halloween this year.......aaaaarrrrggghhhh..... unless they do better soon.....

    I have been able to make some mean weed salads though........unfortunately........not the ones that could make some peeps feel better......:>(

    Hang in there my family & friends Here !

    Blessings ,

  13. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Discovered a hairy stemmed carrot today. All the other carrots stems I've seen are smooth.
    Probably a "wild" trait that prevents insects from climbing the plant.

    One of the snap peas had a pink lower petal instead of plain white flower.

    I'll probably save and plant seeds from both plants. Guess I have a fascination for the unusual.

    Some of the bug names are unusual. Must be fun to give names to them. A cousin of mine discovered a new type of knat on his door screen in San Jose, CA, and was able to give it a scientific name (same as his/our own last name). Hmm, I must try looking it up. I'm sure it is a very handsome knat.

    Seems that I will fail again in my most recent attempt to grow a watermelon. Plants not doing much. Growing, but not very fast.

    Should have pumpkins this year. Unlike watermelons, they always seem to be fast growing.

    Oh, a wild lupin doing well. Looked them up and found that (most varieties) the pods are edible and they are starting to be commercial crop. Guess that there are some bred varieties that are better tasting now and not potentially poisonous.

    Some debate about the wild sweet peas.....are they poisonous or not? Anyway, certainly there is a lot of wild lupin and sweet peas growing around here.

    So....I guess about all for now. Cheers, your Mr Bill

    Oh, almost forgot. A lot of the strawberries just shrunk and dried up on the stem. Very tasty and flavorful, and would do well as a "trail mix" snack.
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    BILLCAMO New Member

    Strawberry raisins !

    Blessings ,


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