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    What do you use to keep your lawn and flower beds neat? My husband always does a good job with them, but with a part-time job and helping me keep up the inside of the house he's beginning to feel a bit worn out. I'd love to help with the outside work, I've always enjoyed it and it would be good exercise, but I simply can not lift the heavy tools any longer. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance. Giny B


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    also, and i sure can do what i'd like to or used to do anymore.but i have found a few tools that make it easier for me.

    they make these small telescoping tools for the garden, i found mine at the local dollar store. its a Hoe, a shovel,and 2 different rakes.

    i have a hard plastic square bucket i sit on & then i can use my small tools to loosen the soil & weed easier, im not standing and crouching over( i can't do that anymore)

    i used to trim with a weedeater also, but now i cant carry the heavy trimmer. my Husband found a really light one that rolls on weels, whe he bought it the lady( that knows us well) said OOh Kat's not gonna want that it's for old ladies!

    but hey when i do have a little energy i can still do some things with these tools that make it take a look around your local dollar store,and i think i saw them at walmart also.

    hope this helps ya, :) Happy Gardening
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    is the only way I can do it. Effective mulching greatly reduces the frequency and amount of weeding that needs to be done.

    I weed an area, cover the nonplant part with either corrugated cardboard or triple-layer newspaper. Then cover that with bark nuggets. IME the nuggets last years & years, while the fine barkdust degrades in a few months.

    If you dispense with paper/cdbd/landscape fabric under your mulch, weeds can grow through the mulch. There are commercial mulches made from recycled tires & others that are treated w/weedkiller. Both of these go against my personal philosophical bent, but people do use them successfully.

    I recently got an Ergonica weed twister for those nasty deep-tap-root weeds like dandelions. It works well for me -- lightweight & effective. But my DH doesn't use it because it's not as fast as his weed popper.

    Ground-cover plants are also good for crowding out weeds, but most of them are spendy perennials & will take several yrs. to establish over a decent-sized area.

    Best wishes.