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    Hi Linda- I just saw where you signed by guest book on my website and wanted to thank you for looking at it. I do not check the guest book everyday, just forget sometimes,hehe

    I read your bio and we have a lot in common. In the way back machine, I was a waitress in a fine dining surf & turf restruant. Then got into office work for many years.

    I then went back to waiting tables on the weekends while doing my office work too. I wanted to buy a house and reached my goal, but nearly did myself in. I worked in a great Greek place with a lot of double plated dishes and 40 something gals with bad backs shouldn't try to carry 40 pounds of hot dishes of food on her shoulders.

    Enough about me- I see you are looking for a dog, have you found one yet. I think a small one would be great for your situation. I love my 2 but they are high energy girls, but they keep me going. I like your attitude, never give up or lie down for too long.

    Thank you again for looking at my site. I have revamped it in the last 2 days and added more pictures, so you may want to visit me again. Good luck on your doggie search-Carla
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    Hi Carla,
    It was my pleasure your work is lovely so you also know how hard it was to be in food service it sure took a toll on me .I almost took a class in glass art years ago but didn,t have the time and always was affaried of getting cut,

    Iam so happy you got your house it looks like wonderful landscape there.I also looked at your you tube it was funny
    your dogs look like a hand full but fun.Iam still looking for a little friend so i think buy spring i should have one .It might be better in warmer weather because of snow here and takeing her out for walks.I put yor site in my favs
    so i can go back and visit easy.well you take care and good luck .Linda
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    I'm glad you liked my you tube stuff too. Yes, they are a hand full and then some, but I wouldn't know what to do with out them.

    You should try to take a glass course. Honestly, it is no more dangerous than the food service industry :)

    I wear gloves, like those small knit type gloves you get at the dollar store. So go for it. I understand about walking the dog in the winter. I layer and bundle up and go on, but we don't get a lot of snow, not like you. Take your time and you will find the perfect campanion for you- thanks again, Carla
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    you are something else i thought i was bad you are just a ball of energy.your house is so cozy and warm you even have a little fireplace in your bedroom i just got one i love love love it .I thought mabey it would help me relax and go to sleep lol.Well you did a great job on your web page .

    i will be peeking in i was funny how you said you started out with the glass mo i use to go to estate sales and buy vintage china i made a table top for a bistro set i had it was so lovely.when i sold my house i gave it to the people that bought it because i had it in a potting shead that i fixed up like a big girls doll house.

    well you take care you sure have a lot going on hope all goes well with your foot and all .linda